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    • EradicationX - Project Purple
      Development Update Log (06/23/2020 - 08/04/2020) Starter Improvements As some of you may know, with all the changes in the tiers, it was a bit unclear for newer players how and where to start of. For these reasons, we have implemented both a new Starter Armour as well as a new Starter Training Zone (;;train). With these additions, we hope the newer players have a better start when joining us for the first time.  Well of Surprises With the addition of the "Well of Surprises", we want to give our players some extra benefits while playing. Therefore, we have added a "fountain" in the room opposite of Cyndrith's room. By performing the action "Search Fountain", a random effect will activate. Below you may find all the effects. Changes/Fixes Nerfed prices of Chaotic Crossbow & Kiteshield from 1500 to 200 invasion tokens. Melee Dummies will no longer spawn at Castle Zone (meaning the dummy will now be functional). Made dicers only able to dice at Dice Zone. Added a 5B total XP requirement to access the ;;dice command. Made ;;rules command open the actual rules page as the one in-game is outdated. Made ;;dicerules command open the actual rules page as the one in-game also may be outdated. Made a ;;guides command to quickly direct new players to guides. Added a ;;topic & ;;thread command to open a specific thread. Updated the vote site trivia answer to match the current vote sites. Added a custom announcement bot which announces custom pre-made announcements between the span of 10-15 minutes. Made the wilderness boss (Kill-shot) <- dude who drops FBD, have the armour of the new models, so that it isn't the same as obsidian king. Added a pet to the wilderness boss now that it doesn't look exacly the same as obby king.  Made the starter staff 1h so people can wear it using the shield. Made the starter knives have an attack speed delay of only 1 (in order to maximize temporary ranged training). Fixed the bug where Deathlotus teleport in boss interface didn't work. Rewrote the discord bot rights checking for even better security. Made the lightning beast scaleable with difficulty and created a random damage instead of set amount ( 1 attack is random with max of 100 and multiplied by 1 ,2 ,3 or 4 depending on difficulty and the other attack is random with max of 75 and multiplied by 1,2,3 or 4 depending on difficulty). Made the lightning beast minions scale with difficulty ( random max of 120 multiplied by 1,2,3 or 4. random max of 50 multipled by 1,2,3 or 4 , and heal of 100 multiplied by 1,2,3 or 4). Made the 1st miniboss ( Shukarhazh ) scale with difficulty (random max of 100 multiplied by 1,2,3 or 4 and random max of 75 multiplied by 1,2,3 or 4 depending on the dificulties). Adjusted colour of our custom announcement bot to green. Fixed the mod icon looking like owner icon in drop feed. Fixed the clanchat icons not showing up. Added glacor killcount (KC tab aswell, total KC , and 100 kills threshold anouncements). Fixed the marshall teleport button in the boss teleport interface. Fixed elite ranged obsidian stats. Reworked the killcount system code, this might result in slightly faster performance. FIxed a bug where raids would still give 100 Spellpower regardless of difficulty, Now gives 25 on easy, 50 on medium, 75 on hard and 100 on elite. Added custom XP multiplier (just like droprate). Changed global world vote exp bonus to require 100 votes, as well as fixing the automatic activation of Global vote exp. Added some world statisctics in the EradicationX player information tab. Added a system which clears all NPCs in the "Zombies Invasion" area, to prevent a large number of zombies spawning and glitching the boss Dragith Nurn.   Suggestions?
      Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here!
      Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!   Yours sincerely (on behalf of the Staff-Team), Mr Whale.
    • Agility Guide Note: This is up to date as of the time of making this guide Level 1 - 52 Level 52 - 99+ Method 1 *Wilderness* Level 52 - 99+ Method 2 *Safe* Level 99+ Money Method Credit to: Mr Whale & Banks
    • Welcome to the Weekly Event Schedule! Below you will find information on events that will be hosted weekly at a fixed time. Check back this thread weekly for any updates or changes in schedules! Prizes will be announced during each event. The Project Purple team would like to announce that there will now be weekly hosted events. Every Saturday of the week at 5:00 pm (17:00) cest, there will be in-game events and all details will be listed below on what events are hosted on what weeks.  Saturday of Week #1/#5 Massive Boss or Goodiebag Event This event would either be a massive boss event where all players would be spawned into an area and all players would have to take down all the bosses in the area together. The rewards are given out to the last man standing and there will be 3 prizes awarded to the players who come in first, second and third place. The goodiebag event is pretty straight forward, the host will have 28 items in their inventory and each player has to pick a number to receive their prize. The events will vary depending on the staff team. Saturday of Week #2 Dharok's Tournament This event would take place in clan wars' red portal and each player will be given a set of items which include Dharok's set, weapons, rocktails, potions, runes, and etc. Players would fight in a 1 on 1 bracket and advance each round to battle winners from each bracket. There will be 3 prizes awarded to the players who come in first, second and third place. Everyone who participate in this tournament will get a reward for participating.  RULES
      No using items other than the ones that have been spawned to you
      No use of curse prayers meaning you'll be using the normal prayer book.
      No using the protect melee prayer.
      No use of overloads as you'll be given the potions you need by an Administrator, too.
      Only special attack weapon used will be the dragon dagger (p++) Saturday of Week #3 Hide 'N' Seek Event The host will be hiding in certain locations on the server and you'll will be given hints every five minutes until the host has been found. There will be 5 rounds hosted for this event and for each round 3 hints will be given.  There will be 1 prize given out to the winner of each round. Unfortunately there will not be any rewards for participating this event as it would be hard to track down who is participating or not.  Saturday of Week #4 Flower Poker Tournament This event involves NO players to BET to participate as this is just an event that is being hosted for prizes. Players would be put into brackets and be given 5 flower seeds to plant against their opponent. Both players will plant 5 flowers and the host will compare the flowers to each other similar to real poker. Worse being no pairs at all is a "Bust", 1 pair of 1 colour is a "1 Pair",  2 pairs of 2 colours is a "2 Pair", 3 of 1 colour is a "Oak", 3 of 1 colour plus 1 pair of 1 colour is a "Full House", 4 of 1 colour is a "4 of a Kind", and 5 of 1 colour is a "5 of a kind" which is the best to plant. If any black or white flowers are planted it would be a replant. The players that win each bracket advance to the next rounds and 3 prizes would be awarded to the players that reach first, second and third place. Everyone who participates in this tournament will get a reward for participating. After each event, there will be 1 hour of double drop rate and vote xp enabled for everyone to enjoy.      
    • Hello, Eradicators.

      To steadily increase our funds for Advertisement we have decided based on a suggestion from @PvM Arcane to put some of our current custom items into the public store. As there is not much cash laying around in the eco and rares are rarely every given out, I figure this is one way to finally spread some rare items throughout the economy. 

      What rares are being displayed in the Store?:
      It's a whole bunch of items, but a full overview of which items you're eligible to purchase is found here. 

      Will everyone have the same item?:
      It's important to remember that there's only 1 in stock for each and every item found on the store. If you purchase one of these items, only YOU will have it! Once the items are purchased, I urge you to contact the Staff and I will remove it from the store (will be done whether or not you notify us). If someone would end up purchasing the same product, whoever bought it first will keep it whilst the other gets a full refund. There are logs over this so there's no trickedy tricks. 

      Looking to donate more? (discount codes):
      A 25% discount code will be given to anyone who purchases a custom item off the store, that they can use on any product they wish. After You've spent the 25% coupon, you will also be given a new coupon worth 50% that can be used on your next purchase. 
      We will be starting to use discount codes more and more from now on! 

      Note: You have to contact the Owner specifically for this, if you'd like one. You can also contact the owner if you'd like to purchase something not available through the store!

      How long will this last?:
      There's a discount of 25% on each and every single item in the Custom Category, but this will however only last until August 1st.
      The custom items will only be available to be purchased until August 14th.  Thank you all for the continous support whether it's donations, voting or playing the server, we appreciate it! 💜

      ~ Head of Management
    • [22/7-2020] As of this date, all of the items have been SOLD OUT and therefore it is not possible anymore to purchase any of them. In case we plan to do a second round at some point we will announce this, so keep an eye out for when that update might eventually drop.

      Yours sincerely,
      Mr Whale.