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    • The time has come for the aforementioned announcement to be executed and we're now putting the server offline under maintenance until the 25th of May. I want to go ahead and remind you, that you will not lose any form of progress and that we're doing this simply with the best interest for the server's future. EradicationX 2.0:
      For years and years EradicationX has been a 718/742 server, meaning limited content which in the ends, fires back to the server and its content. We're now finally taking a step further to upgrade our cache from 742 to 901, this meaning we'll be unlocking a lot of new content to use. I want to go ahead and remind you that simply upgrading the cache in its own to be compatible with our client & source, is very difficult and time consuming in its own, but additionally to this, we're also making it custom in order to maintain our items - difficulty.  We are not releasing any insane content update or change right as we release, as with the time span we put for ourselves does not let us do that. We're simply putting all the fixes & new cache live, and of course, adjusting our cache making sure that no items get lost. This takes a lot of time on its own, so don't expect us to be putting any new bosses or something as we re-open the server.  What you can expect in the future however, are RS3 animations (as suggested multiple times) and no... we're **NOT** adding BANK PLACEHOLDERS. It's simply way too much workload to put on 1 developer whilst still expecting to have more updates coming. With the cache upgrade, it also unlocks new maps, bosses, pretty much most RS3 content but obviously not all of it (as the current rs cache is 918). We're going to give more info on future updates on a later date.

      May 25th 2021:
      As the server re-opens, we'll be having more competitions and of course, advertisements to tease it - meaning a significant boost in our playerbase! Stay tuned, it'll be worth! On behalf of the entire EradicationX: Project Purple Management Team, we'd like to thank everyone for their support and passion towards the server.  See you on EradicationX V2! Yours Sincerly,
    • Dear community, With the start of the new month just in few days, the time has come for us to choose our Staff of the Month for the month of April. We encourage the community to vote based on the staff member's overall performance and if they feel that they went above and beyond. 

      Nominees: Xilent Mr Whale Moz3arte Senukas Arcane Rewards: Staff of the Month 5x Presents 10K Spellpower 25K Eradicated Seals Unique Custom (Only if won 3X in a row) Nominees 1x Present 2x Mystery Box 10x Deathtouched Darts Please note that you may only vote on 1 nominee and staff must not vote for themselves.

      On behalf of the EradicationX: Project-Purple Management-Team, I would like to wish all our staff members best of luck.
      Yours sincerely,
    • Dear community, With the start of the new month just in few days, the time has come for us to choose our Player of the Month for the month of April. We have looked at a player's overall activeness, friendliness and helpfulness to the community, as well as knowledge of the Server. We also looked at their dedication, motivation and contribution to the Server. 

      Nominees: Assassin Dabaholic Dealer Rsps Rich Nub X Rewards:

      Player of the Month 5x Presents 10k Spellpower 25k Eradicated Seals A "Player of the Month" Rank in-game, on Discord and on our Forums (this will be removed once the month has ended) Nominees 1x Present 2x Mystery Box 10x Deathtouched Darts Please note that you may only vote on 1 nominee.
        With all this being said, on behalf of the EradicationX: Project-Purple Staff-Team, I would like to wish all the nominees best of luck.
      Yours sincerely,
    • Your application has been denied. We're not currently looking for staff members, the applications were left open on accident. Thanks
    • Would certainly be a nice addition to the server.  I'm not sure if the ways of obtaining the items you mentioned have changed. If it hasn't, they're quite easily obtained and I'd imagine the supply if those items are high. This means the items would have to be reset in order to give them a buff. This may or may not be an issue, it's up to the developers. An alternative way could be to obtain an item to enchant the flaming or razer whip. This could be the challanging way of making the whips good and worth to use. It'd also be a way around resetting the items. In regards to mage and range, do you have any specific weapons in mind or are you thinking that the owners should hire a modeler? For a modeler to keep up the custom standard of the server would require a lot of skill but thanks to all our donators that shouldn't be an issue.