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  3. Hey Aaron and welcome to EradicationX brother! A very nice introduction and enjoyed reading every bit of it Thats pretty awesome that you are in law enforcement at a young age, and yeah I could say I have a dislike towards law enforcement but I still have my respects towards them for all that shit they have to go through and put up with. Im glad to hear that you are enjoying your time here with us and hopefully we can meet ingame and chat more. Good luck with your grind and journey and hope to see you around ingame!
  4. Hello everyone, I go by Ghostly but feel free to call me Aaron if you wish, either is fine with me. You may or may not have seen/heard me around the server but I figured I would come to make a proper introduction for the heck of it. So, I've been playing RSPS' for quite some time now, with decent-sized breaks in-between. I do really enjoy playing MMORPGs and MMOs, as I never really got into Call of Duty-style games unless my buddies and I were playing together. I just recently took a break from World Of Warcraft and currently am waiting for Crimson Desert or Ashes of Creation to be released. I've been playing Runescape since I was 7 or 8, and I'm 23 now so I guess you could say I'm a dedicated fan and I still will stop by and play RS3 every now and then. I went to college for Computer Programming and Computer Engineering so I have a decent grasp on coding and whatnot but decided to go a different route in life. I really enjoy lifting weights and running or biking to keep up with my health. I currently am in Law Enforcement and have been for 3 years now. If you hate me or dislike me after reading that then trust me, in society today I totally understand it, and you're 100% able to have your own opinion. Because of this, I am unable to play as often as I used to, (and would like to!) but that's what retirement is for. When it comes to RSPS, I have a wide array of experience having been a part of staff on numerous servers, as well as co-owning 2. Recently however I've decided to take sort of a back seat and just enjoy the server as a new player should! You probably have not heard me talk too much in the server and that's mostly because I have something else pulled up on my other screen or am afk. That being said, if you ever would like to chat then please feel free to @/pm me, or message me on Discord as I am always happy to chat with others. Personally, nothing has brought me more enjoyment with RSPS than watching servers grow and blossom into massive successes which I guess you could say is why I am here on this server! I did not play during this server's original launch, but from what I have seen and been told it was incredibly fun, and from what I can tell here on this launch of it, many friendships were made. I also can say that after spending some time on the server I can say that literally everyone I've ran into has been very helpful with not only myself, but other/new players as well. But that's about it! Thanks for reading.
  5. Cheers for this post, I have a few questions to add as well. - The ability to donate for rare items ($250 donation) allows there to be multiple rares in game very quickly. This allows someone with a juicy bank account to essentially win their way through the game by paying for it. A noname cape could be sold for really good gear and cash. This process can be repeated multiple times through transactions. It's ironic to hear that you want to keep the server as less pay to win as possible, but having this option makes it contradictory. What do you plan on doing about this issue? - Where do you see the server in 1 year from now?
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  7. I always appreciate stuff like this. Further enforces my opinion that you guys care for the community and the server. I had a few questions myself. 1. Eradication has always had a problem with an over saturated eco and very little has ever been done about it in the long run. How do you plan on combatting that? 2. The servers a straight shot it lacks the variety it once had. What I mean by that is the servers to easy to navigate there’s no mini games no true option of gear. It’s starter> GWD > Eradicator > seasinger/DL > Obsidian. A lack in variety. What’s your plan to give the server a sense of spark? 3. Eradication has always had trouble with a PKING community a lot more now then it used to be. With lack of content for Player Killing and the removal of pvp shops then with the added rule of no staking at all (one of the biggest reasons to PK) pking has been butchered and thrown out. What are your plans for this side of a rsps? Do you plan on making EradicationX pk friendly? 4. Useless drops/dupe drops seem to be pretty notorious on multiple bosses from Drygores being on 4 bosses to tokhaar being on 2 bosses. Not to mention all the “rare drops” with no benefit other then cosmetic EX. Pact breaker swords, firebrand bow, brutal swords. What plans do you have in place to update these bosses to give them a sense of worth to kill? 5. in game events I know that world boss is currently bugged and doesn’t spawn on its own. But seeing some more in game events would be nice dagith drops invasion tokens and isn’t to worth to kill. Do you have plans on adding new events that the community could do together whether it being group boss, wildy boss where pk potential takes place, or even a boss that requires you to ha e certain level in skills to fight EX. A boss that you fish to kill, mine etc requiring lvl 85/90/110 etc 6. Hairymonkey he drops quite good rings but the annihilation, decimation and its mage counterpart obliteration (not dropped by hairy). All these weapons should be on the same par but truly the annihilation and decimation have very minimal use and everyone and there mothers despise getting Annih/decimation drop there bank spot holders and truly nothing more. Would it be possible to make these end game items more useful? Or add obliteration to hairy drop table? Thank you for listening I look forward to your responses.
  8. Appreciate the opportunity, a few questions... Regarding prestiging, as its an important part of a long term player base, what do you plan to do/add to make it more rewarding for those willing to put the time/effort in to running through multiple times. There are rumours that things will be added (the same rumourrs i hearrrd back when i played before) but some solid idea off what we can hope to expect would be cool. Some kind of roadmap would be cool too on where youd like to see eradication in another years time. Within that seeing as people are farming the top tier drops already, do you have any ideas, implementations or concerns about late-game. Lastly, how do you as developers see the economy, and do you see any potential flaws down the road ot things you might have to manage?
  9. Hello Eradicators, We're aware that some of you are having questions regarding the server, whether it's about the current state or its future. In order to let you guys have more of an insight of what's being worked on, what our plans are and what we're doing to achieve them, we're now going to be doing a Questions and Answers, where you ask and we answer. Have any questions you'd like to be directed towards a specific Owner/Staff Member? Then be sure to ask that too! Be sure to leave any questions and/or feedback in the comments and we'll be sure to include it in our QnA video. (best question will receive a juicy reward The video will be released and announced on the official EradicationX - Project Purple YouTube Channel. Looking forward to see the questions, see you in the video!
  10. Hello im Destr0 irl name is Simon im 24 years old and live in sweden have been playing this source for along time now found this server through some rsps list in early 2013-2014 i think and have been stuck since. Im hoping u guys know who am at this point but if not hello pm me ingame if u need help or just wanna talk
  11. I came to have a good time and get some drops. That is all :)
  12. Mr E

    Mr E

    Thought since I haven't made one yet, I'll add mine to the list. Hello, Mr E here, or you can just call me Luke. I found the server whilst browsing Runelocus etc & thought to myself, I think I played this a few years back but just under a different username (which I have no clue of now) back then I think it was just called ''EradicationX'' as the server name. I'm 28, from Australia & find myself working on project cars in my spare time, & doing garden/landscaping work as a main hobby. I have my third child on the way in July, so looking forward to that & have been for a few months now ever since I found out I hope to see each & everyone of you in-game, if I haven't already said hello to you, which is a majority of the community xD
  13. Loved the introduction, was a good read haha. Hope to see you around in-game myself, hopefully get to say hey :)
  14. Welcome to the server hope you enjoy your time here. We have met a few times in-game and had some nice chats hope to have more. Good luck on the grind my man.
  15. Welcome homie! have fun and see you out there!!
  16. Sup all, Started rs back in 05 and have played on and off over the years. Tried osrs since my original character apparently owes jagex 150 bucks because of bonds or something. Found y'all yesterday and I am enjoying the sever.
  17. Hahaha New ”Jork”? Foken americans Welcome Xp, always fun to see new players being active and sticking around.
  18. Welcome to Eradication Olaf! Nice seeing you ingame and hoping to see around more often. Wishing you all the luck on your drops and gains, hope you enjoy your stay with us
  19. Welcome Olaf Great taste of games! Don't think I've seen anyone play from Chile in all of my years on RSPS/Runescape, awesome! Enjoy the server, see you around!
  20. Bruh Slayz made like 63453 guides, who the fk are the rest of these ppl?
  21. Hello, Im Olaf. My real name is Jose, I'm from Chile in south america. I'm 23 years old. I have played Runescape or rsps since I was a kid and I really enjoy it. I also play League of legend, Overwatch, and many others games. I'm single right now and that's all I can say for now :) see you in game!
  22. Good to see this nerd running around on the server! Hopefully you're more successful than below! X.D
  23. welcome! looking forward to meeting you in-game! Enjoy what Project Purple has to offer! If you need any help feel free to pm me in-game or on discord!
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