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  2. Unrelated to anything mentioned above, I thought I should share my opinions of what we can improve regarding the different rooms of raids. Personally, I've only done the easy raids, regardless of that, raids should be more interactive than it is as of now, I've given a thought to this and here's some of my opinions on the following rooms: Vyrewatch's room - needs a total rework or even removal whereas they rarely even attack you. You only need to attack the 5 npcs and then you're done. Shakurahazh's room - Just boring. Lava monster's room - Pretty much the same as mentioned for vyrewatches. Infernal dragon - Repetitive, more information below. Number 1, 2, 3 and 4 are tedious rooms where nothing is required of you except for attacking the npcs, you could stand there with auto retaliate off for quite a while. Here are some ideas of what mechanics we could give the npcs: Vyrewatch's room - Spawns a baby version of themselves which would have to be caught (like catching an impling), during the time period of the baby being out, the actual "boss" npc would deal solid damage. Shakurahazh's room - Killing the first 50% of it's health will make it protect from the style you've been, forcing you to use another combat style to kill him. Make the minions attack you to increase the difficulty and interaction. Lava monster's room - A "cloud" appearing above you, dealing a lot of damage to you if you stand on the same spot for X amount of seconds. This'd make you constantely move around to avoid the damage, making the room more interactive. Infernal dragon - As of now we have the orbs spawning underneath you, exploding if you can't kill them during the given timeframe, which is alright. I understand that this is wave-shifting mechanic but it's very repetitive due to it spawning 4 times during a kill. As mentioned, the boss has 4 different waves where it also has different mechanics. Buff them, the dragon doesn't actually do much damage at all. These are my opinions on most of the rooms and I understand that easy raids should be easy, but not this easy? With the gear I have I don't need any supplies other than prayer renewal and runes in my inventory to complete how ever many runes the supplies is good for. I can't imagine it being much different with lower tiered gear either. In my eyes, we have two options here, either buffing it to the part where you'd be recommended to use obsidian gear or changing the drop table in order to make easy raids for mid-geared players (medium being the new actual "easy" raid). As for motivating the players to grind raids, to put in time and effort and still enjoying it, something needs to be done about the points above. Not only that though, the rewards as well. Here are the current rewards from all different difficulties: I suggest to do the following: Firstly, remove the cap where you'd need to complete 100x of a difficulty in order to proceed to the next. Remove elite obsidian completely from the drop tables, have it obtainable some other way. Make essential flask more common than it is. Doing 25 raids (assuming a raid takes about 15 minutes, that equals to 6 hours and 15 minutes) in order to get an essential flask is just horrendous. Lower the dosage of the flask if needed. Overall - make uncommon rewards 1/15, due to the time of completing a raid, it still takes quite a while to finish that amount of runs. Implement new gear with the easy raids (if we'd make it for mid-geared players). Example: New magic weapons tiered under obliterations or magic gear & obviously making the rare drop table more common than it is. This could be arranged if desired. Alternatively, easy raids coud solely for unique supplies, such as essential flasks, spell power scrolls and eventually new items along those lines. In that case, these items would be much easier to obtain by playing easy mode than any other mode. In comparison, these items would be on the uncommon drop table at 1/5 (example), while the other mode has it on 1/15. Rare medium drop table - Infernal capes, drop rate being 1/100 raids, better option would be to come up with something else to replace this. Rare hard drop table - Infernal capes, drop rate being 1/70 raids. Remove no-life difficulty. As for motivation to grind raids, it requires one out of two things, one being that it's rewarding. If raids are rewarding enough for players to do it despite it being tedious, it still works, not optimal but it wouldn't be "dead content". Second being that it's fun to do, it's exciting. Whereas, in my opinion it's none of the two right now. The administration is striving towards making raids both fun and rewarding in order to motivate everybody from mid-tiered players to endgame players to actively grinding and enjoying raids. I'm positive that's exactly what we all want, but in order for that to happen, we need more feedback and opinions of what we can do with the issues discussed on this topic. Again, note that these are my opinions and thoughts and it's not on behalf of the administration. I'd be happy to receive criticism and further additions to my suggestions in order to make raids better than any other there is. My question to you is: What do you think about what's been said on this topic so far? ~ Maryshymarsh ~
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  4. Hi there, Prophecy! Welcome to the server hope you enjoy your time playing and hope to see you around!
  5. Welcome to the server mate! see you out there!
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Prophecy, I'm brand new to the server. I come from the UK and I'm a professional Noob. If you see me around in game be sure to say Hello and if I seem lost or confused, I probably am, SEND HELP. I look forward to chatting with you all in game
  7. Thanks for replying Appealing. I have given some thought to the questions asked to hopefully provide you with decent feedback. A1) The infernal capes consist of 3 capes belonging to each combat style. Do remember that a cape isn't as worthy of a grind as compared to an obby set from its bosses. I understand that the cape is considered end game tier and thus has been factored into my thought process. I, a player who would slave any boss day and night for it's drops provided its worth it, would be happy to spend at least 15-20 hours per cape on average. It'd be more than acceptable if the capes aren't tradable provided that no dupes are obtained. A2) Unfortunately not. Would rather not do the same content for over 100 hours. A3) The RS3 armours are considered dps armours. Meaning they should have better attack stats but lower defensive stats. They would be placed above elite obby at the cost of much lower defensive stats for players to not be able to afk bosses which is the case almost everywhere now. However given that we have custom weaponary in game such as elites, it makes this difficult to decide for the RS3 weapons. This decision would be solely be for the admin team
  8. Hi, I just wanted to try and explain a few things here and ask some questions myself. If I'm being completely honest with you, as they stand, the raids were technically created to make time for Anonymous to deal with a few things such as looking into cache/revision upgrading closer to or current to rs3 and more- but currently that doesn't seem to be possible, so we're looking for more detailed feedback on all of these things so that they can be attended to for a more enjoyable experience for the players. So, some questions I have for you and even any other player currently are the following: Q1: How long do you believe it should take to obtain infernal capes? Q2: Currently it doesn't seem possible to upgrade cache/revision closer to rs3 as I just said above, so with that being said, something along the lines of introducing some models you have seen around such as scythe and serenic to be obtained through current content such as raids, as it's currently the topic.. can possibly be done. Is this something you'd like to see? Q3: If the above question were to happen, do you think they should be tier'd above the current BiS gear? Or you'd be fine with it being lower tier as a middle ground? Please, by all means take your time to really think about the questions and prepare a response, if you so feel. We'd/I'd be quite interested in seeing what you and others have to say, include as many details as you're capable of please! It's very important we get as much feedback as we can from all of you! I must clarify that just because these questions are being asked, they're not guaranteed to happen- so please don't go automatically assuming this will happen in regards to new gear being added, again, if this is something you want then seriously please leave as much detailed feedback as you can. As for range and other combat styles/gear/weapons and so on they're currently being revised Please make sure to leave any suggestions you have here or in the discord channel here
  9. Only use 1 mode of raids to drop infernal capes. Nobody wants to do the same content for hundreds of hours. Move the elites to another boss. Whilst i'm at it, make rs3 drops a thing asap tyty. Oh and fix range ty ty.
  10. Dear community, With the start of the new month just in few days, the time has come for us to choose our Staff of the Month for the month of August. We encourage the community to vote based on the staff member's overall performance and if they feel that they went above and beyond. Nominees: Xilent Marsh Rek3dge Mr Whale Arcane Senukas Destr0 Dabaholic Rewards: Staff of the Month 3x Presents 10K Spellpower 25K Eradicated Seals Unique Custom (Only if won 3X in a row) Nominees 5x Choice of any Mystery Box 25x Deathtouched Darts Please note that you may only vote on 1 nominee and staff must not vote for themselves. On behalf of the EradicationX: Project-Purple Management-Team, I would like to wish all our staff members best of luck. Yours sincerely, Banks.
  11. Dear community, With the start of the new month just in few days, the time has come for us to choose our Player of the Month for the month of August. We have looked at a player's overall activeness, friendliness and helpfulness to the community, as well as knowledge of the Server. We also looked at their dedication, motivation and contribution to the Server. Nominees: Legalist Lilbemg Doobyscoo Demon (F) Hellaed Rewards: Player of the Month 3X Presents 10k Spellpower 25k Eradicated Seals A "Player of the Month" Rank in-game, on Discord and on our Forums (this will be removed once the month has ended) Nominees 3x Choice of any Mystery Box 20x Deathtouched Darts Please note that you may only vote on 1 nominee. With all this being said, on behalf of the EradicationX: Project-Purple Staff-Team, I would like to wish all the nominees best of luck. Yours sincerely, Banks.
  12. I think the lack of interaction with raids is what can make it pretty boring, as its just afk in most parts. I think if there were some more mechanics in the combat that we needed to say switch prayers or move to certain spots would make it more tolerable to do!
  13. As the titles says, we're reworking raids! It has come to our attention that raids is being considered "dead content" by the players and we want to know why. We've decided to make this post hoping that our community will take a part of the following discussions regarding the future of raids to maximize the joy to grind and to make it all feel worth putting time and effort into! As you might be familiar with, raids has different difficulties with each one of their own drop table, for more information of how it currently looks, click here. This is your chance as a member of the community to have an impact on our custom raids! What's your thought regarding the rewards from raids? Why are/aren't specifically YOU grinding raids? If you'd take the actual mechanics of raids into consideration, would you like to change anything for the better? We, as a staff team, would appreciate all the input we can get. We want to know all of the pros and all of the cons. We're striving towards having the best and most active raid in the rsps community, but we'll need your assistance to make it happen. ~ Adminsitration of EradicationX
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  15. name in game : Mini Request a rank: Eradicator
  16. uhh gimmie dicer or whatever oh ign lonely or lonely drunk
  17. Thanks for introducing yourself on here noob! Lord Merkis...... I think Pinkdaddy is more kinkier >.>
  18. Welcome!!! great to finally see some introductionssss! with everything going on with covid and what not, I think literally 99% of the gaming community has turned into alcoholics lmao! See you out there!
  19. Hello all, my forum name is Lord Merkis I must have made it when I was drunk or some shiz but short story idk how it got to be that lol. My in game name is Pinkdaddy and I'm currently a eradicator donor, I've been play these server for many years. I love the community with these server I think it can go a long ways and I hope people stick around for the rebuild but anyways I live in North Dakota in US and I hope I see you guys on the server. Good luck grinding.
  20. Welcome to the server mate! Hope you enjoy your time with us and not feel so lonely after all haha.
  21. I'm Lonely Drunk, or as everyone calls me; Lonely. I am mostly a skiller but i do enjoy DH pking also. Main game i play is VRChat and i have been playing league of legends since season 1. On the side of IRL i am an alcoholic and a loner, hence the name. I also enjoy dressing up as a femboy, and let me tell you i am cute as fuck Im 23 years old and i come from the lovely swampland called Finland.
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  23. in game name: Mini Rank: Eradicator
  24. in game name: Mini Rank: Super rank
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