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    Combat Nerfed Obsidian King healing from 250 to 150 Nerfed the amount of times Obsidian King would heal himself during a fight Nerfed Eradicator boss' mage hit by 50% meaning his special attack wouldn't deal as much damage as it used to Added an extra check for the antipoison, so if you get damaged by poison whilst being immune, it is most likely just a forced damage from the boss that has been added by us specifically Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian King (non-instanced) Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Prince (non-instanced) Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Queen (non-instanced Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Jad (non)instanced) Nerfed Vesta and buffed Vanguard - check #development-log on our Discord server Added a fully working Hati instance Skilling Added a random walk to the dragon impling at ;;ez to prevent people from autoclicking it Fixed and added the wilderness agility course Adjusted the wilderness agility EXP rates Replaced Rune Arrowheads with Rune Dart Tips at ;;ez (Extreme shop 2) Buffed the Golden Mining set XP bonus from 1,025x to 3x Miscellaneous Fixed the bug where prestiged people could not wear the 10B cape You can no longer access ;;bank or use the keybind to open your bank whilst being jailed Changed the Trivia answers to be more appropriate, also added a new question ("What's the maximum amount of gold the money pouch can hold?") answer is 2147483647 Fixed the strength % of turmoil question in trivia, the correct answer is 33% (though there is a known visual bug which only shows 31%) Added a Plug Dj command for us OGs who used to troll each other and sometimes actually listen to some good music, Link is (Plug.dj/projectpurple) Removed eradicated seals drop from Extreme Boss Removed all pet drops from bosses Fixed the overload animation bug Added a system where the developers can adjust items' stats without having to restart the server (this also applies to adjusting the stats on NPC's) Obsidian We have decided to change the method of obtaining elite obsidian, this will be done by combining all 3 combat respective obsidian sets together - in order to get full elite obsidian set you will need to acquire a total of 36 shards, 12 for each combat style. With this change, we have changed the drop table of Erad Jad, the obsidian melee shard will no longer drop - making Erad Jad primarily killed for Enchanting potions. Because of this we’ve increased the droprate of obsidian shards from obsidian king, prince & queen! - (Changed the drop rate from 1.3% to 1.5%) With that being said.. Anyone that has any elite obsidian pieces are to contact a Server Administrator+ to get a refund on the parts they used to make the pieces. Anyone failing to do so or hesitating to message a staff member will get it taken away without a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Special thanks to @Anonymous & @Sadie for providing us with all the changes and updates this week! Keep up the good work. On behalf of the whole staff team we would like to thank the community for providing us with constant bugs for us to fix and making the game as smooth as possible for everyone! For a detailed update log on previous changes please refer to this topic Got any suggestions? Feel free to suggest them here or on our Discord Server.
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    Hey everyone! As you all know the server has only just been released last week wednesday and we would really like to know your opinion on how the server has been doing so far and as we all know both the developers have been working very hard providing us with new content, bug fixes, changing certain things the community wanted changed and many more good things are awaiting all of us. Will I be given a reward for providing you my personal feedback? You will as a matter of fact but this time you'll be given the option to choose between two rewards: Reward 1: 10x death touched darts Reward 2: 2x Mystery boxes (please type ;;checkmbox in-game before choosing this option) NOTE Please copy and paste the following template and reply to this topic in order to receive a reward. TEMPLATE How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: Are you satisfied with the current developers?: What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: RULES I'm only accepting legitimate opinions and I want you to put in a little bit of effort when leaving your opinion before I give out rewards. Troll posts will be deleted immediately and you'll be excluded from gaining a reward. Do bare in mind that the two developers have somewhat rushed this release due to the unfortunate news we all had to hear from Era closing the server and in all honesty I think they've done an amazing job so far maintaining the game and giving us daily bug fixes and providing us with content as much as they can so I'd personally like to thank @Anonymous& @Sadie for all their hard work they've put in so far and providing us the smoothest gameplay possible. Got any suggestions? Feel free to leave them here or on our Discord server.
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    Boss Weakness Guide Welcome, you may or may not know that a new system has been implemented to the various bosses of the server! This guide will serve as purpose to help you find out what bosses are weak to what! This is to prevent melee from being the go-to superior combat style for most bosses! *Note: failing to use the correct combat style for a specific boss will result in only doing 50% of your damage to that boss!* Below is the list of the bosses and their weaknesses! Maximum gradum - None Eradicator - Ranged Fear - Magic STQ - Melee Necrolord - Melee Nomad - Melee Hati - Magic Wildywurm - Ranged QBD - Ranged Bandos - Melee Zammy - Magic Armadyl - Ranged Saradomin - Melee Seasinger - Melee Deathlotus - Magic Blink - Ranged Corporeal Beast - Ranged Anonymous - Ranged Sadie - Magic Marshall - Melee Hardmode Anonymous - Ranged Hardmode Sadie - Magic Hardmode Marshall - Melee Hairymonkey - Melee, ranged & magic Erad Jad - Melee Sunfreet - Magic Extreme Boss - Melee Regular Boss - Melee Obsidian King - Magic Obsidian Queen - Ranged Obsidian Prince - Melee Wildyjad - Melee, ranged & magic GLHF!
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    To those who didn't realize already, I'm the owner of EradicationX - Project Purple. Figured I'd create an introduction to make my name, and myself a bit more familiar within the community. What's my story? Uhh well, my name is Max and I'm 18 years old. I've been around on every revision of EradicationX, not only that, I've been a staff member on every single revision to ever exist of erad. First time getting promoted to Sever Support was back in 2016, I believe, yeah I was very young. I've had my ups and downs but I was always loyal to this server. For those who are interested, I've been known for quite a few different names; Ccbry, Max, Papi, Logic. With other words, if you've been playing EradicationX for a longer period, you'll probably have heard of me at some point, I hope lol. I'm currently studying to become some kind of engineer in a couple of years, not sure what I'd want to do if I'm being completely honest. After graduating I MIGHT be spending a few months in doing military services, nothing is certain yet. In my free time, I usually spend time on my computer, can be everything from GFX work to leaking nudes of Sadie. I usually work out at the gym every day, at least I try to do so. I'm usually quite busy when I'm on my daily schedule, but now thanks to corona my school has shut down for a couple of weeks so I'll be able to spend more time on EradicationX. If you're sitting on a playlist filled up with lit hiphop/rap songs, let me know. If you keep me updated with new music that I like, you'll be my favorite player of EradicationX, no doubt. I'm usually not very interactive when I'm ingame as I'm usually doing something on the side, such as forums work etc, but I hope to get to know the active and loyal players we have. With that said, don't be afraid to hit me up if you see me online, I don't bite
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    Hello my fellow Project Purple friends (except Matt). My name is Adam and I would like to tell you about myself. I am currently 19 years old (13 if you ask Ken) and I live in the USA. I work as a boat mechanic and just about anything my boss tells me. I enjoy to go fishing, hunting, hiking, playing with my dog, and just about anything boat related. Most days during the summer I usually work about 13 hours a day. In my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix or playing xbox while grinding erad. My favorite xbox game is mostly shooter games like CoD. My favorite show is probably Hawaii Five-0 or NCIS: Los Angeles. I am a sucker for action or police related shows, sometimes I even enjoy the occasional drama. All 3 John Wick movies are the best movies and you can't change my mind. I have been playing this source since about 2013, through every revision and ownership. I have always supported every revision as best I can, through donating or being a staff member and helping my fellow staff members create content or host event for the lovely players of this server. P.S. hades is fat
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    Hello fellow scaper My name is Newp but u can call me Newp lmao I've been playing runescape for almost 14 years now and already am maxed and comped on RS3 As time went by i grew bored of the normal version and have been trying different rsps's Hopefully Project Purple will be my new home for quite a while xD
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    Hiya! I feel like most of us have met before but just incase here's is a little Intro. What's your name?: Jake / Positivity (Was Smiffy / Mollymauk) How old are you?: 22 Where are you from?: Australia How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: Been playing this source for a long while now, Loved every minute of it! (Other than 400m mining, that was aids) What are your hobbies?: Drawing / Music / Photography / Painting Favorite TV shows?: That's 70s Show / The IT Crowd / Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What's your favourite food?: Pie, No Questions. What type of music are you into?: Jazz / Bluegrass / Rap What's your dream job?: Tattoo Artist Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: Absolutely no idea.. IS THAT BAD? AM I SCREWED? Much love to everyone still committing to this glorious source.
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    Appealing's Introduction How old are you? - I am 24 years old Where are you from?: The United States of America How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: @Ken introduced me to this server in 2018, and once again told me about the return of it under new development etc.. as like before I am really enjoying my time on the server, I still believe it to be one of the more fun servers I've played with customization done right for once! What are your hobbies?: My hobbies are mostly games, I enjoy various games on multiple platforms from pc to mobile! But one of my biggest hobbies is Taekwondo and I would definitely always recommend doing something like it in your life! Favorite TV shows?: Supernatural, The 100, Game of Thrones, Stranger things, Peaky blinders & Umbrella academy - and more(too many to list honestly) What's your favourite food?: Thai food is my fav type of food ever.. always such good spices and flavor, if you haven't tried you need to! What type of music are you into?: I love all kinds of music... Literally, if you were to see my playlists on Spotify they are all over the place with music genres etc so honestly couldn't possibly list a favorite - if you are interested in seeing my playlist then message me! What's your dream job?: I have/had a few dream jobs - Customer/player support for a larger game company i.e riot games, Astrobiology, Epidemiology & a Taekwondo master Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: In 20 years I honestly hope to have a nice family and to be a Taekwondo master/instructor
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    Hello all, My name is Steven R, I am 41 years old, and I live in the USA. I have been an avid gamer and technology majority of my life so it's no shock to myself at least that even at my age I like the occasional game. I've played just about everything since the Atari and going up from there to your now modern electronic VR game consoles. A little about myself, I already mentioned I am 41 years old, however, I also have a lovely wife of the age of well...okay a smart man doesn't give a ladies age now do they ? Haha! Anyway, I have two lovely daughters as well who one is 17 and the other is 22. I live more specifically in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. I am the owner and operator of a small administrative firm just south of Atlanta, GA. We recently actually opened up our second office and I am in the process of getting that one fully operational. My hobbies and likes can be quite sporadic and eccentric depending on my mood, how busy I am, how late it is, and etc. Sometimes I prefer gaming, other times I prefer reading some kind of fanfiction, at other times I just want to spend time with family, and then there are other times where I quite honestly just want to be left alone with a nice cold beer (and pizza helps but not always available!). I like most genres of music, or at least I will respect and listen to just about anything anybody plays. I never really grew up listening to rap, r&b, etc, however that being said there are a few songs that actually aren't bad. Even if I can't keep up with what they are singing right? I am one of those southern boys who just grew up with country and gospel while in the little country white church. During my college years I started to listen to a lot of rock and metal music as well and while it infuriated my folks like mad crazy the one year I was still living with them blasting the stuff off the walls I've come to really like it. I recently got into electro style music and I love how it can generate different vibes so easily. I was never the one for sports unfortunately! I did two years of wrestling back in high school, blew out my knee and that was the end of that fun and adventure right there. I never could quite find the interest others have in "watching the game" but in all fairness I was always the one you would find sitting by a tree at recess reading a good murder book or something. On the virtual/cyber level of things I do many things and more specifically I play quite a bit of FiveM/GTA V Roleplaying. In the past six months I have gotten into bubble.io app creation and found I actually quite enjoy it and find it relaxing at times. Due to that interest taking off I joined a company online that designs and sells CAD systems for FiveM/GTA V roleplaying servers and I do development for them now relating to that in my free time. I also of course can't forget Runescape/Runescape Private Servers. Back in 2010 and before I played Runescape mechanically as if driven by some demonic creature to never stop. I lost interest, came back, got hacked, made a new account, recovered the old account, lost interest again, you get the general idea. So then I started to try out private servers after a friend suggested one to me as I had issues keeping interest in the main game. I liked how there seemed to be a small family community style in many of the private servers and so I started to do that as an extracurricular activity off and on for a couple of years. I only recently came back though to runescape private servers and I guess is a good stopping point to the introduction. I am a pretty chill guy who just wants to have a fun time and enjoy my free time. -Steven R.
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    Added a new and entirely custom made discord bot named "Project-Purple-Bot" The discord bot will always be upgraded and expanded when we find more use for it we want to combine discord in the game and the game with discord but this is just the start of it. The bot will have some basic commands for all of our players but will feature some more complex commands in the future! Also we staff members can use the bot to do certain moderative actions like kicking accounts or even banning them without even being online in-game. This is very nice to have because most of us are always online on discord or have discord on our phones but we can't always login to the game and this way we can help you even when we are not in-game. Always make sure when you want to use the bot that you use the correct channel named "use the bots" otherwise the bot will not work and you need to use "~" before any commands you would like to use and here is a short list that you all have acces to. http://prntscr.com/rjaiub Changed the price of Rocktail Soup from 600 to 1000 Boss Slayer points. Changed the price of permanent Turmoil charge from 800 to 1500 Boss Slayer points. Added permanent charging Anguish ability (ranged) for 1500 Boss Slayer points. (same effect as turmoil) Added permanent charging Torment ability (magic) for 1500 Boss Slayer points. (same effect as turmoil) Regular boss (General Khazard) has been nerfed overall and its health has been reduced from 24,000 to 8,000 Changed the amount of bosses assigned on the following tasks Super donators and above now have the ability to reset slayer tasks for free. Super donators and above are now able to change their skin color. (;;blueskin, ;;greenskin & ;;resetskin to go back to normal) Super donators and above no longer take damage from Overloads. Super donators and above are now able to use ;;curseon and ;;curseoff to switch prayer books. Rune limbs now sell for 1.5M each to sell shop (smithing moneymaker) Added thread to the crafting shop so irons have an alternative way to train crafting. Overall improvements to prevent blackscreens. (They might occur still every now and then) Slayer tower now has more NPC spawns. Balanced gnome course agility and increased the XP gained for completing a lap. Obsidian Prince & Queen now have fully working combat scripts. Cyndrith's list had the previous owners their names on it and have now been adjusted. Ironmen will no longer receive bonus XP from World Vote Ironmen will no longer receive double votes the first day of the month Ironmen will receive 1.5x xp rather than 2x xp on DXP weekends. For a detailed update log on previous changes please refer to this topic Got any suggestions? Feel free to suggest them here or on our Discord Server.
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    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: I have nothing but positive feedback when it comes from the recent updates, I have to give a massive thank you for the boss weakness changes in particular as it has really switched up what was a majority melee slug fest. Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Nothing major to be honest, As many above me have said cooking gloves would be a very welcome addition. Possibly adding a noted version of some skilling items in the shops. Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed the time in Project-Purple as much, If not more! than the original EradicationX. Are you satisfied with the current developers?: Absolutely, From what I've seen so far I'm more than happy to commit my time and love into this server knowing that they are doing the same. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: The speed of updates and interactions with the community / playerbase have been nothing but positive. There is not much more I can ask for. Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: I have not even scratched the surface of all the new content in Project-Purple, but from what I have experienced so far there is no change or addition that has not been a pleasure to play! Note: Feedback threads like this are a great idea and I would love the see them every once and a while after enough updates have passed. Thank you for giving us the chance to share our ideas and concerns.
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    Thanks a bunch! I look forward to playing the server just as much, If not more! So it's looking pretty good. Thank you so much for the kind words! I can see the amount of work that has gone into Project-Purple and I could not appreciate it more! I loved EradicationX and this server has gone above and beyond to improve and yet somehow maintain the original experience. Music brings us all together I too have been looking to learning digital painting, It is incredible how many ways there are to express yourself with art and I would love to learn them all! You don't need a fancy camera to capture something beautiful, It's all about perspective. It's a dream I have had for a while now but it's something I'm still not sure about. One day I'm sure I will decide but until then I look forward to seeing what pops up and takes my interest, Still a long road ahead so I'm sure I will find something! I really do appreciate such kind words, From what I have seen so far I am in great company in Project-Purple! I look forward to every second of the 10b grind! With such awesome positive people around me how could I not. ps. From your favorite t.v shows I can tell I'm going to like you Supernatural / The 100 / Game of Thrones / Stranger Things / Peaky Blinders are all shows I have binged more than once! I have yet to see Umbrella Academy but I will have to put that on the list! Thank you! I enjoyed writing it! Committing to a design is one of the hardest things you will do, It's never an easy decision but in the end it's always worth waiting for something you love. I can happily say it has more than exceeded my expectations, You guys have really outdone yourself's with this server and the work really does show. I could not appreciate it enough!
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    What's your name?: Johan How old are you?: i am 49 years Where are you from?: from the Netherlands How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: i have been playing this game sinds 2015. What are your hobbies?: gaming ,fishing Favorite TV shows?: What's your favourite food?: i love italian food What type of music are you into?: pop ,country , 70-90 What's your dream job?: president of the Netherlands Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: grandpa
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    So, here's a little bit about me: Hey, hello there my name is Seth (Disease in-game) and I live in England, UK. Being 18, I am currently in full-time education, studying law. What started from the love of a TV show, Suits, developed into being my career of choice as I plan to become a lawyer in coming years. My favorite shows and movies: Suits, Prison Break and White Collar have to be my favorite shows as they fit my passion for criminology and law perfectly, I definitely recommend you give them a watch if you haven't seen them yet! Inception and Interstellar have to be my favorite movies since I'm a sucker for a movie with interesting plot twists, and these two definitely check that box. Hobbies: My favourite sport is basketball and so I love to watch that a lot, specifically the NBA. I enjoy a variety of games from mmorpgs to battle royales and so naturally, so I often find myself playing those. Netflix accounts for a big chunk of my time, too as I always try to have a show to watch (currently watching "Mindhunter") as I find it to be a great break from studying. Well, that's a rather brief summary of myself, you'll find me on the server a lot of the time, so be sure to say hello!
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    My name is clay~ don't you dare call me it, the in game name is there for a reason I'm 19 born on 15th of June 2000 so naturally I act like a child. I'm born and raised in Australia although I've moved quite a lot, I'm at my 40th home currently I've been following eradication since its first release and I've been on almost all of the versions where people have taken it upon themselves to try and keep the community and soul of eradication alive and prosperous, with each new version a new twist and turn to this ever-growing community Hobbies include: Cooking, cleaning, gaming, supporting da bf's sport and of course awkwardly sitting on the bench at parties. Favourite TV shows? feel like this is a questionnaire on a tv show, what's the prize?? 10 death touched darts ladies and gentlemen, can todays contestant win this glorious stack of 10 darts that will instantly kill him as soon as he goes to pick them up?!? find out after this short ad break!! Favourite food... I'm the type who just goes off what I feel like, perhaps sour straps though? can I say sour straps? well I've said it twice so ill guess that's fine. I'm blasting some anime music currently, Renai Circulation but I grew up to music like the Beatles, so it varies as I like 90% of genres but its more so whether or not the song is good. Dream job aye? used to be something tech related but id settle for a cook but they're paid like dogs in Australia so id rather have money to pay bills tanks I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I'm dead in 20 years but no one knows where their life is going or will end up, if they did there wouldn't be all this pain and suffering in life, its just not that simple p.s. probably took this too seriously? but bleh idk
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    G'Day my names Matt, im 25 i live in the bootiful big island they call Australia, where one day its on fire, next day its flooding, yeah well it is what it is and i love it here cause thereis so much to do and its beautiful, my hobbies are camping , fishing, shark fishing, motorbike riding, also love drinking, cause what Aussie doesn't right, i mean we can party. anyways in my spare time i like gaming and watching movies and Netflix shows, my favorite movie is definitely never back down and favorite tv show is the grand tour (its a car show with Jeremy Clarkson and the other 2 off old top gear), anyways im pretty bummed the old erad shut down and had to start again, but now im just glad its getting worked on and looking forward to the future updates! so i can continue to grind, while watchin netflix and eatin meatloves pizza (my favorite) if im not watchin netflix or a movie im usually listenin to country music or some rnb. i work as a tradie building new apartment units and houses during the week, had a lot of time off last couple months tho since its slow and not much work going on. keen as to keep playing and hope to see this server get big, it has always had potentionial just not the right people to push it forward enough. see y'all ingame p.s **** you xilent
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    Trivia Guide Use command ;;answer (answer here) 1. What weapon can be upgraded for 25,000 Eradicated seals? - Dragon Claws 2. In what year was EradicationX - Project Purple released? - 2020 3. What month was the Eradicator rank first released? - August 4. How much coins do you receive when you start EradicationX? - 50M 5. What gaming genre is EradicationX? - MMORPG 6. What rank is this? - Administrator 7. What rank is this? - Owner 8. What is the maximum experience possible in a skill? - 400m 9. What is the maximum total xp? 10B 10. How many kills do you need for boss pet? - 2,000 11. What script do we use for forums? - IPB 12. How many NPCs are in shops? - 30 13. What is the strongest one-handed melee weapon in the game? - Elite Royal Court Rapier 14. At what level do you unlock Turmoil? - 95 15. What is the total level required to trade? - 400 16. How many boss kills do you need for a title? - 100 17. What is the Zombie Invasion boss's name? - Dragith nurn 18. How many bankers are at home? - 2 19. How many bosses do we have? - 29 20. What combat level do you need fight in red portal? - 70 21. What is the best spirit shield called? - Scarlet spirit shield 22. What is the maximum combat level in EradicationX? - 169 23. How many boss slayer points is required for perma-turm ability? - 1,500 24. How many voting sites do we have? - 6 25. How does an account have to be to use vet title? - 183 26. How many parts are required to make a full slayer helmet? - 7 27. Which boss drops Demonflesh armor? - Wildywyrm 28. How many rakes are there in the sell shop at home? - 10 29. What is the strength boost percent with charged turmoil? - 33 30. What is the highest tier donator rank? - Eradicator 31. Which boss has the lowest combat level? - Maximum Gradum 32. How many Eradicated bones are used to make huge xp lamps? - 35 33. How many waves is the fight caves mini game? - 63 34. How many colors of h’ween masks are there? - 10 35. What level is required to mine tokkul at lava-flow mining? - 77 36. How many hitpoints does nex have? 30k 37. What timezone does the server use? - cest 38. How many loyalty points does vampyrism cost? - 10k 39. How much is it to upgrade a tzhaar whip completely? - 19.5b 40. How many color choices does the 10b xp cape have? - 8 41. How many chairs can be sat in at home? - 20 42. Who do you speak to in order to start the elite obsidian questline? - Cyndrith 43. How many Obsidian shards are required to buy the full set? - 16 44. What symbol must you use before a message to whisper to a player? - @ 45. What weapon has the highest strength bonus? - Dominion sword 46. What rank is this? - Eradicator 47. What's the maximum amount of gold the money pouch can hold? - 2147483647
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    Hello Newp, welcome to Project Purple. I've been playing Runescape for 10 years myself and so I'm definitely familiar with the boredom you speak of. I personally have a lot of fun on this server, so I hope you find the same enjoyment! I look forward to getting to know you in-game! See ya round.
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    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: I have really enjoyed the recent updates and new changes that have came with Project Purple. Namely, the changes to boss weaknesses, previously melee was significantly more dominant at essentially every boss in the game, Whereas, now, ranged and magic have became required for several bosses giving them much more of a use. The Anguish and Torment prayers accompanied this nicely, making the styles much more usable. Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Whilst this is very broad, I'd love to see new bosses having combat scripts in the future, making some of the boss fights require you to actually interact rather than simply click and kill. (similar to the Obsidian Prince and Queen bosses) Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: 100% yes, I have. I've enjoyed channeling my inner nerd (or so I've been called) and spending a lot of time on a source I've came to love whilst reuniting with friends I've met over the years of playing previous versions. Are you satisfied with the current developers?: Definitely, yes. It's clear to see that the developers are always hard working and willing to fix any bugs there may be. Many of the player suggestions from our Discord server have also been implemented, which is good to see the direct player influence. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: In the short while Project Purple has been open, they've piled a significant amount of hours into developing hours, which I feel is certainly paying off and has been evident to the player base. Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: Not so far! Whilst I haven't been able to explore all of the new content the server has to offer due to gear restrictions etc, I'd like to think I've already played a large amount of hours on the server and I have yet to come across an update or change that I have not liked. Overall, the active development of the server has been great thus far and I'm sure that will be a key part of Project Purple's coming success!
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    Your GFX work is clean and pretty amazing. Especially love the smoky feeling in your signature. You may not see it at this time, but that logic gfx for example in a few years work like that could be very profitable in the real world. Upmost respect for you, going thru with the dedication and national moral of serving your country. I actually wish I could but unfortunately I've had a disability since a young age that disallowed myself from qualifying. Guess will just have to continue supporting how I already do. Nice to see you made an intro finally and that we got an opportunity to learn a little more about the owner.
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    What's your name?: irl Simon ingame: the one and only Destr0 How old are you?: im 23 years old Where are you from?: sweden ( ikea land ) How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: i have played all previous versions of erad-x so ofc id play this one What are your hobbies?: being with friends and play games Favorite TV shows?: probably supernatural or grimm What's your favourite food?: pizza What type of music are you into?: power metal mostly but i like everything except death metal What's your dream job?: probably a game tester Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: probably with a family living the familiy life
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    Glad to see all of us die-hard erad players stayed around, it gives the server a stable player base. now let's grind more, and let us meet at hm trio soon! Sleutel
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    Oo you are more of a C4D kinda guy, awesome! I tried to get into that a little but I wasn’t very successful with it. These are quite nice! They’re simple and clean, I like them!(please please make me a signature !! :O) It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any work, so, unfortunately I don’t have anything to share in return. : ( I generally enjoy smudge work, I’ve thought of trying my hand at it recently but haven’t committed to it yet! x)
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    Option D definitely seems to be the most viable here, so I'm going with that. Hey Az, we've already spoke a bit in-game and you seem to be a nice guy, I look forward to getting to know you further for sure. Also - it's good to know there's a fellow brit around. GANG
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    Hey everyone, how most community know i'm Diego or some peoples call me " The merch" i like this tittle for real so youre free to both, i have 19 years old and my bday is 29 august if u wanna give me a gift ( i was looking for some donation on project purple like 1000-2000$ noty much). Iam from Brazil and speak portuguese and english but i'm learn on spanish. The most time i have for now i'm playing erad , because i have no job atm but i study for be a future nutricionist :) then if youre fat and play erad don't quit i will help you soon xd. The eradicationx are the game i most played in my life ( since 2013) so i played all revision and i met a lot of people , yes i can say in all that time i don't hate anyone because its just a game and i'm noty any kid. Some of my characteristics is that a lot people tell me that i am funny and playful and i love it that big humor i have. I can't explain all my life here but is some of this. I have a girlfriend named thais ( because that my normal acc is named thais), and i hate football and sleep. AND I LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY MY FRIEND KEN <3