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    Hello everyone! Just a quick little post for you all! This past month or so.. it's been kind of rough for all of us as a community, we've lost a lot of important people in terms of staff and players.. Let's all keep good faith as we move forward now! We'd like to inform you on some of the updates/changes you should expect to see in the following days/weeks/months! New player content! For a while now, we know that new player content had/has been lacking quite a bit. We'd like to change that! In the works currently we're looking into creating a brand new starter kit for new players! This will include a new custom armor set, which, if you ask me.. looks lit! ; ) this set will be a hybrid set meaning that you will be able to use it for all 3 styles of combat! Not only this, but, we're looking into creating new custom NPCs for new players to train on as well. If you are in our Discord, make sure to keep an eye on #sneakpeeks channel! Dungeoneering Expansion! The way Dungeoneering works at the moment is kind of boring right? Well, we're looking into expanding Dungeoneering a little bit to give it some more purpose! By this i mean that the idea is to put into place new zones and NPCs etc that will serve as some of the better money makers in-game! The specifics aren't set into place quite yet, perhaps you the community could give some input on what you'd like to see in that regard! Feel free to put your suggestions/ideas into the #suggestions channel in the discord or you could even submit your own suggestions here on the forums! Also on the list is adding some new/custom armors & weapons to rewards for Dungeoneering! Nurn & Dummy Yeah, it's been a while! We're aiming to have Dummy fixed ASAP and with this the price of chaotic crossbow & kiteshield are reduced from 1500 to 200 invasion tokens. Speaking of invasion tokens.. we're making it so that if any existing nurns are still in the room when it's time for nurn to spawn that nurn that already existed will now be removed and replaced by the nurn spawning at the allotted times, this is to prevent some players from having their clients crash and also makes it so that it isn't impossible to kill nurn so you/new players can obtain invasion tokens as intended! Here's some of the other miscellaneous updates/changes you can expect to come: Vote Shop Rework A requirement for Gambling Achievements QoL commands for the forums - i.e: ;;rules opening the current updated rules that're here on the forums Nex fixes Hati Rings fixed Gear & Tier progression fixes Make sure to keep an eye on #development-log & #sneakpeeks in the discord server to keep up to date with what's going on! Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here! Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!
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    Hey all you beautiful people please check out my latest vid lots and lots more to come sorry about the quailty will get better i promise My plans are the following will tick when complete Road to max Series ( ) Road to 10B Series ( ) Road to all drops ( ) and thats just a few to start ith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPpzA54fitA&t=6s
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    Obviously we have known each other for some time now, I will never forget our jokes about "hey let's hack the server or the vps idk". Then all of a sudden you actually became a developer and had legit access to everything. To be honest you have always been quite a good developer, and I am happy for you that you are getting the chance to improve even further, and develop yourself now. I was not completely sure on what to post, hence why it took such a long time, but I do wish you the best of luck and hope you get the most out of this opportunity. And if u do not visit enough, I will come to Limburg myself u lazy nub. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
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    Welcome back, if you leave again I will probably order Max to kill u with his Saab. On a real note though, even though all these changes have happened in the higher ranks, we should not get discouraged as a team and as a community to get Erad back up on its' feet. Let us set a goal together, to make the best out of this situation. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.
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    Looking forward to seeing what our new Manager/Head Administrator will bring the server, goodluck and may Erad get great once again. Yours sincerely, Mr Whale.