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  1. <insert comment about Linux being superior here to a Windows Server Specialist> But all jokes set aside welcome to Eradication - Project Purple. I also am going to ditto everybody else. Don't let the corona stop you from working out. In reality it often is the opposite. I know in America at least they allow so many people in the facility to work out at a time.
  2. Your GFX work is clean and pretty amazing. Especially love the smoky feeling in your signature. You may not see it at this time, but that logic gfx for example in a few years work like that could be very profitable in the real world. Upmost respect for you, going thru with the dedication and national moral of serving your country. I actually wish I could but unfortunately I've had a disability since a young age that disallowed myself from qualifying. Guess will just have to continue supporting how I already do. Nice to see you made an intro finally and that we got an opportunity to learn a little more about the owner.
  3. That was me 10 years ago! Best of luck in not crashing and burning as I did my friend. Hope to see you in game.
  4. It never stops to amaze me how such a little name in America such as Ikea is versus Sweden still sweeps the country when one is built in a new city. You will have people all over the state converging on the store. Why don't you jam to death metal? Or is it just too depressing at times? Many bands kind of meld into death metal overtime or will mix genres can be hard to avoid it entirely.
  5. I never quite could get into the whole first person shooter scene that well. I own multiple titles ( BF4, BO1, WWII, BF3) I've even beaten the campaigns (on easy/normal lol) but I never was super great at the whole aim fast then shoot thing. Whether it's my vision or if it's my age I will never know. Boat mechanic is a pretty cool job and something very beneficial to have on your resume as it is a very closed market.
  6. Steven R.


    I like bananas do you like bananas as well? You just defined what every guy in the world wish they could find not being stereotypical it's just the truth. What's your favorite Beatles song?
  7. Best introduction yet hahahaha hi, thanks for sharing so much.
  8. I'm going with the unmentioned option E. Getting the hell out of there! Hahah. I like the humor you seem like a chill person. What cheese do you NOT like?
  9. Welcome back to Erad! Shark fishing huh? I will uhhhh leave that one to you I think. I considered going into the whole "flipping" business for house repairs and such when I was younger but found at that particular time the market was held (and still is really) by those who already own multiple properties and can afford to give/take more.
  10. Best of luck in your law studies! I had to take a couple of paralegal style classes as part of my electives and they were...educational to say the least. At the same time I feel as if I am better for them now as well. I don't watch much television but the criminal series tends to be the more interesting ones for sure.
  11. Sounds like you have started the foundations of a career path that you actually want to do. Something not many ever will progress to. I myself knew from the start that I couldn't work for other people, I'm the sort of person who needs to help in one way or another to make sure failure doesn't occur. Thai food can be very delicious indeed! Perhaps a little spicy in some dishes but very delicious.
  12. It is good to see you are continuing your education. In this fast pace changing world and economy education can literally make or break you.
  13. Hello all, My name is Steven R, I am 41 years old, and I live in the USA. I have been an avid gamer and technology majority of my life so it's no shock to myself at least that even at my age I like the occasional game. I've played just about everything since the Atari and going up from there to your now modern electronic VR game consoles. A little about myself, I already mentioned I am 41 years old, however, I also have a lovely wife of the age of well...okay a smart man doesn't give a ladies age now do they ? Haha! Anyway, I have two lovely daughters as well who one is 17 and the other is 22. I live more specifically in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. I am the owner and operator of a small administrative firm just south of Atlanta, GA. We recently actually opened up our second office and I am in the process of getting that one fully operational. My hobbies and likes can be quite sporadic and eccentric depending on my mood, how busy I am, how late it is, and etc. Sometimes I prefer gaming, other times I prefer reading some kind of fanfiction, at other times I just want to spend time with family, and then there are other times where I quite honestly just want to be left alone with a nice cold beer (and pizza helps but not always available!). I like most genres of music, or at least I will respect and listen to just about anything anybody plays. I never really grew up listening to rap, r&b, etc, however that being said there are a few songs that actually aren't bad. Even if I can't keep up with what they are singing right? I am one of those southern boys who just grew up with country and gospel while in the little country white church. During my college years I started to listen to a lot of rock and metal music as well and while it infuriated my folks like mad crazy the one year I was still living with them blasting the stuff off the walls I've come to really like it. I recently got into electro style music and I love how it can generate different vibes so easily. I was never the one for sports unfortunately! I did two years of wrestling back in high school, blew out my knee and that was the end of that fun and adventure right there. I never could quite find the interest others have in "watching the game" but in all fairness I was always the one you would find sitting by a tree at recess reading a good murder book or something. On the virtual/cyber level of things I do many things and more specifically I play quite a bit of FiveM/GTA V Roleplaying. In the past six months I have gotten into bubble.io app creation and found I actually quite enjoy it and find it relaxing at times. Due to that interest taking off I joined a company online that designs and sells CAD systems for FiveM/GTA V roleplaying servers and I do development for them now relating to that in my free time. I also of course can't forget Runescape/Runescape Private Servers. Back in 2010 and before I played Runescape mechanically as if driven by some demonic creature to never stop. I lost interest, came back, got hacked, made a new account, recovered the old account, lost interest again, you get the general idea. So then I started to try out private servers after a friend suggested one to me as I had issues keeping interest in the main game. I liked how there seemed to be a small family community style in many of the private servers and so I started to do that as an extracurricular activity off and on for a couple of years. I only recently came back though to runescape private servers and I guess is a good stopping point to the introduction. I am a pretty chill guy who just wants to have a fun time and enjoy my free time. -Steven R.