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  1. 100% +1 , experienced boi. This time will be accepted
  2. Diego

    Iron Life

    I mentioned the two types more, iron man to make it easier for those who don't know, and it's normal because only today 3 different players came to ask me how to start
  3. Diego

    Iron Life

    Hello peoples As many know in this version of our dear server i'm playing like iron, at least so far it is my greatest desire There is a question that made me bring this post here, many from the community both as new / old players who know me and many random players who have just met me. I often encounter doubts and questions, "how is your progress", "how did you start and where did your journey begin", "where do you recommend I start or what to do", "what do you indicate I have first or what to do ". I think those were the main doubts that I came across recently, the iron style that I've tried so many times to play and gave up so early makes me feel that I can achieve everything by being independent and one of the main things that made me want to be an iron player is that whenever I play on a normal account I lose everything by betting that it is something that many have no control over and they always end up stopping to lose everything and that was really one of the issues that will not let me give up and obviously I already have a 10b xp account that I will play in the future after a long progress in my iron, I say until I stabilize myself in it. The main goal is to know if you would like me to do some guide on how to start or where to start your pvm journey in which order it would be easier to get things done, this is not only for players without ranks or iron this would be for everyone . This is something so easy for me that it can be so useful for you and new players because I had to do all this to have a good progress in an iron account and it would help you to know the easiest way to start and not the difficult paths beyond that tricks that I discovered in the meantime to facilitate my 10b xp in the iron that I am so close. Let me know what u think about it.
  4. Ls4 cost 15b after update as seen in the #development-log on discord. I think you forgot to add vesta/ lava phat, I think if you check boss drop you will get all.
  5. Diego

    Server Feedback

    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: i'm enjoying, since always loved this server, each revision i played. I love new updates and changes because i can see they have actives developers and i can trust that we will have a better server in future and they no will abandon the server angain. Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed? I already told many of things i want to see. But i will like more if developers give feedback when can about each suggestion. Say if is possible or noty in future tho, why i feel posting ideas for nothing. Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple? Obiously yes, playing like 15 hours per day , and most time i spend is on my iron. Are you satisfied with the current developers? Yes, my opnion is anon sometimes ignorant or much playfull, but i like him "because he spent all time in server and probaly are noty much patient to answer something". and i want to see sadie communicate more with community. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: would say perfect, because the server have alot of bugs and things to do ever. Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: Yes, about jad. I really see many of bosses they kill only for task or something like that. In my opinion need make all bosses usefully. I would like to want to kill all bosses knowing that the reward would be on average equal to the others, because some bosses are unseless be killing.
  6. Idk , football are just a rich guys playing football xd, and i just sleep because all humans need , but i don't sleep in free time or something
  7. Hey everyone, how most community know i'm Diego or some peoples call me " The merch" i like this tittle for real so youre free to both, i have 19 years old and my bday is 29 august if u wanna give me a gift ( i was looking for some donation on project purple like 1000-2000$ noty much). Iam from Brazil and speak portuguese and english but i'm learn on spanish. The most time i have for now i'm playing erad , because i have no job atm but i study for be a future nutricionist :) then if youre fat and play erad don't quit i will help you soon xd. The eradicationx are the game i most played in my life ( since 2013) so i played all revision and i met a lot of people , yes i can say in all that time i don't hate anyone because its just a game and i'm noty any kid. Some of my characteristics is that a lot people tell me that i am funny and playful and i love it that big humor i have. I can't explain all my life here but is some of this. I have a girlfriend named thais ( because that my normal acc is named thais), and i hate football and sleep. AND I LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY MY FRIEND KEN <3