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  1. I Have 1k kc, and never got stuck. so gg.
  2. Smirnoff Ice

    Bye byes

    Sad to see you go mate, hope to see you pop ingame from time to time to say gday, wish you all the best in life and future endeavours. stay safe
  3. ello mate, i really appreacite all the time youve put into the server and you do deserve some free time for yourself! especially juggling collage, coding and a gf. if future content is abit slow, i wont be mad at all since youve pumped out updates and fixes since release.. short into is better than no into!
  4. G'Day my names Matt, im 25 i live in the bootiful big island they call Australia, where one day its on fire, next day its flooding, yeah well it is what it is and i love it here cause thereis so much to do and its beautiful, my hobbies are camping , fishing, shark fishing, motorbike riding, also love drinking, cause what Aussie doesn't right, i mean we can party. anyways in my spare time i like gaming and watching movies and Netflix shows, my favorite movie is definitely never back down and favorite tv show is the grand tour (its a car show with Jeremy Clarkson and the other 2 off old top gear), anyways im pretty bummed the old erad shut down and had to start again, but now im just glad its getting worked on and looking forward to the future updates! so i can continue to grind, while watchin netflix and eatin meatloves pizza (my favorite) if im not watchin netflix or a movie im usually listenin to country music or some rnb. i work as a tradie building new apartment units and houses during the week, had a lot of time off last couple months tho since its slow and not much work going on. keen as to keep playing and hope to see this server get big, it has always had potentionial just not the right people to push it forward enough. see y'all ingame p.s **** you xilent