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  1. In Game Name: Nizze55 Donator rank request: Eradicator
  2. hello former eradicators o/ My name is Matias. Born in Finland and been living here for almost 21 years. I live with my gf and her 2 cats. I was working as ála carte chef but was fired due to covid-19. I'm Ex-Pubg pro, used to play in ence for 1,5 years. My Rs career started in 2009 with rs2 but didn't play that much but came back when Osrs was released and been playing that for 7 years, quit in 2020 because of burnout, I got one maxed main and ironman. completed solo chambers and got inferno done in 50 ish tries. tried solo theater but found that too hard somehow and didn't have motivation to learn. I first time touched rsps servers back 2010 on sabsabionline and yanillescape and been on that road until today xd. Played eradicationX first time in 2015 but don't remember too much of that time :D. but now i'm back with gainz and shit rng. Wish best of luck to you all on drops and gainz. best regards Nizze55