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  1. Combat Nerfed Obsidian King healing from 250 to 150 Nerfed the amount of times Obsidian King would heal himself during a fight Nerfed Eradicator boss' mage hit by 50% meaning his special attack wouldn't deal as much damage as it used to Added an extra check for the antipoison, so if you get damaged by poison whilst being immune, it is most likely just a forced damage from the boss that has been added by us specifically Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian King (non-instanced) Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Prince (non-instanced) Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Queen (non-instanced Nerfed the spawn rate of Obsidian Jad (non)instanced) Nerfed Vesta and buffed Vanguard - check #development-log on our Discord server Added a fully working Hati instance Skilling Added a random walk to the dragon impling at ;;ez to prevent people from autoclicking it Fixed and added the wilderness agility course Adjusted the wilderness agility EXP rates Replaced Rune Arrowheads with Rune Dart Tips at ;;ez (Extreme shop 2) Buffed the Golden Mining set XP bonus from 1,025x to 3x Miscellaneous Fixed the bug where prestiged people could not wear the 10B cape You can no longer access ;;bank or use the keybind to open your bank whilst being jailed Changed the Trivia answers to be more appropriate, also added a new question ("What's the maximum amount of gold the money pouch can hold?") answer is 2147483647 Fixed the strength % of turmoil question in trivia, the correct answer is 33% (though there is a known visual bug which only shows 31%) Added a Plug Dj command for us OGs who used to troll each other and sometimes actually listen to some good music, Link is (Plug.dj/projectpurple) Removed eradicated seals drop from Extreme Boss Removed all pet drops from bosses Fixed the overload animation bug Added a system where the developers can adjust items' stats without having to restart the server (this also applies to adjusting the stats on NPC's) Obsidian We have decided to change the method of obtaining elite obsidian, this will be done by combining all 3 combat respective obsidian sets together - in order to get full elite obsidian set you will need to acquire a total of 36 shards, 12 for each combat style. With this change, we have changed the drop table of Erad Jad, the obsidian melee shard will no longer drop - making Erad Jad primarily killed for Enchanting potions. Because of this we’ve increased the droprate of obsidian shards from obsidian king, prince & queen! - (Changed the drop rate from 1.3% to 1.5%) With that being said.. Anyone that has any elite obsidian pieces are to contact a Server Administrator+ to get a refund on the parts they used to make the pieces. Anyone failing to do so or hesitating to message a staff member will get it taken away without a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Special thanks to @Anonymous & @Sadie for providing us with all the changes and updates this week! Keep up the good work. On behalf of the whole staff team we would like to thank the community for providing us with constant bugs for us to fix and making the game as smooth as possible for everyone! For a detailed update log on previous changes please refer to this topic Got any suggestions? Feel free to suggest them here or on our Discord Server.
  2. Ken

    Server Feedback

    Hey everyone! As you all know the server has only just been released last week wednesday and we would really like to know your opinion on how the server has been doing so far and as we all know both the developers have been working very hard providing us with new content, bug fixes, changing certain things the community wanted changed and many more good things are awaiting all of us. Will I be given a reward for providing you my personal feedback? You will as a matter of fact but this time you'll be given the option to choose between two rewards: Reward 1: 1X Mystery Box / 5X Deathtouched Darts NOTE Please copy and paste the following template and reply to this topic in order to receive a reward. TEMPLATE How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: Are you satisfied with the current developers?: What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: RULES I'm only accepting legitimate opinions and I want you to put in a little bit of effort when leaving your opinion before I give out rewards. Troll posts will be deleted immediately and you'll be excluded from gaining a reward. Do bare in mind that the two developers have somewhat rushed this release due to the unfortunate news we all had to hear from Era closing the server and in all honesty I think they've done an amazing job so far maintaining the game and giving us daily bug fixes and providing us with content as much as they can so I'd personally like to thank @Anonymous& @Sadie for all their hard work they've put in so far and providing us the smoothest gameplay possible. Got any suggestions? Feel free to leave them here or on our Discord server.
  3. Added a new and entirely custom made discord bot named "Project-Purple-Bot" The discord bot will always be upgraded and expanded when we find more use for it we want to combine discord in the game and the game with discord but this is just the start of it. The bot will have some basic commands for all of our players but will feature some more complex commands in the future! Also we staff members can use the bot to do certain moderative actions like kicking accounts or even banning them without even being online in-game. This is very nice to have because most of us are always online on discord or have discord on our phones but we can't always login to the game and this way we can help you even when we are not in-game. Always make sure when you want to use the bot that you use the correct channel named "use the bots" otherwise the bot will not work and you need to use "~" before any commands you would like to use and here is a short list that you all have acces to. http://prntscr.com/rjaiub Changed the price of Rocktail Soup from 600 to 1000 Boss Slayer points. Changed the price of permanent Turmoil charge from 800 to 1500 Boss Slayer points. Added permanent charging Anguish ability (ranged) for 1500 Boss Slayer points. (same effect as turmoil) Added permanent charging Torment ability (magic) for 1500 Boss Slayer points. (same effect as turmoil) Regular boss (General Khazard) has been nerfed overall and its health has been reduced from 24,000 to 8,000 Changed the amount of bosses assigned on the following tasks Super donators and above now have the ability to reset slayer tasks for free. Super donators and above are now able to change their skin color. (;;blueskin, ;;greenskin & ;;resetskin to go back to normal) Super donators and above no longer take damage from Overloads. Super donators and above are now able to use ;;curseon and ;;curseoff to switch prayer books. Rune limbs now sell for 1.5M each to sell shop (smithing moneymaker) Added thread to the crafting shop so irons have an alternative way to train crafting. Overall improvements to prevent blackscreens. (They might occur still every now and then) Slayer tower now has more NPC spawns. Balanced gnome course agility and increased the XP gained for completing a lap. Obsidian Prince & Queen now have fully working combat scripts. Cyndrith's list had the previous owners their names on it and have now been adjusted. Ironmen will no longer receive bonus XP from World Vote Ironmen will no longer receive double votes the first day of the month Ironmen will receive 1.5x xp rather than 2x xp on DXP weekends. For a detailed update log on previous changes please refer to this topic Got any suggestions? Feel free to suggest them here or on our Discord Server.
  4. I'm very happy to have introduced you to the server I was certain of it that you'd enjoy it and I'm glad I wasn't wrong. Looking forward to working together with you on the same staff team and I'd like to congratulate you once more on your promotion I know you won't disappoint. :-) Best of luck with your adventures on the server! xoxo
  5. Thank you for your introduction and I'm happy to see you're still around! Looking forward to playing the server with you and I have a serious question.. How can you hate football and sleep?! I love you too my friend <3
  6. Staff Members enforce the rules, be sure to read them to make sure you won't face any problems. Interested in becoming a Staff Member? Make sure to apply here! These are our Staff Members. This is ALWAYS updated! Who do I contact?: Anything Forums Related? - General Questions? - My screen is black? - My account is Jailed or muted? - My client isn't loading? - I've been scammed! - My account is Banned? - I want to place a Report! - I'm having Donation Issues! - My Appeal was dealt with unfairly! - I want to report a bug! - I forgot my Password! - I forgot my Bank Pin! - I've been hacked! - I'm missing items! - I want to report a Staff Member! - I want to apply for Developer! - I want to apply for Forum Administrator! - As you can see, the owners are not listed as an option, and that's because you aren't supposed to contact them, so don't. If the staff you're looking for is unavailable, you may contact another one. Do refrain from contacting the highest staff member if possible. Server Support: These are the lowest ranked Staff Members we have. They are the ones who very recently got promoted and are learning how to handle their new commands to their use. Things these member's can do are; kicking, muting and jailing your accounts. As mentioned in the name, they are solely here for the purpose of being supportive and helping player's in need. All Staff Members have to start as a Server Support. Forum Moderator: These are the staff-members who make sure the Forums are clear of any spammers/bots. They also make sure the Forums look clean, by moving any thread which is not posted in the right section, updating any specific threads when they are out-dated or carrying out other jobs requested by the Forums' Administrator. With that being said, they are the first person you contact when having any issue on the Forums. Server Moderator: When the Staff Manager believes that we're in need of someone with a higher power and believe there's a person fit for it, that person will receive a promotion from Server Supporter to a Server Moderator. This is a rather big promotion in terms of commands and responsibility. Moderators receive commands such as; ban & ip-ban, which are two very powerful commands. In addition to this, moderators also take care of player appeals & reports. Staff Members will most likely have this rank for a very long time. Head Moderator: When a Moderator gets promoted, they either a) receive an Administrator position or b) receive the Head Moderator position. That decision is however made by the Staff Manager. The Head Moderator is still a Moderator, but with a few more responsibilities. The member who earns the position of the Head Moderator is the most experienced Moderator, and will be the "leader" of the Moderators. They are able to hold Staff Meetings and access to handle gamble requests such as taking and giving a dicer/senior gambler rank. There can only be one Head Moderator. Forum Administrator: This rank are for those who Administrate the Forum. The Forum Administrator updates the Forums. They spend their time making new channels and sub-forums, but spend most of their time making sure the security of the Forums is up-to-date. They also have to make sure the Forums run smooth and there are no errors on the Forums. This person is also in-charge of the Staff-Team, besides the Head Administrator ofcourse. In most cases, these members also have the same commands in-game as the Server Moderators. Server Administrator: These members manage the Server's Administration. This means they manage all the issues relevant to a player's account. This will mean recoveries, refunds, bugs and always makes sure the Moderators make justified decisions in Appeals & Reports. Administrators are the go-to people when in need of account assistance. Sounds easy, but requires a lot of experience and being able to view things from different perspectives. Also don't forget, Administrators still have the same responsibility as the lower ranked ones. Server Administrator is usually the highest rank a member will reach. Head Administrator (Server Manager): This is the highest rank a player can receive. This person manages the whole Staff Team and the Server. The Manager helps the Owner with content creation and delivers important messages as well as makes sure the Developers prioritize what the players & server needs the most. This person is in charge of the Staff Team and deals with the demotions & promotions. In addition to this, they also take care of Staff Reports and Player Suggestions. The manager is also in charge of hosting server & forum events. There can only be one Head Administrator. Owner / Developer: The Owners & Developers focus on the technical issues, such as client issues, bugs and things that refrains the player from enjoying the game-play. They also focus on the content, such as creating bosses, adding new items to make sure the players are entertained. Besides that they have to make sure the Server attracts enough players, by doing advertisements. Aside from Development, the Owners have the right to overrule any decision made by their Staff Members. The Owners are not easily contacted, because they do not want to deal with issues that they have Staff Members for. When an Owner is needed, an Administrator will contact them. The Head Administrator communicates daily with the Owners to update them with what's going on and what suggestions we should consider. The owners takes care of advertisements, voting and everything else.
  7. My client doesn't load? If your client isn't loading it's because you cannot connect to the server. This may occur for various of reasons. The server is being updated. Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server until it's been updated. The server is down. Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server until it's online. You're IP-banned. Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server with your IP Address. You're Mac-banned. Meaning you cannot login/connect with your computer. The connection time is being slow. Meaning just exit out the client and try to re-open it and it'll eventually work. If you're sure it's because none of these reasons, it might be an error on our side, and you should try to re-download the cache. How do I do this?: On your computer, go to your "Local Disk". Go to your user -> EXR file, and delete. "C:\Users\YourUserName\EXR" for all the PC nerds out there. My client/screen is freezing? If your client is freezing at the menu or in-game, make sure that you're on the display modes OpenGL or Dirext-X. How?: https://i.gyazo.com/0b9cde3809747a280c376b5bacbb2fb6.mp4 My screen is black upon login? If your screen turns black as you login, it's because of one out of two reasons. New Player: If it's the first time you load the client, it's due to the cache loading up. For the screen to become normal again you'll have to wait this out. This might take some time depending on your computer, but it'll turn normal eventually. To see the cache loading progression you can press "~" <- the button below/next to escape, to open up the developer console. As you've opened that, type in "displayfps" and it'll tell you the cache progression. If you feel like, you could try relogging every now and then as that might help with the case. Not the first time loading client: If it's not the first time you're loading the client, it's most likely because your account has been nulled. This happens when you go to un-popular or areas that Safe/software mode can't handle. This is most likely to happen to Mac users and those who wish to multi-log. Fix: Contact a staff member through discord, forums or make a new account to see if one is online. My client doesn't seem to be able to open using Java? If your client doesn't automatically open Java as you download it, make sure you've got the latest Java downloaded. You can download that here ("https://www.java.com/sv/download/"). If you're unsure if you've got the latest version of Java, you can check that here ("https://www.java.com/sv/download/installed.jsp"). I've got the latest version of Java but it still doesn't work?: If this happens to you then it's because of an error within your java. This however is luckily not an advanced problem and there's a pretty easy fix to it. To fix this problem you'll need to download a Jarfix which you can do here ("https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/index.html"). Download that and follow the instructions, and your client should be up running smoothly! Still having issues letting the cache load? If that's the case please click on the following links and follow the step sin order to get the cache to load. 1. First of all you want to head over to this website www.winrar.nl and make sure you install either one of the winrar files in the red square (left for 32Bit systems and right for 64Bit systems. 2. Download the following .exe file and run it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/686641302208774218/686642566363480082/Fix-Project-Purple.exe 3. Please be patient when its processing because it'll delete the previous cache and this could take up to 5-20 minutes depending on how fast your download speed is. NOTE: This currently only works on Windows and make sure your current client is closed before doing any of this. If you're still having issues with the client after all of this, be sure to contact a staff member or try to get help through the community via our Discord Server or Forums. Thanks and good luck!
  8. The purpose of this topic is solely for the staff to easily get to know how they're performing as a staff member. Be honest in your feedback in order for us to get as much out of it as possible. No matter if they're doing good or bad you will not be punished for constructive criticism. You'll be rewarded for your feedback, depending on how detailed you are, the more you'll be rewarded with. Okay Feedback - Rewards: 5X Deathtouched Darts In order to get this reward, your feedback must include the following: You'll have to give feedback to every staff member. You must mention how every staff member are performing according to their respective rank. Great Feedback - Rewards: 2X Mystery Boxes / 5X Deathtouched Darts In order to get this reward, your feedback must include the following: The previously mentioned guidelines still applies. We want you to put in some time and effort on what our fellow staff members could work on and we would like for you to add in what you expect from them as a staff member. Simply copy the format down below and create a new topic under the Sub-Forum "Feedback" Staff Team Feedback format Owner Banks - Developer Sadie - Anonymous - Server Manager Appealing - Server Administrator Xilent (Drexel Roosh) - Forum Administrator Mr Whale - Server Support Moz3arte - Senukas - Arcane -