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    bananas are yummo~ and we all live in a yellow submarine ^_^
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    My name is clay~ don't you dare call me it, the in game name is there for a reason I'm 19 born on 15th of June 2000 so naturally I act like a child. I'm born and raised in Australia although I've moved quite a lot, I'm at my 40th home currently I've been following eradication since its first release and I've been on almost all of the versions where people have taken it upon themselves to try and keep the community and soul of eradication alive and prosperous, with each new version a new twist and turn to this ever-growing community Hobbies include: Cooking, cleaning, gaming, supporting da bf's sport and of course awkwardly sitting on the bench at parties. Favourite TV shows? feel like this is a questionnaire on a tv show, what's the prize?? 10 death touched darts ladies and gentlemen, can todays contestant win this glorious stack of 10 darts that will instantly kill him as soon as he goes to pick them up?!? find out after this short ad break!! Favourite food... I'm the type who just goes off what I feel like, perhaps sour straps though? can I say sour straps? well I've said it twice so ill guess that's fine. I'm blasting some anime music currently, Renai Circulation but I grew up to music like the Beatles, so it varies as I like 90% of genres but its more so whether or not the song is good. Dream job aye? used to be something tech related but id settle for a cook but they're paid like dogs in Australia so id rather have money to pay bills tanks I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I'm dead in 20 years but no one knows where their life is going or will end up, if they did there wouldn't be all this pain and suffering in life, its just not that simple p.s. probably took this too seriously? but bleh idk