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  1. In-Game Name: X How old are you? 29 Timezone: GMT+1 What position are you applying for? Support Which languages do you speak? German, English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I'd like to be a part of the staff team to support the growth of the server, helping out new players and try to keep them to get the player base up. Also i'd like to help sort out bugs/nulled mechanics. Do you have any past staff experience? I've been Higher Council in #Chaotic Pure clan for a long time on real Runescape for a long time. Also I've been working as Teamleader and Barchef irl in 2 hotels for the past 4 years now. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Dedication, respect, loyality, energy Additional Information:
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    Hey guys, im X and i joined this server to have some semi-custom pre-eoc vibes and get the ironman gains. Might aswell race Z to the first 10b xp Ironman, but time will tell. Cheers