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  1. I always appreciate stuff like this. Further enforces my opinion that you guys care for the community and the server. I had a few questions myself. 1. Eradication has always had a problem with an over saturated eco and very little has ever been done about it in the long run. How do you plan on combatting that? 2. The servers a straight shot it lacks the variety it once had. What I mean by that is the servers to easy to navigate there’s no mini games no true option of gear. It’s starter> GWD > Eradicator > seasinger/DL > Obsidian. A lack in variety. What’s your plan to give the server a sense of spark? 3. Eradication has always had trouble with a PKING community a lot more now then it used to be. With lack of content for Player Killing and the removal of pvp shops then with the added rule of no staking at all (one of the biggest reasons to PK) pking has been butchered and thrown out. What are your plans for this side of a rsps? Do you plan on making EradicationX pk friendly? 4. Useless drops/dupe drops seem to be pretty notorious on multiple bosses from Drygores being on 4 bosses to tokhaar being on 2 bosses. Not to mention all the “rare drops” with no benefit other then cosmetic EX. Pact breaker swords, firebrand bow, brutal swords. What plans do you have in place to update these bosses to give them a sense of worth to kill? 5. in game events I know that world boss is currently bugged and doesn’t spawn on its own. But seeing some more in game events would be nice dagith drops invasion tokens and isn’t to worth to kill. Do you have plans on adding new events that the community could do together whether it being group boss, wildy boss where pk potential takes place, or even a boss that requires you to ha e certain level in skills to fight EX. A boss that you fish to kill, mine etc requiring lvl 85/90/110 etc 6. Hairymonkey he drops quite good rings but the annihilation, decimation and its mage counterpart obliteration (not dropped by hairy). All these weapons should be on the same par but truly the annihilation and decimation have very minimal use and everyone and there mothers despise getting Annih/decimation drop there bank spot holders and truly nothing more. Would it be possible to make these end game items more useful? Or add obliteration to hairy drop table? Thank you for listening I look forward to your responses.
  2. This is actually so cool lmao appreciate the Nomination. Best of luck gents (:
  3. aye brotha definitely appreciate the kind words!
  4. Sarge been a pleasure playing with you thus far, never heard of Finland? All the RSPS you played must’ve lived under rocks lmao. But welcome to you big bro may you enjoy the grind with the rest of us!
  5. Welcome back brotha! Best of wishes to you
  6. Although you are a good lad, i havnt really seen you do much in game or been around but 2weeks i definitely could see you as a staff in the near future. Just more active and helpful! best of wishes to you brotha.
  7. In-Game Name: Shadow How old are you? 22 Timezone: US-Eastern What position are you applying for? Server Support/Server Moderator Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I've loved EradicationX since the very beginning its been one of my favorite servers of all time, ive wanted nothing but success in this server. I didn't originally want to be part of the staff team but i've gained some support from players in game and got an email verifying ill be working from home so ill have time to play now! Do you have any past staff experience? I do, I was Server Moderator for "DominationX" a 667 RSPS with peak player count of 115 quite an experience and was fun all the way through the shutdown of the server. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Server Support- The frontline in all player problems, as a server support it would be my job to help out all players first n foremost. Handling all issues thats within my power and keeping peace inside the server I.E: Making sure all rules are abided by, keeping players happy, punishing those who do not follow the rules and escalating problems outside of my power to the Higher Staff Server Moderator- These are the admin henchmen i like to say, Moderators not only handle all issues that server support handle but handle with more complicated problems not just with the player base but its fellow staff team. Additional Information: I love you all P.S- still gonna hackerman anon >:)
  8. as always banks nothing but love big bro appreciate the support you give to the server!
  9. So far so good and i appreciate the love<3
  10. Whats up everyone, IGN is Shadow my irl name is Raphael. Im about to be 23 im married with 3 kids (fckin insane ikr?). Im an avid gamer i play rsps, LoL, Rust, COD and more I played Erad when it was the old owners and absolutely loved it and ever since rejoining its been nothing but a great experience, i hope to see the server rise to the top like its glory days! I'm always willing to help if you guys need it but when it comes to PVP i hold no mercy >:) Hope to see you all in game! best of luck on the grind everyone!