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  1. Thanks for replying Appealing. I have given some thought to the questions asked to hopefully provide you with decent feedback. A1) The infernal capes consist of 3 capes belonging to each combat style. Do remember that a cape isn't as worthy of a grind as compared to an obby set from its bosses. I understand that the cape is considered end game tier and thus has been factored into my thought process. I, a player who would slave any boss day and night for it's drops provided its worth it, would be happy to spend at least 15-20 hours per cape on average. It'd be more than acceptable if the capes aren't tradable provided that no dupes are obtained. A2) Unfortunately not. Would rather not do the same content for over 100 hours. A3) The RS3 armours are considered dps armours. Meaning they should have better attack stats but lower defensive stats. They would be placed above elite obby at the cost of much lower defensive stats for players to not be able to afk bosses which is the case almost everywhere now. However given that we have custom weaponary in game such as elites, it makes this difficult to decide for the RS3 weapons. This decision would be solely be for the admin team
  2. Only use 1 mode of raids to drop infernal capes. Nobody wants to do the same content for hundreds of hours. Move the elites to another boss. Whilst i'm at it, make rs3 drops a thing asap tyty. Oh and fix range ty ty.
  3. Cheers for this post, I have a few questions to add as well. - The ability to donate for rare items ($250 donation) allows there to be multiple rares in game very quickly. This allows someone with a juicy bank account to essentially win their way through the game by paying for it. A noname cape could be sold for really good gear and cash. This process can be repeated multiple times through transactions. It's ironic to hear that you want to keep the server as less pay to win as possible, but having this option makes it contradictory. What do you plan on doing about this issue? - Where do you see the server in 1 year from now?