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  1. Straight to position my man! I got a few words to say about my experience within the time i have spent on this server (1 day) ridicilous ikr, but within these like 9hrs as soon as i logged in shadows have had my back on all things i need to know. Starter tips and tricks, knowing the answer of every question i had (kinda scary tbh) and most of all super nice guy. I have yet not seen any trouble on the server but im sure shadow is more than capable of taking care of things if stuff goes sideways. I dunno if this is the right place to post but I gave it a shot - Much love, Sarge
  2. So yeah little about me, IGN Sarge. Real name Jonas, I'm 22 years old from Finland. Most of peeps i have met in rsps category and other games aswell have never even heard about Finland so thats kinda funny at times. As the name suggests, I work at Finnish defence forces. No kids (yet) but lovely girlfriend that maybe soon I will marry. Starter playing Erad when it was originally launched waay back, and heard it was relauched and super hyped about it. Have been playing only 1 day and everyone is super nice so thats good to see. Hope to see yall ingame and lets grind the living Jesus out of obbyking - Much love