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  1. Right? Nah jk good luck everyone!
  2. Just moved to Virginia Beach from Rhode Island actually, liked the coast but not the New England winters
  3. Today we will be exploring the wonderful world of operating systems, beginning with our beloved Windows XP. Windows XP is a lovely operating system, 25 years old with a wife, cat, and pupper. Living on the East Coast in the US, Windows Xp enjoys the sun and sand almost as much as playing video games and writing various articles for money. You'll find this operating system is very straight forward at times but typically experiences errors resulting in unexpected behaviors. Stay safe and enjoy your time with the wonderful world of Windows Xp.
  4. What category belongs your suggestion(s) to? QoL/Skilling/PvMing Tell us about your suggestion: Definitely nothing game breaking or top of the list, just user experience feedback more than anything. Fix or remove the overload/renewal timers. Add a chatbox message when bolts proc, can be hard to see with the larger bosses. Reduce skilling spam or add the messages (example: magic logs) to the filtered list so it can be toggled. Allow client settings to be saved. Set "Click through chatbox" off by default, sometimes clicking on the green button in dialogue options will progress it but still click through. Add "Buy X" option and have it remember the last amount you used for X Bank interface changed to add toggle buttons to withdraw "1, 10, 50, X". Bank placeholders. Remember combat style (Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive) as well as spell option when equipping a staff. Shorten some commands such as ::eradicatorboss to ::eradboss or ::boxinggloves to ::boxer Update commands list in game to reflect all available options. Example: ::elitetask is not on the list but an extremely useful one to know. ::boxinggloves is also on there twice. How will this benefit the server? Streamlining processes is the easiest way to make a new user feel like they are on a well made server. It's a way to hide any spaghetti code and make players feel they are investing their time and money wisely.
  5. Slayz was my referral onto the server and has been a huge help to me since! I know I've pm'd him way too much with ridiculously specific questions. He seems to get along well with the player base and staff alike. I will say his application sounds the best too, well thought out and shows an understanding of what he's applying for. Good luck!!
  6. I absolutely love this server and a lot of that is thanks to destr0 answering my dumbass questions when I first joined! I always like to see old staff members come back, so long as they didn't leave their old position on bad terms. It means you know the game, you know the community, and the higher ups trusted you once already. He carries himself well and gets along with everyone I've seen so far.
  7. Shadow is definitely fun to play with and knowledgeable about the server, I can tell he gets along with most. I would say some more professionalism would be nice to see but it's also a private server and up to the big wigs on what level they want to present themselves at. Support could be a stepping stone role to see what you can do though!