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  1. Hello cuties I'm Dain and I am from the land of Belgium (Sweden but less ikea's) and I have played almost every version of Erad with Erad reborn being my most succesfull rework so far. After my beloved 'Ken' stepped out as an Ironman, I was the best Ironman in the game until they shut it down. I had enjoyed every minute of it until real life kicked in and I had to stop. So... I'm back! I'm looking forward to play on this server and grind my way back to glory (good luck to all my ironman brothers in advance). PS. I was known for my funny streams and video's of guides/gameplay. I haven't deleted my footage (streams are hidden), it's still on my channel. Some info might still be useful for this version and some might be outdated, suit for yourself https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIH8ONgtKnsbbCvPlqy6sQ Peace & love baby