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  1. A Deputy Sheriff! So far I've loved it. I worked for a small village as a police officer but wanted a bigger area to patrol. I always liked Black Desert but I grew away from it because it felt like you always had to have your computer/game running as well as spending money for the monthly buffs. The PvP part could feel rewarding at times but you could also get stomped and kicked out of your spot, which grew to be annoying. Maybe I'll see you on Ashes or Crimson Desert sometime!
  2. Hello everyone, I go by Ghostly but feel free to call me Aaron if you wish, either is fine with me. You may or may not have seen/heard me around the server but I figured I would come to make a proper introduction for the heck of it. So, I've been playing RSPS' for quite some time now, with decent-sized breaks in-between. I do really enjoy playing MMORPGs and MMOs, as I never really got into Call of Duty-style games unless my buddies and I were playing together. I just recently took a break from World Of Warcraft and currently am waiting for Crimson Desert or Ashes of Creation to be released. I've been playing Runescape since I was 7 or 8, and I'm 23 now so I guess you could say I'm a dedicated fan and I still will stop by and play RS3 every now and then. I went to college for Computer Programming and Computer Engineering so I have a decent grasp on coding and whatnot but decided to go a different route in life. I really enjoy lifting weights and running or biking to keep up with my health. I currently am in Law Enforcement and have been for 3 years now. If you hate me or dislike me after reading that then trust me, in society today I totally understand it, and you're 100% able to have your own opinion. Because of this, I am unable to play as often as I used to, (and would like to!) but that's what retirement is for. When it comes to RSPS, I have a wide array of experience having been a part of staff on numerous servers, as well as co-owning 2. Recently however I've decided to take sort of a back seat and just enjoy the server as a new player should! You probably have not heard me talk too much in the server and that's mostly because I have something else pulled up on my other screen or am afk. That being said, if you ever would like to chat then please feel free to @/pm me, or message me on Discord as I am always happy to chat with others. Personally, nothing has brought me more enjoyment with RSPS than watching servers grow and blossom into massive successes which I guess you could say is why I am here on this server! I did not play during this server's original launch, but from what I have seen and been told it was incredibly fun, and from what I can tell here on this launch of it, many friendships were made. I also can say that after spending some time on the server I can say that literally everyone I've ran into has been very helpful with not only myself, but other/new players as well. But that's about it! Thanks for reading.