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    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: i have enjoyed them quite abit i like the new 3 obby system with the new bosses ( more grinding can be annoying but also fun) Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: cooking gloves and a interface where we can se drops + droprates on all npcs Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: ofc lovely people everywhere love the server aswell Are you satisfied with the current developers?: yes i do i think they take ime to listen to our problems and ty to fix them asap so i approve What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: as i said i think they are friendly and good at their job posting alot of fixes/updates  Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: not yet
  2. What's your name?: irl Simon ingame: the one and only Destr0 How old are you?: im 23 years old Where are you from?: sweden ( ikea land ) How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: i have played all previous versions of erad-x so ofc id play this one What are your hobbies?: being with friends and play games Favorite TV shows?: probably supernatural or grimm What's your favourite food?: pizza What type of music are you into?: power metal mostly but i like everything except death metal What's your dream job?: probably a game tester Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: probably with a family living the familiy life