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  1. Hey welcome to project purple buddy, i've been playing rs3 aswell from 2010-2014 i was comped aswell. but at some point it wasn't fun anymore since i had everything. that was the point for me i joined eradicationX (old version of project purple) And I can't say anything else then, Amazing memories have been made ever since. I hope you find the same enjoyment as i do brother welcome to the family and see you ingame Sleutel Master of the Grind
  2. Good to see you back on the job Hades when did that happen? XD jkjk ly now time to grind brother and get all of us veterans back to hm trio Sleutel
  3. Sleutel

    Server Feedback

    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: I think all the updates and changes are good (besides the removal of rune bars). you guys think about this real carefull and don't make any 1 minute desicions. keep it up! Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: I would love to see future bosses expand/added. Also some small things i love are things like cooking gloves etc. just the smaller things to make life a little easier (but not to OP). But yeah bosses is the thing i'm really interested in. (wouldn't mind to think/brainstorm with you guys about this aswel) Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: I'm gonna be honnest here..... I FKING LOVE IT! i love how you guys have been able to keep the old erad feeling and still make some major changes to make it long lasting. Are you satisfied with the current developers?: We have developers? nah jk jk, I have a huge respect for all developers out there. they are doing things most of us can only dream about being able to pull off. #itsnoteasy What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: Developing is a hard thing to do. and for the people who actually read the dev logs, you can see a shit ton of work already is done. but sometimes the smallest change can be the hardest thing. To all the developers, I love the things you do and please continue like this and we can pull it off to make project purple the best/fun/kind game/player base Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: The only change i found very hard in the beginning was that chaotics etc has to be bought with invasion tokens. and let's be honest those are hard to gather in the begining. so for the upcomming new players i would like to see this changed. (easier obtainable chaotics) Much love from the one and only, SLEUTEL ps. write an amazing feedback and darts will reward you (maybe) https://gyazo.com/ece5eb35d5c5d1944dd6b734df05d3fe
  4. oof grandpa in 20 years, now i have quite a time pressure XD also for all the staff members (since i saw the multi-log check command), i am lucky and i both play on the same ip. yes he is my dad, note that please so we don't get in trouble with this later tyvm. also nerf his obby shards drop pls, so i reach end game faster
  5. What's your name?: Dennis How old are you?: 24 Where are you from?: Netherlands How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: new? what is that, i've been around erad since 2014. I love how project purple maintained the erad playstyle, but with much bigger upgrades. this will be a server where the end game is a long way to grind. What are your hobbies?: With the few hours free i love to go out, and also play some games a few hours. Favorite TV shows?: Fck the tv shows XD that's xp waste What's your favourite food?: pizza and bacon! What type of music are you into?: all kind of music, from 70's 80's to hardcore/style What's your dream job?: being sadie's housewife XD Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: As sadie's housewife
  6. wow 24 years old and you pretty much know everything you wanna do in life. i'm 24 and i'm not even sure what i'm gonna have for dinner XD also i love the name! cya in game soon Sleutel
  7. Damn, good luck on your studies. we already spend a little time ingame together, and i believe we get along real good. but we all get along as we have the best and chill player base! see you ingame buddy. Sleutel
  8. Did someone say bacon? no? ow wrong topic then XD nice to meet you azmen your a chill guy as i noticed by now. also you can talk with me about almost everything.... but NOT CHEESE! Sleutel
  9. Sleutel


    love to see the sence of humor in your intro i don't know you as for now, but we will change that aswell i guess. see you ingame Sleutel
  10. Glad to see all of us die-hard erad players stayed around, it gives the server a stable player base. now let's grind more, and let us meet at hm trio soon! Sleutel
  11. best intro ever! here have a cookie *gives cookie*
  12. Welcome on board Office. that you are a chill guy is nothing new to me, it's a dutch thing for us to be chill XD. hope to see you achieve your goals aswel in project purple as in real life. Sleutel
  13. Great intro love to see that you found some time again to be online. can't wait to make fun of sadie together again (like the good old times). keep doing what you're doing much love