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  1. Alright so we can definitely add to this list, but my first thoughts are: There is no way those nex prices can be implemented, only because if I recall correctly, DTDing nex quickly results in drop after drop, like VERY common drops, so at those prices, at the VERY least, nex would have to be made immune to DTD but even then…idk. Although, I would LOVE an incentive for people to kill nex, currently absolutely no one in their right mind does. So, hold on. I’m not quite following. You’ve reduced the prices of bandos and armadyl main prices down to 75m (possibly acceptable) but you haven’t… increased the prices of the other drops. Arma boots, gloves and buckler are already 10m… same with bandos. This doesn’t make any sense unless you’re going to increase the former to 25-35m, you’ve just suggested cutting the prices of the main pieces by like 70% while not increasing any of the other prices, boots gloves ect are ALREADY only 10m. Necrolord pieces being 15m is a little scant, the drops aren’t rare but it’s not like you’re getting 10 pieces a task, and it still takes time. Id wager 20-25m a piece. Sure, obby will be able to make money easier, that will simply be a FACT about raising prices of bosses drops, but guess what, obby is OP and is the servers gimmick, and most of the people with obby are already fucking loaded — people with obby getting a boost to profits from pvm is not going to change anything for them, it is not going to help them get elite obby faster, nor is it going to change the prices of the most sought after items ingame like elite upgrade kits, so as far as I can see, anyone replying with “well this will just be insane money an hr/across the board with obby” is irrelevant. For most people, obby is off limits for a significant amount of time. Plus, I MIGHT have issues if obby was still how it used to be, being that it was one set with three helms, but since that is remedied, these price changes are not going to allow anyone to make 1t cash and buy all obbies easily. Hell, even if it did, there aren’t and never will be enough shards ingame for that to even be worth doing, might as well just get the shards yourself by natural pvm. The natural corollary to this post is something I expect everyone already agrees with, not only increasing the price of some rare items, but let’s face it… adding incentive to a few bosses. QBD for example, NEEDS to have SOMETHING worth killing as a drop for. Idk if it’s intentional, but ask anyone without obby gets anally tickled by QBD currently, and it is not fast to kill. I have tried multiple times to kill qbd in my current fairly decent mid range gear, and repeatedly been stacked out through prayer for 1200 damage. As Killer Kc can attest, who I had the pleasure of watching him have an aneurism the other day trying for over an hour to get a single KC, QBD either needs to be noticeably nerfed (which I don’t recommend) or have a decent average kill drop or add a very nice rare drop, maybe very rare chance at scarlet spirit shield or something since there’s virtually none ingame, or something like that. The same applies to avatar of destruction, wtf? I admit i’ve skipped tasks so far, but If i recall, he doesn’t have a single drop worth SHIT. Completely vomit worthy to even think of doing the task, if my memory serves me. Seasinger prices I agree, but you’ll never even get more than one piece so it barely matters lol that drop rate is bunk. Subjugation pieces I agree, I guess. Uh, the gloves- Swifts and goliaths, should be at least 200m a peice, they are currently 50, uh, no. I’ve received two swifts in 850kc, they are among the rarest drops. Definitely should be worth more than main body pieces, and half as much as hilts, since hilts are dramatically more common, and not by a little. Sadly, i’m afraid that the possible result of this suggestion may be that AGS sell price may need to be reduced down to possibly 400m or so, but in exchange for swifts being raised and arma boots/gloves/buckler being raised to 25-50 and body legs and helm being 75-100, id take the trade off. Similar story with bandos. I’m not sure what the sell prices of the glacor boots are, I don’t have any since I’ve had no reason to kill them, but they might need a little buff too, especially given how rarely they are killed. Let’s get this dialogue going, tell me what you think!