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    Bye byes

    For those who's been playing with me for a while knows that similar posts like this one have been posted by me before. Yet, sadly this will be the last time you'll see it happen . I believe most of us could see this coming anytime soon, and here it it . I'm not going to write a novel, I could definitely keep on writing for an hour without stopping once, but I won't bore you out with all of the good and bad memories I have with you vets. I decided to step down due to my school and my work doesn't leave me a lot of free time. I have to live my life too. I hate that most of you didn't get to see or get to know me all that well, due to my poor activity. It saddens me, really, since that's how I'll be remembered by many people, just an Ex-Owner. Those who knows me, knows that I wouldn't be making this post unless I'm being serious. This server has always been an escape of the reality, entertainment and a place to meet & talk to friends, if you know you know . Those who are/were close to knows that I've been through some traumatic events, which keeps falling back into my lap in periods, which also has an effect on me, but I'll not be talking about that. I'm not here to come up with a bunch of excuses of being inactive, I believe the new and updated staff team will do just fine to run this server, and I'm sad that I won't be there to assist all the way to see the server reach and destroy its goals. I'm certain that you can do it, you're a great staff team ~ May the force be with you, for a last time ~
  2. Recent staff updates: Mr Whale has been promoted to Forum Moderator. Appealing has been promoted to Forum Moderator (Secondary staff rank).
  3. About Dicing Dicing is one of the current methods of gambling. The way it works is that you will have to find a Dicer. They'll have to be willing to host you, they are not under any circumstances compelled to host you. NOTE: You will need atleast 5b experience to use the ;;dice command. How do I know if someone is a Dicer? If someone claims to be a dicer, make sure to look for their donator icon. If the player is a staff member, the dicer icon will not be prioritized over the crown. The icon you'll want to look after is: How would I proceed if I were scammed during a game of dice? Simply report this matter to any staff member and they will look into the case accordingly. If you would like the case to be resolved faster, please provide proof as soon as possible, E.g., Screenshots, Videos. Rules If you do not follow these rules you will risk getting a strike as a host. If you get a total of three strikes your dicer rank will permanently be revoked. Black Jack General Information Blackjack is probably the most commonly hosted dice game out there. It goes by the concept of getting the highest number in the end of the 2 parties, without running above 100, can also be referred to as "busting". How does it work? When you've agreed on a payback that both parties think is fair. It'll be the better's turn to roll, you will want to add your rolls. (If the dicer has rolled the dice more than once for you.) E.g.; [Dicer]: The Host rolled 13 on the percentile dice. You'll have the option to either "Hit" or "Stay" (Can also be referred to as H/S). If you say "Stay", it'll be the hosts turn to roll, if he beats your 13 without running above 100, he'll win. However, if he roll a number under 13 he'll have to roll again and add those numbers up to beat your 13. However, lets assume that you said "Hit". You will now have another roll to get a better number. [Dicer]: The Host rolled 45 on the percentile dice. Now your new number is 58 (13+45). You can hit as many times as you'd like as long as you don't go above 100 (This will cause you to automatically lose). Lets hit again. [Dicer]: The Host rolled 41 on the percentile dice. Your new number is now 99 (13+45+41). This is when you say "Stay". Now it's the hosts turn to beat your number. It works exactly the same as it did for you. The only difference is that he won't have to option to stay on a number as that will make the host automatically lose. The host either has to bust (Go above 100) or beat your number. On equal numbers; 78 vs 78, the host will have to BEAT your number, which means he'll have to roll again. 55x2 General Information 55x2 is the second most common hosted game of EradicationX history. Probably due to the simplicity behind it. If you wish do to E.G 60x2, feel free to do so but the same rules still applies. How does it work? This is quite straight forward, after agreeing on paybacks, the host will roll once, if the roll is above 55, the better wins. If it is Anything below 55, the host wins. If you hit 55, it's a win for the Host. Dice Duel General Information This basically goes by the same concept as BlackJack but it's still quite different. To play this dice game, two different dicers are required to duel each other. If you want to set any more specific rules, make sure to point them out before you start the duel. You'll also have to agree on the pot before you start the game. How does it work? Before anyone roll the dice, you'll make up the rules. You'll decide who leads (who's going to roll first), how many rounds E.g. FT3 (First to 3) or Bo3 (Best of 3). After doing so, the leading host will roll the dice, the other host will roll shortly after. It will look like this. [Dicer]: Papi rolled 87 on the percentile dice. [Dicer]: Sadie rolled 86 on the percentile dice. As you can see, Papi got the highest number of this round, which will give him a point (1-0). This will keep going until you're done. If you roll the same number, it will either be a re-roll/a point for both, this will depend on what rules you decide to play by before you start the duel. You may have heard someone say "FT3 no RR" before, that basically means "First to 3, no re-roll when rolling the same number". This may cause confusion, and thereby involving a staff member might be necessary. Therefore, we've decided to make re-roll when hitting the same number the rule that'll apply unless anything else is mentioned before the duel starts. If you find the dice rolls in chat annoying, you can toggle them ON/OFF by simply using the command ";;Hidedice" ingame. EradicationX - Staff Team
  4. Yeah, I guess everyone defines fat differently.
  5. Very pleasant introduction to read, welcome to project purple. Tattoo artist? That's interesting, I'm actually wanting to get me a tattoo at some point but finding out which one can be quite difficult. Welcome back to EradicationX nonetheless, hopefully you'll be just as satisfied playing this one as the original version.
  6. Donator Perks *Note: All of these ranks will grant you the ability to ;;yell & ;;bank, the higher donator ranks have all of the perks of the tiers below them* Regular Donator Extreme Donator Super Donator Eradicator Hero ~ May the force be with you ~
  7. Yeah, doing some military service is mandatory here in Sweden as long as you qualify for it. Shure, why not Here's some GFX work that I've done, I've mostly been doing signatures so here's some of them. I'm not all that great but I get the work done and I enjoy it lmao I also made these group images we use on forums
  8. To those who didn't realize already, I'm the owner of EradicationX - Project Purple. Figured I'd create an introduction to make my name, and myself a bit more familiar within the community. What's my story? Uhh well, my name is Max and I'm 18 years old. I've been around on every revision of EradicationX, not only that, I've been a staff member on every single revision to ever exist of erad. First time getting promoted to Sever Support was back in 2016, I believe, yeah I was very young. I've had my ups and downs but I was always loyal to this server. For those who are interested, I've been known for quite a few different names; Ccbry, Max, Papi, Logic. With other words, if you've been playing EradicationX for a longer period, you'll probably have heard of me at some point, I hope lol. I'm currently studying to become some kind of engineer in a couple of years, not sure what I'd want to do if I'm being completely honest. After graduating I MIGHT be spending a few months in doing military services, nothing is certain yet. In my free time, I usually spend time on my computer, can be everything from GFX work to leaking nudes of Sadie. I usually work out at the gym every day, at least I try to do so. I'm usually quite busy when I'm on my daily schedule, but now thanks to corona my school has shut down for a couple of weeks so I'll be able to spend more time on EradicationX. If you're sitting on a playlist filled up with lit hiphop/rap songs, let me know. If you keep me updated with new music that I like, you'll be my favorite player of EradicationX, no doubt. I'm usually not very interactive when I'm ingame as I'm usually doing something on the side, such as forums work etc, but I hope to get to know the active and loyal players we have. With that said, don't be afraid to hit me up if you see me online, I don't bite
  9. Are you're letting corona prevent you from working out
  10. Recent staff updates: Disease has been promoted to Server Support. Donald Duck has been promoted to Server Support. Appealing has been promoted to Server Support.