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  1. Hahaha New ”Jork”? Foken americans Welcome Xp, always fun to see new players being active and sticking around.
  2. Welcome to erad. Hope you'll be having a blast playing like everybody else. I don't even want to know how you find this relevant to the topic LOL
  3. Am I the only one who read this with a finnish accent from when you mentioned where you are from. Welcome to erad yet again brother.
  4. You can make any weapon have the same DPS as another by making the stats weight up for the attack speed. The decimation bow can still have the same special attack and be better as a regular use of the weapon. Sure, e.g, when doing the dummy the special attack will be used for the ascension but what's the harm in that
  5. I've also thought about this but never to the point where I bothered to make a suggestion about it. Why not simply adjust the stats of the 2-handed bow to be better than ascension. Keep the arrows as they are. Only works with decimation bow. Could also implement a special effect when the arrows are used with the bow making it as good as it can be, simply a damage boost or a unique feature for bows n arrows such as lifesteal/heal? But it would still work with simple arrows from shops, without the special effect. The benefit the server and community would have by implementing a lifesteal to the bow would be that you could have the stats somewhat similar (if not a little bit lower) to the dual ascension bows and it'd still be in higher demand due to the ability. I mean, technically a 2-handed bow should be more accurate and stronger than crossbows but slower, right? As of now and how it has been, the actual item has been useful but not the bow, not to mention the arrows. Why not give it a shot?
  6. Tbh, valid point IF they aren’t building onto this with further benefits, maybe add additional drop rate for every color of the cape. There are many ways to make prestiging worth the time. Although you wouldnt want to force players into prestiging multiple times in order to receive the best in slot items. Pvmers usually don’t enjoy repeating the same skills over and over again. You could only have this content for the skillers by implementing a cosmetic shop for players willing to prestige. Or perhaps new good ways of making money by skilling from reaching specific levels of prestiging.
  7. Marshall


    This feedback is written out of MY perspective and how I interpreted your performance and actions. Owner/Developer Sadie: Known you for quite a while now, we've both played servers together as regular players and we've managed a server together. You've always been very dedicated and always known how you'd like your server to be. You're a clever dude, you always know how to deal with different situations that may occur to either the community or sudden changes within the staff team, such as an unexpected resignation for example, and they've always come out as good desicions in the end. What you're trying to achieve with the server sure isn't shortterm, you base the content and changes of content for longevity which is rare to see in an rsps owner. I'm not sure if you're still going to university or if that's a finished chapter in your life, back when you were at uni you were still an OWNER. There's a huge different between an Owner and an "Owner", and I'm pretty sure it's been clear for everybody in this feedback which one you are. You are preeetty slow in replying to DM's though. Anonymous: Most dedicated developer I've ever met. You spend so many hours developing this server despite the fact that you also have tons of side projects going on, unless things changed for you since the last time we spoke. You always want to improve the way that the server is and the way it works. When you get your head into something you always want to improve it and strive towards success. I mean come on that's way more than you could ever expect from a developer working basically FREE for the server. Just imagine if you could make a living developing for this server 24/7, what a dream aye. I'm certain you two owners & developers got what it takes for you to get there, no doubt. Server Manager Appealing: Haven't really heard that much from you since before I left. What I first thought of you when I accepted your staff application was that you would make a FINE supporter and I sure wasn't disappointed. You climbed up the ladder of ranks pretty fast but you were capable or dealing with the power and "requirements" that came along. Nowadays I don't see a lot of life coming from your end, make yourself known, talk to the community and make announcements, login every now and then? I'm not sure if you're active and assisting behind the scenes but don't let the other take credit for your work. Let the community know that you exist and are there to manage. I don't know if there's any underlaying issues that occured or if you're lacking motivation, perhaps you could give the community a lil heads up? Sorry if I've missed something in my inactvitity, lol. Banks: Ironic name due to you braging about your bank balance. Fr though, You're doing an amazing job with being a manager. The events you host are well structured and popular within the commnuity. You know what's expected from you and you deliver, doubt anyone's disappointed with your performance. More than I could expect from any other American *cough*. You're active and you interact with the community, you're responsible for most of the announcements and contact between staff team and community. This makes you the face of the server, prettyboy. You're doing a great job. Server Administrator Xilent (Drexel Roosh): The well known administrator, how long have you been admin for? Someone counting? You were quite slow to reach server administrator, probably cause you're American. You've always been active on your timezone. Don't think I've ever heard another American calling you inactive. All the years we've been staff together I was always able to rely on that you were gonna be there and cover up while the european staff members were offline. What I'd want from you is to possibly take a bit more responsability in the managing work and show everyone that you're actually capable of running president in the next election. Nah but for real I'd like to see you as the next server manager after appealing & banks, no doubt, you've deserved to have the spotlight, you just need to be that little extra, initiative and responsability & brains which might be an impossible challange. You're a great administrator, you know how to deal with situations as an administrator should. Forum Administrator Mr Whale: Forums was always something I could spend hours upon hours on. I actually designed most of this theme we're using today. Since you took over as the forum administrator I've only seen a recolor of the theme. You could go ahead and try make some nice additions to the forum, of you're choice. Also I'd like to see some kind of event or something to get some more activity on forums, there's plenty of things you could be doing such as hosting small giveaways every now and then, might even be scheduled every weekend, which would make players hop on forums and enter the giveaway, with the managers thumbs up it's go time. This is your website, and you're partly responsible for keeping it active along with the players of the server. Especially important now due to the server's growth. P.S: Xxxwhalexxx, pro of afking Server Support Moz3arte: Havent really seen much from you, might be the timezonoes? However when I see you, you're what I would expect from a server supporter, nothing too much and not too less. You're helpful and you spread good energy. You seem like a good dude. I'm unfortunately unable to give you much more feedback than that. -------------- Idk what happened with the change of font mid through the feedback, ignore it lol.
  8. Aye another swed, welcome to erad.
  9. When it comes to project purple I’ve always considered you to be an active and dedicated player. You for sure know more than most players of project purple and ways to make progress efficiently. Due to my lack of activity in this version of eradicationx you are one of the players I can see myself asking questions to in order to catch up on the new (for me) content and changes. To summerize, you definitely don’t lack the knowledge, dedication or activity to be a supporter of the server. Considering what it takes to be a fine supporter, I wouldn’t doubt for a second you’d do just fine. Good luck on the application.
  10. +1 You're a real OG and you should know the server all too well by this point, if not I'd be disappointed. I believe you would make a good server support if you'd just do your best. After all, you've made 523 staff applications and I hope that this will be your last one Remember to stay active, friendy, be supportive and the position will come your way eventually. I believe you'd make a decent server support. Prove to the managers that sweden rules.
  11. Marshall

    Bye byes

    For those who's been playing with me for a while knows that similar posts like this one have been posted by me before. Yet, sadly this will be the last time you'll see it happen . I believe most of us could see this coming anytime soon, and here it it . I'm not going to write a novel, I could definitely keep on writing for an hour without stopping once, but I won't bore you out with all of the good and bad memories I have with you vets. I decided to step down due to my school and my work doesn't leave me a lot of free time. I have to live my life too. I hate that most of you didn't get to see or get to know me all that well, due to my poor activity. It saddens me, really, since that's how I'll be remembered by many people, just an Ex-Owner. Those who knows me, knows that I wouldn't be making this post unless I'm being serious. This server has always been an escape of the reality, entertainment and a place to meet & talk to friends, if you know you know . Those who are/were close to knows that I've been through some traumatic events, which keeps falling back into my lap in periods, which also has an effect on me, but I'll not be talking about that. I'm not here to come up with a bunch of excuses of being inactive, I believe the new and updated staff team will do just fine to run this server, and I'm sad that I won't be there to assist all the way to see the server reach and destroy its goals. I'm certain that you can do it, you're a great staff team ~ May the force be with you, for a last time ~
  12. About Dicing Dicing is one of the current methods of gambling. The way it works is that you will have to find a Dicer. They'll have to be willing to host you, they are not under any circumstances compelled to host you. NOTE: You will need atleast 5b experience to use the ;;dice command. How do I know if someone is a Dicer? If someone claims to be a dicer, make sure to look for their donator icon. If the player is a staff member, the dicer icon will not be prioritized over the crown. The icon you'll want to look after is: How would I proceed if I were scammed during a game of dice? Simply report this matter to any staff member and they will look into the case accordingly. If you would like the case to be resolved faster, please provide proof as soon as possible, E.g., Screenshots, Videos. Rules If you do not follow these rules you will risk getting a strike as a host. If you get a total of three strikes your dicer rank will permanently be revoked. Black Jack General Information Blackjack is probably the most commonly hosted dice game out there. It goes by the concept of getting the highest number in the end of the 2 parties, without running above 100, can also be referred to as "busting". How does it work? When you've agreed on a payback that both parties think is fair. It'll be the better's turn to roll, you will want to add your rolls. (If the dicer has rolled the dice more than once for you.) E.g.; [Dicer]: The Host rolled 13 on the percentile dice. You'll have the option to either "Hit" or "Stay" (Can also be referred to as H/S). If you say "Stay", it'll be the hosts turn to roll, if he beats your 13 without running above 100, he'll win. However, if he roll a number under 13 he'll have to roll again and add those numbers up to beat your 13. However, lets assume that you said "Hit". You will now have another roll to get a better number. [Dicer]: The Host rolled 45 on the percentile dice. Now your new number is 58 (13+45). You can hit as many times as you'd like as long as you don't go above 100 (This will cause you to automatically lose). Lets hit again. [Dicer]: The Host rolled 41 on the percentile dice. Your new number is now 99 (13+45+41). This is when you say "Stay". Now it's the hosts turn to beat your number. It works exactly the same as it did for you. The only difference is that he won't have to option to stay on a number as that will make the host automatically lose. The host either has to bust (Go above 100) or beat your number. On equal numbers; 78 vs 78, the host will have to BEAT your number, which means he'll have to roll again. 55x2 General Information 55x2 is the second most common hosted game of EradicationX history. Probably due to the simplicity behind it. If you wish do to E.G 60x2, feel free to do so but the same rules still applies. How does it work? This is quite straight forward, after agreeing on paybacks, the host will roll once, if the roll is above 55, the better wins. If it is Anything below 55, the host wins. If you hit 55, it's a win for the Host. Dice Duel General Information This basically goes by the same concept as BlackJack but it's still quite different. To play this dice game, two different dicers are required to duel each other. If you want to set any more specific rules, make sure to point them out before you start the duel. You'll also have to agree on the pot before you start the game. How does it work? Before anyone roll the dice, you'll make up the rules. You'll decide who leads (who's going to roll first), how many rounds E.g. FT3 (First to 3) or Bo3 (Best of 3). After doing so, the leading host will roll the dice, the other host will roll shortly after. It will look like this. [Dicer]: Papi rolled 87 on the percentile dice. [Dicer]: Sadie rolled 86 on the percentile dice. As you can see, Papi got the highest number of this round, which will give him a point (1-0). This will keep going until you're done. If you roll the same number, it will either be a re-roll/a point for both, this will depend on what rules you decide to play by before you start the duel. You may have heard someone say "FT3 no RR" before, that basically means "First to 3, no re-roll when rolling the same number". This may cause confusion, and thereby involving a staff member might be necessary. Therefore, we've decided to make re-roll when hitting the same number the rule that'll apply unless anything else is mentioned before the duel starts. If you find the dice rolls in chat annoying, you can toggle them ON/OFF by simply using the command ";;Hidedice" ingame. EradicationX - Staff Team
  13. Yeah, I guess everyone defines fat differently.