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    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: I have nothing but positive feedback when it comes from the recent updates, I have to give a massive thank you for the boss weakness changes in particular as it has really switched up what was a majority melee slug fest. Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Nothing major to be honest, As many above me have said cooking gloves would be a very welcome addition. Possibly adding a noted version of some skilling items in the shops. Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed the time in Project-Purple as much, If not more! than the original EradicationX. Are you satisfied with the current developers?: Absolutely, From what I've seen so far I'm more than happy to commit my time and love into this server knowing that they are doing the same. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: The speed of updates and interactions with the community / playerbase have been nothing but positive. There is not much more I can ask for. Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: I have not even scratched the surface of all the new content in Project-Purple, but from what I have experienced so far there is no change or addition that has not been a pleasure to play! Note: Feedback threads like this are a great idea and I would love the see them every once and a while after enough updates have passed. Thank you for giving us the chance to share our ideas and concerns.
  2. Thanks a bunch! I look forward to playing the server just as much, If not more! So it's looking pretty good. Thank you so much for the kind words! I can see the amount of work that has gone into Project-Purple and I could not appreciate it more! I loved EradicationX and this server has gone above and beyond to improve and yet somehow maintain the original experience. Music brings us all together I too have been looking to learning digital painting, It is incredible how many ways there are to express yourself with art and I would love to learn them all! You don't need a fancy camera to capture something beautiful, It's all about perspective. It's a dream I have had for a while now but it's something I'm still not sure about. One day I'm sure I will decide but until then I look forward to seeing what pops up and takes my interest, Still a long road ahead so I'm sure I will find something! I really do appreciate such kind words, From what I have seen so far I am in great company in Project-Purple! I look forward to every second of the 10b grind! With such awesome positive people around me how could I not. ps. From your favorite t.v shows I can tell I'm going to like you Supernatural / The 100 / Game of Thrones / Stranger Things / Peaky Blinders are all shows I have binged more than once! I have yet to see Umbrella Academy but I will have to put that on the list! Thank you! I enjoyed writing it! Committing to a design is one of the hardest things you will do, It's never an easy decision but in the end it's always worth waiting for something you love. I can happily say it has more than exceeded my expectations, You guys have really outdone yourself's with this server and the work really does show. I could not appreciate it enough!
  3. Hiya! I feel like most of us have met before but just incase here's is a little Intro. What's your name?: Jake / Positivity (Was Smiffy / Mollymauk) How old are you?: 22 Where are you from?: Australia How did you find out about Project Purple and if you're new, how are you liking it?: Been playing this source for a long while now, Loved every minute of it! (Other than 400m mining, that was aids) What are your hobbies?: Drawing / Music / Photography / Painting Favorite TV shows?: That's 70s Show / The IT Crowd / Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What's your favourite food?: Pie, No Questions. What type of music are you into?: Jazz / Bluegrass / Rap What's your dream job?: Tattoo Artist Where do you see yourself in 20 years?: Absolutely no idea.. IS THAT BAD? AM I SCREWED? Much love to everyone still committing to this glorious source.