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  1. Welcome to the server mate! see you out there!
  2. I think the lack of interaction with raids is what can make it pretty boring, as its just afk in most parts. I think if there were some more mechanics in the combat that we needed to say switch prayers or move to certain spots would make it more tolerable to do!
  3. Thanks for introducing yourself on here noob! Lord Merkis...... I think Pinkdaddy is more kinkier >.>
  4. Welcome!!! great to finally see some introductionssss! with everything going on with covid and what not, I think literally 99% of the gaming community has turned into alcoholics lmao! See you out there!
  5. Only reason @Banks dislikes them is because he does cheeky shit! dont stress about that noob! Welcome to the server mate! What a great effort in your introduction that tells everyone about yourself. Its always interesting to see the completely different people that are playing the server! it shows what a wide variety of a community we have! Huge respects to you working in the law enforcement and putting up with cheeky dawgs like @Banks!! See you out there mate! enjoy the server and have fun
  6. Will be good to see clans running around creating banter together! Good luck with the clan Might have to start doing some Clan v Clan events if this takes off!!
  7. Welcome homie! have fun and see you out there!!
  8. Good to see this nerd running around on the server! Hopefully you're more successful than below! X.D
  9. welcome! looking forward to meeting you in-game! Enjoy what Project Purple has to offer! If you need any help feel free to pm me in-game or on discord!
  10. you're going on this every month because of how much of a snookums you are
  11. What category belongs your suggestion(s) to? skilling/pvm/afk Tell us about your suggestion: - A zone for afk people to be, with a command that makes staff able to send them there. reducing the amount of accounts bank standing at home etc. this area could even just be chill as i notice a few people already afk there! something like ;;sendtoafk Pvm Arcane. - A way to create eradicator potions, a potential item to be added to the prestige store, or boss slayer store like the Rocktail soup ability! to make the eradicator potion, you could have it need a certain about of bones to mix with an overload or some other concoction to make these potions! How will this benefit the server? opens up more options for prestige
  12. In-Game Name: Pvm Arcane How old are you? 23 Timezone: AEST What position are you applying for? Support Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I love the server. I want the server to thrive and grow and I’d love to be apart of that, with this and new projects that the team have! I often help players and enjoy doing so. Do you have any past staff experience? None that are of significance Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Someone who is active within the community and someone that gets involved with everyone! A great passion for the server to grow and be successful. Extensive knowledge on the server. Great people skills, knowing when/how to be empathetic with different situations. Be able to solve problems and conflicts. Additional Information: