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  1. Hello Eradicators, We're aware that some of you are having questions regarding the server, whether it's about the current state or its future. In order to let you guys have more of an insight of what's being worked on, what our plans are and what we're doing to achieve them, we're now going to be doing a Questions and Answers, where you ask and we answer. Have any questions you'd like to be directed towards a specific Owner/Staff Member? Then be sure to ask that too! Be sure to leave any questions and/or feedback in the comments and we'll be sure to include it in our QnA video. (best question will receive a juicy reward The video will be released and announced on the official EradicationX - Project Purple YouTube Channel. Looking forward to see the questions, see you in the video!
  2. Your suggestion has been accepted.
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    My feedback: When it comes to my actual performance as the "Owner" as you like to call it, I'd say I'm doing a decent job. My main focus at the moment is marketting the server and trying to maintain the consistent playerbase that we have, alongside with the development, managing (server, staff, community) and my practise within coding on the side (although this is mostly Jarno's territorum or as I would say 'jurisdiction'). I try my best to balance it all out with my personal life as well, this being school and sometimes work when I do happen to do that, stressful at times, yes, but with the right dedication it's do-able One way or another, it's important not to burn yourself out, which is what both me and @Anonymous have a bad habit of doing, although it doesn't happen frequently. Regardless though, you know me, I'll never admit to or even think that I'm doing more than just a decent job at what I'm doing, as the perfectionist I am, I do notice all the wrongs and flaws in pretty much everything I do. And even if there's nothing that turns bad from the decisions I make, my brain automatically makes up scenarios in my head in which makes me believe that there was in fact something wrong that I did, which in its turn makes me think and argue with my brain for a little until I convince myself that I could've executed that certain action way better than what I did. Bad habit? Definitely, and it's something I'm personally working on improving in myself. Others: I do realize the other Staff Members can speak for themselves, I just want to go ahead and inform you to be up to date (because I know you've been inactive) that currently Appealing is the "Assistant Manager" to help Banks improve and manage the server, as he's pretty new to his position with no past experiences. I can't speak for her when it comes to why she doesn't involve herself with the community much, but I'd say it's pretty much the same reason Jarno doesn't, their main focus is somewhere else - leaving the community for the people that actually have responsibility for it. Speaking about the Managers, the talk about promoting Xilent to become one, I feel like we've done for ages, but always concluded with the same answer, this being his activity as he says himself. We've made sure that he's aware that we're not ignoring him or anything along those lines, he's always been an option, we've all just agreed several times that he don't have the time. When it comes to the Forum, I don't have much experience with it, though I know Whale is working on some updates and have even implemented some plugins and differences that I can notice (but i'm not sure if these are visible for admins only or not). Though I agree with making the forums more active, I do believe that comes more towards us in the management as we need to make Discord less "valuable" in order to make them use the forum. Glad to see you back on the Discord, Forum and Server! Hopefully you'll stay in touch with us, although I know you're not going to be as active as before, it's nice knowing you're still around. And we all still appreciate the GFX works you've done Thanks for the feedback, Marshy! Highly appreciated!
  4. We'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. welcome brbrbr brazil4life kkkkk
  6. Recent Staff Updates: Moz3arte has been promoted to Server Support.
  7. First of all, I'd like to apologize for my absence from the server, it's been a very long time since I have interacted and been actively taken care of the server, and I sincirely want to apologize for that. Something happened to someone in my family last month which quite frankly hurt me and put me at one of the deepest lows I've been at in my entire life. While I have been gone I've been slowly watching on Discord how the server has been dying and players are losing their motivation to play due to different reasons. And as I was watching it but not doing anything about it, I do feel really guilty and responsible for the server being at the state it currently is, so again I would just from the bottom of my heart like to apologize for my inactivity and absence and for lacking the will-power to carry on with improving the server. Aside from that, our Lead Developer @Anonymous has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime to go work for a different big server, which will make him able to pursue the dream he's always been wanting, so although he's leaving we really do wish you the best and hope you deliver well with your new developing tasks! He'll still be around and here to help me out with development when it's needed, so don't worry, the server will still receive updates. Alongside with that our current Co-Owner, @Ken will be stepping down from the in-game responsibilities regarding his rank due to numerous reasons he has chosen not to disclose, and will now simply only be working behind the scences together with me and the Administrators to work on the future updates. Replacing Ken however, we've promoted one of our staff to Head Administrator in order to have someone manage the server. We'd like to applaud @Appealing to her new position as the Head Administrator / Manager of the Server, and we're sure she'll do us proud. Again I'd like to apologize for the current state of the server, and I'm going to do everything I can in order to get it back up on its feet! You'll all be updated on what's going to happen in terms of future updates and what are plans are coming ahead. Don't forget to vote and thanks for supporting the server!
  8. Welcome, Justin. I hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  9. EradicationX - Project Purple Development Update Log (04/25/2020 - 05/13/2020) Just a quick little update on what we've been working on the couple of days! Boss Teleport Interface: Added a new custom boss teleport interface, which can be accessed through the boss teleports. Weaknesses, combat level, health, difficulty and your killcount will be shown here, as well as the drops and teleport option. Added a sorting function to the boss teleport interface By clicking the hand/coin option next to the possible drops and rewards you'll change the filter the drops are displayed! Raids: Added a system in the raids which saves your progress if you log out or disconnect during a wave. When you get back online you can start where you left off. Added a new function to the custom interface on raids which displays the maximum health of the raids. This way you can always see how far you've gotten in the raid. Finished almost all Raids NPC Combat Scripts. Finished Rewards handler for raids. Misc: Fixed the Forum Admin login message not displaying properly. Buffed the Completionist Amulet healing from 1/5 to 1/4. Added a special attack option to the Tzhaar Whip 7 (only the 7) - This attack will hit twice. - This attack will apply a 200 poison damage to the target. - 50% charge.
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  11. This guide is still under construction *These prices are based partially off dice values that have been consistent and $->GP* (Feel free to comment if you want Items added, or have suggestions for changes) ~Credits to @Azmendias for some prices~ NOTICE Green = Early Game Blue = Mid Game Purple = Late Game Red = End Game Within the spoilers these colors are represented by the items tier. Weapons Melee Weapons: Ranged Weapons: Magic Weapons: Equipment Melee Armour: Ranged Armour: Magic Armour: Miscellaneous: Game Items: Skilling Supplies: Amulets & Rings: Donation Store: Rares:
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    It's sad it had to come to this, was hoping that you'd continue the journey of reaching EradicationX's true potential with me, but life goes on and what can we do about it? I know it's not easy to deal with everything and I can definitely understand that it gets harder due to the traumatizing incident you experienced which was not even that long ago, and I hope you're able to get over that eventually. It's sad to see you go and we had a really good time playing and moderating/developing together and I wish you the best of luck with your life, stay in touch!