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  1. Owner/Developer - Sadie - - Anonymous - Server Manager - Appealing - Server Administrator - Xilent - Forum Administrator - Mr Whale - Server Moderator - Banks - Forum Moderator - Server Support - Staff members enforce EradicationX's Official Rules. Staff Members will under no circumstances ever ask for your password, if they do, contact the Server Manager. Promotion Log Demotion/Resignation Log
  2. Recent Staff Updates: Moz3arte has been promoted to Server Support.
  3. Recent Staff Updates: Mr Whale has been promoted from Forum Moderator to Forum Administrator.
  4. First of all, I'd like to apologize for my absence from the server, it's been a very long time since I have interacted and been actively taken care of the server, and I sincirely want to apologize for that. Something happened to someone in my family last month which quite frankly hurt me and put me at one of the deepest lows I've been at in my entire life. While I have been gone I've been slowly watching on Discord how the server has been dying and players are losing their motivation to play due to different reasons. And as I was watching it but not doing anything about it, I do feel really guilty and responsible for the server being at the state it currently is, so again I would just from the bottom of my heart like to apologize for my inactivity and absence and for lacking the will-power to carry on with improving the server. Aside from that, our Lead Developer @Anonymous has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime to go work for a different big server, which will make him able to pursue the dream he's always been wanting, so although he's leaving we really do wish you the best and hope you deliver well with your new developing tasks! He'll still be around and here to help me out with development when it's needed, so don't worry, the server will still receive updates. Alongside with that our current Co-Owner, @Ken will be stepping down from the in-game responsibilities regarding his rank due to numerous reasons he has chosen not to disclose, and will now simply only be working behind the scences together with me and the Administrators to work on the future updates. Replacing Ken however, we've promoted one of our staff to Head Administrator in order to have someone manage the server. We'd like to applaud @Appealing to her new position as the Head Administrator / Manager of the Server, and we're sure she'll do us proud. Again I'd like to apologize for the current state of the server, and I'm going to do everything I can in order to get it back up on its feet! You'll all be updated on what's going to happen in terms of future updates and what are plans are coming ahead. Don't forget to vote and thanks for supporting the server!
  5. Recent Staff Updates: Ken has resigned from Co-Owner. Anonymous has resigned from Developer. Destroyous has resigned from Forum Administrator. Appealing has been promoted from Head Moderator to Server Manager.
  6. Welcome, Justin. I hope you'll enjoy your stay!
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  8. EradicationX - Project Purple Development Update Log (04/25/2020 - 05/13/2020) Just a quick little update on what we've been working on the couple of days! Boss Teleport Interface: Added a new custom boss teleport interface, which can be accessed through the boss teleports. Weaknesses, combat level, health, difficulty and your killcount will be shown here, as well as the drops and teleport option. Added a sorting function to the boss teleport interface By clicking the hand/coin option next to the possible drops and rewards you'll change the filter the drops are displayed! Raids: Added a system in the raids which saves your progress if you log out or disconnect during a wave. When you get back online you can start where you left off. Added a new function to the custom interface on raids which displays the maximum health of the raids. This way you can always see how far you've gotten in the raid. Finished almost all Raids NPC Combat Scripts. Finished Rewards handler for raids. Misc: Fixed the Forum Admin login message not displaying properly. Buffed the Completionist Amulet healing from 1/5 to 1/4. Added a special attack option to the Tzhaar Whip 7 (only the 7) - This attack will hit twice. - This attack will apply a 200 poison damage to the target. - 50% charge.
  9. This guide is still under construction *These prices are based partially off dice values that have been consistent and $->GP* (Feel free to comment if you want Items added, or have suggestions for changes) ~Credits to @Azmendias for some prices~ NOTICE Green = Beginner Blue = Mediocre Purple = Late Game Red = End Game Within the spoilers these colors are represented by the items tier. Weapons Melee Weapons: Ranged Weapons: Magic Weapons: Equipment Melee Armour: Ranged Armour: Magic Armour: Miscellaneous: Game Items: Skilling Supplies: Amulets & Rings: Donation Store: Rares:
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    It's sad it had to come to this, was hoping that you'd continue the journey of reaching EradicationX's true potential with me, but life goes on and what can we do about it? I know it's not easy to deal with everything and I can definitely understand that it gets harder due to the traumatizing incident you experienced which was not even that long ago, and I hope you're able to get over that eventually. It's sad to see you go and we had a really good time playing and moderating/developing together and I wish you the best of luck with your life, stay in touch!
  11. 1v1 diego in an english exam
  12. Hello, Eradicators. My name's Adam, born and lived in Norway for 9 years before moving and growing up in Sweden. I love to play, develop, host games and most certainly argue & writing long boring threads. On the side I study Law and the two other games I sometimes play are Fortnite and RuneScape 3. Now that you've gotten to know me, what about you?
  13. You'll have to cook me a lot of bacon baby
  14. The current rates are as following (USD): RS3: $0.15/M OSRS: $0.85/M The MINIMUM donations we're taking are: OSRS: 9M = $7.65 RS3: 50M = $7.65 Regular Donator Rank: 50M RS3 -- 9M OSRS Extreme Donator Rank: 100M RS3 -- 18M OSRS Super Donator Rank: 200M RS3 -- 36M OSRS Eradicator Rank: 600M RS3 -- 108M OSRS How do I proceed if I wish to donate RSGP? Message Ken, Sadie or Anonymous if you're wanting to donate RSGP and we'll get back to you the second we're available. Please note: Trading RSGP with anyone other than the people mentioned will result in your account getting banned.
  15. What has changed?: Implemented a balancing of combat styles (weakness system): As most of you know melee always was the superior combat style, regardless of what boss you were going to do 90% of the time you would bring melee to that fight. Today is the day where i am glad we can anounce an entirely new system called Weaknesses. Due to this system we can give certain bosses specific weaknesses, for example we can give Bandos a weakness to Melee. This means that if you attack him with Melee that nothing special happends, but as soon as you attack him with Ranged or Magic instead then your hits will only deal 50% damage to him. So to put this in perspective, if i would normally hit 1000 on bandos with ranged, but now his weakness is Melee and i attack him with Ranged instead i would only deal 500 damage now. We have given every boss in the game a weakness and in the future we can do a lot more cool stuff with this! We could add certain weaknes to a boss and have that weakness change as the boss changes! To give you all an idea of how to fight each boss now i made a list for you : Maximum gradum - None Eradicator - Ranged Fear - Magic STQ - Melee Necrolord - Melee Nomad - Melee Hati - Magic Wildywurm - Ranged QBD - Ranged Bandos - Melee Zammy - Magic Armadyl - Ranged Saradomin - Melee Seasinger - Melee Deathlotus - Magic Blink - Ranged Corporeal Beast - Ranged Sadie - Magic Marshall - Melee Anonymous - Ranged Hardmode Sadie - Magic Hardmode Marshall - Melee Hardmode Anonymous - Ranged Hairymonkey - Melee Obsidian Prince - Melee Obsidian Queen - Ranged Obsidian King - Magic Erad Jad - Melee Sunfreet - Magic Extreme Boss - Melee Regular Boss - Melee Yes you all read that list correct, we also added weaknesses to the Hardmode Trio Bosses to make them even more challenging. You now have to bring all combat styles in your team to kill Hardmode Trio, this stops melee from becomming the go-to combat style and balances things out a little more! Implemented new obsidian armours: We all remember the good old days where Obsidian Armour meant having one set with three helmets, but the good old days are over. We are happy to announce that we made three Obsidian Armour Sets, one for each combat style. Purple Obsidian for melee, Red Obsidian for mage and last but not least Golden Obsidian for ranged. These three sets will still have the 1.2* damage amplifier we all remember from the good old days, but now we will just have three Obsidian Armour sets each designed for its own combat style. The Sets will be obtained the same way as we remember from the old days but our twist is that we now have two new bosses for the two new sets. Obsidian King will now drop Obsidian Shard (melee), you will now how ever need to mage the Obsidian King in order to have the most efficient kills. The Obsidian Shard (melee) can be enchanted with an enchanting potion which then gives you the ability to buy the Purple Obsidian Armour pieces in the new Shop located at ;;shops and at ;;eradzone (for eradicator donators). Obsidian Prince will now drop Obsidian Shard (Ranged), you will need to melee the Obsidian Prince in order to have the most efficient kills. The Obsidian Shard (ranged) can be enchanted with an enchanting potion which then gives you the ability to buy the Golden Obsidian Armour pieces in the new Shop located at ;;shops and at ;;eradzone (for eradicator donators). Obsidian Queen will now drop Obsidian Shard (magic), you will need to range the Obsidian Queen in order to have the most efficient kills. The Obsidian Shard (magic) can be enchanted with an enchanting potion which then gives you the ability to buy the Red Obsidian Armour pieces in the new Shop located at ;;shops and at ;;eradzone (for eradicator donators). Implemented a fully working Prestige System: By talking to the prestige master located at home near-by the banks, you're capable of prestiging once you've achieved a total of 10B XP. Each prestige grants a prestige point which later can be used in the prestige shop. In this shop there's cosmetics like new 10B colours and more that will soon be added. Prestiging also grants you new titles with names relevant to it. This was added as content for skillers or those who simply would like to keep the grind going although they've already achieved 10B. Do keep in mind you can still wear your 10B cape after you've prestiged. Implemented "Elite Slayer": In the old days progress always seemed to be locked behind certain donator ranks, and the only way to progress was to either donate or hope someone would sell you the items you required. But fear no longer, our new elite slayer master comes to the rescue. This new slayer master will assign you donator bosses as an elite slayer task. To kill these bosses you will gain free instances by the use of the new ;;eliteslayer command. If you at one point forgot your task or would like to check how many kills are remaining on your task you can use the new command ;;kcelitetask . The following donator bosses are unlocked by default : Super Dragons, minimal amount 100 , maximal amount 200 Brutal Dragons, minimal amount 100, maximal amount 200 Regular Donator Boss, minimal 50, maximal 125 Extreme Donator Boss, minimal 50, maximal 125 Sunfreet, the Super Donator Boss, minimal 50, maximal 125 You can also unlock even more donator bosses for the new currency Eradicated Seals, you can unlock the following bosses Hairymonkey, minimal 50, maximal 125, costs 100.000 Eradicated Seals Eradicator Jad, minimal 50, maximal 125, costs 100.000 Eradicated Seals Obsidian King, minimal 50, maximal 125, costs 100.000 Eradicated Seals Obsidian Queen, minimal 50, maximal 125, costs 100.000 Eradicated Seals Obsidian Prince, minimal 50, maximal 125, costs 100.000 Eradicated Seals If you think the given amount of kills for your task are not enough we also made sure you can triple your tasks, but be careful once you have a task you are unable change it and must finish it. As reward of your elite slayer task you gain Boss Slayer points! Eradicated Seals: Every one remembers the little useless currency we called Eradicated Seals, but now we gave them a massive rework! Eradicated Seals are a new untradeable currency and you can currently only get Eradicated seals by selling certain items to the new Eradicated Seals Sell Shop located at ;;shops . The list of items can always be extended or adjusted, we are planning to have an exchange rate of 1 bill market value for 1.000 Eradicated Seals. Here is a list of what items you can sell and their value: Tzhaar whip 7 - 20K Eradicated seals obsidian shard (melee)- 20K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian gloves - 20K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian boots - 20K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian melee helmet - 20K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian kiteshield - 40K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian platelegs - 80K Eradicated seals Purple Obsidian platebody - 100K Eradicated seals Obsidian shard (ranged) - 20K Eradicated seals Golden Obsidian Gloves - 20k Eradicated seals Golden Obsidian Boots - 20k Eradicated seals Golden Obsidian Helmtet - 20k Eradicated seals Golden Obsidian Platelegs- 80k Eradicated seals Golden Obsidian Platebody - 100K Eradicated seals Obsidian shard (magic) -20K Eradicated seals Red Obsidian Gloves - 20k Eradicated seals Red Obsidian Boots - 20k Eradicated seals Red Obsidian Helmtet - 20k Eradicated seals Red Obsidian Platelegs- 80k Eradicated seals Red Obsidian Platebody - 100K Eradicated seals Eradicated Seals will bring some unique content along with them, for now it is only unlocking new Elite Slayer NPC'S but do not worry there will be a lot more content with Eradicated Seals soon! Misc, no special order: Added a weakness system in hope to balance all the combat styles. Recoded the command files in order to make the execution of the command additions smooth. Made the Executive commands Owner only commands. Reworked the Dicer Commands. Reworked all of the Donator & Staff commands and their files in order to make it easier to keep track of (meaning less bugs). Reworked the staff title system. Changed the RSA keys of the client so that the login credentials are more safe. Changed the client & server token so nothing else can connect to the server (cheat clients etc). Made the maximum skill level go up to 120 rather than 99. Added a fully working prestige system with an NPC to open up the shops, access titles and to prestige. Made it so that staff commands get logged in different files in order to make it easier to overview their usage. Added Elite Slayer Added unlockable bosses to the Elite Slayer tasks, so that you do not need a donator rank to access end-game content. Removed Eradicated Seals from all NPC drops Changed the currency of the Eradicated Seals shop NPC to invasion tokens Added a shop where you can sell items in return for Eradicated Seals. Added an Elite Slayer command which teleports you to the task you have. Added an Elite Slayer command which tells you how many foes you have left to kill. Brought back the Obsidian Shard to the Obsidian Jad boss but lowered the drop rate to 1.1% rather than 1.2%. Added unlocking all of the Elite Slayer unlockable bosses to the amulet of completionist requirements Re-named various of NPC's to match the new content. Found new models for new tiers of amulets. Removed the option to change color on the 10B capes Different color versions of the 10B capes are obtainable through the prestige shop Removed trading eradicated seals from the trading screen Made eradicated seals un-tradeable Added 3 new amulets into the game Reworked almost all of the amoury existing in-game. Removed prayer bonuses on almost all of the armour Added prayer bonuses onto almost all of the amulets and rings in order to give it a bigger use Removed various of noted skilling items in shops into normal un-noted items Added noted skilling supplies to bosses, in order to try give them some value Fixed the crafting of Black Dragon Leather Disabled Ironmen from accesing the regular vote shop Nerfed the HM Trio defence Fixed the map nulls on all client modes Ironmen will no longer receive bonus XP from World Vote Ironmen will no longer receive double votes the first day of the month Ironmen will receive 1.5x xp rather than 2x xp on DXP weekends. Added a command to activate worldvote Added a command to de-activate worldvote Added completing 50 elite slayer tasks to the amulet of completionist requirements Made a new improved client without any map nulls. Added shops where regular players can purchase the obsidian armoury Added a way to re-pack items without having to restart Added a way to re-pack NPC bonuses without having to restart Added a vote shop specifically for ironmen (still need ideas for what to put in here) Implemented the method for people to automatically join the friendschat "help".. Nerfed various of bosess' health in order to make them more balanced compared to what they drop Added Hati Added a combat script to Hati Changed the amount of SP each boss gives per kill Added a command for Head Executives which completes all of the comp ammy reqs Added an animation for blood barrage Removed erad seals from trivia shop Changed the name of the 10b capes to represent their colours to avoid confusion Added a fully working donation system Added obsidian king (melee), Obsidian Queen (magic) and Obsidian Prince (ranged) Added these to be unlocked from Elite Slayer or by having an Eradicator rank Made prestige shop use prestige points rather than coins Added instances for the new bosses, Hati, Queen and Prince Re-named the Sadie set to Red Obsidian Re-named the obsidian set to Purple Obsidian Changed the Trivia answers as much as we could Added 2 new shards (ranged) and (magic) Added 2 new enchanted versions of the shards mentioned above Added a spell power scroll which gives 100SP Changed the amount of SP received every 30 minutes from 1 to 50. Added red and golden obsidian to ;;checkobby Added killcounter, kill message and announcements for the Hati, Prince and Queen boss Re-named the trio bosses to match the new management Re-named all of the items to match the new names Re-named the announcements and killcounter to match the new names Added a new slayer interface that's functional Nerfed the slayer xp you receive from killing crawling hands Buffed the slayer xp you receive from super and brutal dragons Changed the minimum and maximum received brutals/supers task kills from 200-500 to 100-200. Fixed the Trio NPC Examine to show the new names Removed bone beads drop from hill giants Removed cannon furnace drop from marshall Updated revs drop-table Added a potion timer interface, and also coded it properly so it functions well Fixed the interface not showing when relogging or having an aura active Added the functionality of fletching Broad arrows and bolts Made broad arrows and bolts cost 2m each Removed the spawn of the dragon impling at puro puro Made it so that the dragon impling no longer de-spawns and added it to the extreme donator zone Removed the make-dye option from the ironman vote shop Added the right combat interface for abyssal vine whip Added more abyssal demons spawns Made it so that using a preset no longer removes your aura Reduced the cost of the golden mining suit from 4k a piece to 500. Added a curseon/curseoff command for super donators and above Adjusted the stats of all capes to be linear to the game's progression Changed the name of the trio keys Changed the name of the trio bones Fixed the QBD chest interface Fixed the unban command Added a command for staff to check for multiloggers (useful during events). Fixed the QBD chest interface null. Selling broad arrows now sell for 2M each to sell shop and 4M each for broad bolts. Fixed an issue with the unban command. Fixed Max cape stats. Changed price of rocktail soup from 600 to 1000 boss slayer points. Changed price of perm. Turmoil ability from 800 to 1500 boss slayer points. Added the Anguish ability (ranged) for 1500 boss slayer points. Added the Torment ability (melee) for 1500 boss slayer points. Nerfed the health on Regular boss (General Khazard) from 24K to 8K and nerfed its overall defence. Changed the amount of bosses assigned on the following tasks Super donators and above now have the ability to reset slayer tasks for free. Rune limbs now sell for 1.5M each. Bowstrings are now obtainable from Sea Troll Queen. Increased overall performance and balanced Agility courses. Added blueskin, greenskin & resetskin for Super Donators and higher. Obsidian Prince and Queen now have fully working combat scripts.
  16. Staff Members hold the right to punish any player/user they deem disruptive, these rules are only put into place as guidelines and the punishments may not be according to the rules, they could be lesser or greater. If you have any questions about the rules decreed here, please message a staff member for assistance. Rule #1: Third-party Software/Macros Usage of Third-party software in order to obtain an unfair advantage will get you punished. For example; using an auto-clicker to AFK skill. You are however allowed to auto-click whilst actively watching your screen (being able to answer a staff member). [First offence will result in a jail] Rule #2: Advertising Advertising will immediately get you IP-banned, no matter if it's on the Discord, Forums or the Server. Advertising is strictly forbidden and will never be taken lightly. [Instant IP-ban] Rule #3: Wilderness Following things are NOT tolerated in the wilderness: Boosting your KD with another account, person. When risking in the wilderness both parties will have to agree on the rules and stakes before starting the fight (proof needed if anyone was scammed). [Punishment varies] Rule #4: Mutes We're constantly striving after having a as friendly community as we can possibly have, in order to do so, everyone would have to follow the terms below: Staff disrespecting will not be tolerated, staff members are here to help. They will be treated with respect. Flaming, whether it's towards a staff or a regular player is not tolerated. Listen to a staff member when being told to do something (within limits of course). Advertising will cause you to immediately get banned. Racism is not tolerated. There should only be one language spoken in the friends chat. That's English, we want the environment to be as good as it can be for all players. If you want to talk in another language please feel free to open a clan chat or simply use your private chat. Constant Toxic Behavior is not tolerated. If a staff member deems your behavior as inappropriate/toxic they have the right to place an appropriate punishment. [Punishments - 24h+ mute to IP-mute] Rule #5: Dicing Before starting dicing both parties will have to agree on the rules as well as the paybacks no matter what game you are playing. Refusing to pay back can result with your dicer rank being withdrawn. Each and every dicer will have 3 marks (chances) before their dicer rank gets withdrawn, based on the circumstance it may get taken the very first time. [Punishment varies] Rule #6: Abuse of bugs/duping/exploits Abuse of any glitches/bugs/exploits on the server is not tolerated, and each member will be banned or IP-Banned from the community per the administration's discretion. We will and shall not tolerate flaws being abused to make someone richer, or promote themselves in-game or on the forums. If you have found a bug by mistake be sure to report it immediately to a staff member to avoid getting caught up in the mess. [Punishments: Account ban to IP-ban] Rule #7: Scamming If you are caught scamming, you must reverse your trade. If you choose not to do it yourself, an administrator will log into your account and do it for you. If you choose the gamble an item that's not yours, you will get severely punished. NOTE; Lending items to another player is at your own risk! Staff may choose to not interfere! [First offense - 24 Hour Jail - IP-ban] Rule #8: Real World Trading Purchasing, Selling, or Trading (RWT) - Purchasing/selling goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Zolak items, etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken. We don't have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. We will not be held responsible of the scam, or hacking, simply because it doesn't concern us. [Instant IP-ban] Rule #9: Threats, DDOSing, Missleading Links Making IRL threats to another player is not tolerated, same goes for DDOS threats. Misleading links, e.g. a keylogger. If you send a link which seems to be for example youtube, we expect it to be youtube and not anything else. [Punishment - Instant ban/IP-ban] Rule #10: Evading a Punishment Punishment Evading - All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their mutes, jails, and IP-bans after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms. You are not allowed to create another account on the server to appeal, discuss your punishment, or play (account bans are an exception). Do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment via the forums and let us deal with it from there. [Punishment - Harsher than previous punishment] Rule #11: Multi-voting Voting for more than the maximum number of votes per day (16) is not permitted. If you are found to be doing so (especially in excess), the vote tickets or the equivalent value of what was received from multi-voting will be revoked from your account. Continued multi-voting may result in more serious consequences. [Punishment - From a warning to a Ban/IP-ban (if continuous)] Rule #12: Spamming Spamming on the server will not be permitted, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Zolak. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on the server and respect each others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from the server if needed. Yell should NOT be abused, if it is abused then the rights to 'Yell' may not be reinstated. If anything, take a few seconds, or a minute or two and then do it again, otherwise don't constantly send messages. The spam rule includes buying/selling on ::yell. There should be at least an interval of 1 minute when ::yell is being used for this purpose. Trolling is not accepted on this server, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be muted on the spot depending on the staff member. This applies for ::yell channel too. Auto-Typer is not allowed unless the timer is set to a minimum of 40 second intervals,if this rule is broken the punishment could be severe depending on the amount of times the rule is broken. The use of an auto-typer will not be tolerated in case it is being abused to execute commands. [Mute (time varies)] Rule #13: Ragging We strive towards keeping our community friendly and helpful. ragging other members of the community will not be tolerated. Ragging will be defined as "going out of your way to disrupt someone else's playing experience, where it's your sole intent to ruin the game for that person at no real benefit to yourself". [First offense = Jail] [Mute (time varies) if deemed fit by the staff member] Rule #14: Multi-logging You may only be logged into 2 accounts at the same time when playing the server. When playing 2 accounts, you are prohibited to do the same thing on both accounts. I.e - Cutting onyx & Bosses etc. . . this is to prevent and overflow of GP being introduced into the economy & more. [Punishment - From jail to a ban] Rule #15: AFK-ing Do not AFK in regular boss rooms, this includes super & brutal dragons. - it isn't a good look for an active player to see someone in max gear AFK in a regular boss room! You may still AFK inside your own instance as well as anywhere else. [Punishment: Send home the first time as a warning, jail when they get caught a second time.] Note: these rules applies to the Forums and Discord as well as both of the Servers. If you're unsure or have a question about a rule, please contact a staff member and ask them to explain it to you. Please refrain from making own assumptions/taking chances when it comes to the rules. Do also note that staff members are able to punish a player based on their action when deemed appropriate even though the action is not listed in the rules. Please use common sense when playing.