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  1. Your application has been denied.
  2. Dear noobs and fellow staff members, Unfortunately, my time has come, it is my time to continue on my journey to become a better developer. As it so happens, there has been an opportunity for me of which is too good to deny. This means that i will be fully resigning any involvement in the development of the server but i can assure you that i will find a worthy replacement, and will support @Sadie when ever he is in need of help. I have had the most amazing time on the server, and i love you all for playing and enjoying the server. I will remember the great times i had with all of you, and you can count on it that i will check in on the server from time to time to be blame you all for being noobs . Greetings, The useless developer, Anonymous
  3. First of all thank you all for playing this game that @Sadie and me have been working. Onto the introduction, As most of you know I go by the in game names "Anonymous" and "Reddragon" but only a few know that in my daily life I am known as Jarno. I am 19 years old, live in the Netherlands and still attend college. Most of the free time I have tends to just vanish in to making this server an enjoyable place for you all! But the little time that I do have remaining is mostly spend with my girlfriend. I love developing this server, especially when I see all of you play on it and enjoy yourselves. It makes me happy to see you enjoy the content that Sadie and me put out for you. However since I recently spend an average of 80 - 100 hours a week working on the server I do have to think about myself a little and slow down on some new content. I love what I do, but of course we all have to think about our health from time to time. What does this mean? Nothing really, only thing that could be a little negative effect is that some updates might take a few days or a week longer. I hope you all enjoyed this short introduction of myself. I am not great at these things but if you have any questions feel free to just ask away! Greetings, Anonymous
  4. Hey braindead fat american! We all know you really are fat, don't try to cover that up... it is too late for that.. now put away your mac donalds and start playing the game! Love you it is good to have you back. - Anonymous