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  1. I bet you dream about him every night wishing you were him you ghost.
  2. You better I will be checking on if you do or not!! Love you too
  3. Hello my fellow Project Purple friends (except Matt). My name is Adam and I would like to tell you about myself. I am currently 19 years old (13 if you ask Ken) and I live in the USA. I work as a boat mechanic and just about anything my boss tells me. I enjoy to go fishing, hunting, hiking, playing with my dog, and just about anything boat related. Most days during the summer I usually work about 13 hours a day. In my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix or playing xbox while grinding erad. My favorite xbox game is mostly shooter games like CoD. My favorite show is probably Hawaii Five-0 or NCIS: Los Angeles. I am a sucker for action or police related shows, sometimes I even enjoy the occasional drama. All 3 John Wick movies are the best movies and you can't change my mind. I have been playing this source since about 2013, through every revision and ownership. I have always supported every revision as best I can, through donating or being a staff member and helping my fellow staff members create content or host event for the lovely players of this server. P.S. hades is fat
  4. 10/10 on the introduction.
  5. That was a very rude note Matilda. But ******* Matt, glad to see you back and hopefully you enjoy grinding yet again as I think in the last year or so I've seen you put in about 40 days online. It's always fun to chat with you ingame even though some people might consider it flames ( just like aus was). Enjoy you're "bootiful island" and don't go to parties with more than 5 people or I might have to call the police on you.