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  1. Never put me in this again. Thank you.
  2. Fletching 1-99+ There are a few ways to go about getting 1-99 fletching. For Ironmen you will just follow the first part of the guide, and I will dedicate a section for you after the main part. Starting Off To start out for there are a few ways to go about training fletching. One of them being by woodcutting the logs yourself. I'd suggest going to ;;shops, and finding the woodcutting shop. From there you will buy a Dragon Axe. (Note that if you want to do fletching from the shop, that you can easily fletch, empty inventory, buy more logs, rinse and repeat) Next, go to ;;skilling. From there just start on the basic tree and move up. This is the order and levels you will go in. Reg Log into arrow shafts until 5 - short bows until 10 - long bows until 20- oak short bows until 25 - oak long bows until 35 and so on. The rule of thumb is each logs wc requirement + 5 is the short bow requirement, while the long bow is +10 (ex yew short bows take 65, and the long bows take 70). With the woodcutting path do the best you can do until you get to 80. At this point you want to start mage short bows. To find magic trees, either teleport to ;;ez (extreme donator+) or go to skilling teleports, last page, woodcutting, and then run southwest to find some. At 81 fletching, you can do rune darts. To get the ingredients you need to be extreme donator+ or just have someone grab them for you. These are the fastest way to 400m. If not continue doing magic long bows until you reach your goal. Ironman Version Now for Ironmen, you can follow the guide above and instead of going to darts, you just continue magic long bows. You can also just boss drops to supply your supplies. Some bosses drop noted yew/magic logs. You can bank those long bows you make if you want to farm Sea Troll Queen for bow string to string the bows as well. How you go about it is up to personal preference. Thanks for taking time to check out the guide! Hope it helps. Good luck and have a good one.
  3. Farming Guide 1-99+ So starting off for farming there is going to be two sections, one for Ironmen/Non Donators, and then one for Extreme+ Donators. Ironmen/Non Donator Section First I will go over the basics, and what you need. So for starters you will find the farming master by the altar at home. He has three options. 1. His tool shop. This has all the essentials for tools needed to train Farming. 2. His seed shop. This is your main supply for seeds. 3. Is the teleports to the training locations. Each location has 2 Allotments (This is where the potatoes, onions, sweetcorn, and watermelons will be planted), 1 herb patch (Where the herb seeds go, from guam to torstol), and a flower patch (where the marigold to limpwurt root goes). You do not have to water herb patches, but the others you can water. Herbs take approximately 4 minutes to grow completely. They can become diseased, and if not cured will die. So you'll just have to dig them up and replant the seeds. First Run You will need to buy a rake, spade, and watering can from his shop. Next go to his seed shop and buy 1 guam (Lvl 9) and 3 marrentill (Lvl 14) 12 onion (Lvl 5) 12 Sweet corn (Lvl 20), then teleport to the Falador patch. Now you are going to rake the allotment patches and plant the onion seeds (3 seeds per allotment) in each allotment, then rake/plant your guam seed in the herb patch. Next, you'll go to the Ardougne Patch. Here you will repeat the process, but will substitute the guam with the marrentill. Replant the allotment plants. Then after that you will go to the Catherby Patch, rinse and repeat, substituting the sweetcorn in place of the onions. Last place you'll go is Canafis. Rinse and repeat. Post First Run So now that you've got the basics down, just plant the highest requirement herbs/allotments you can for the best xp/hour. You can keep a pretty solid rotation up if you want to do it consistently, or you can let them sit there and come back at a later time. Keep doing these runs and before you know it you'll be at 400m xp! Extreme+ Donator Portion This part is much quicker and easy to explain. Grab a rake, tele to ;;ez, run north to the weed patch, and enjoy your long grind of clicks. Very difficult, results could vary. But this is the easier, less effort way if you are extreme+. Well everyone, I hope this helps those who needed it! As always if you have ways to improve this guide or things I missed, let me know through discord or in-game! Have a good day, and good luck on your grind.
  4. Hunter Guide 1-99+ Starting out hunter is very simple. First thing to do is to teleport to Puro Puro by doing EX Tab- Teleports - Next Page - Skilling Locations - Next Page - Hunter: Puro Puro. Some things to note, each impling caught adds 50k to your money pouch, and you do not need to buy a net nor implings jars to catch implings. Once you get there, go through the crop circle, as seen below. (Lvls1-22) When you've gone into the crop circle, you will want to find a Baby Impling. This will be your first catch you are able to do. An example is below. (Lvls 22-83) After you've gotten up to level 22/28 (22 for Young Implings/28 for Gourmet Implings) stand in this tile. The square drawn around this picture shows where you can catch implings from. Use this method or move north to try your luck with the slightly higher level implings until level 83. (Lvls 83-99+) At level 83 you can now catch Dragon Implings. These can be found at Puro Puro or at Extreme Zone (Extreme Donator). The D Imps at Puro Puro currently can't be accessed without staff help, so just shoot them a message. While at Extreme Zone they can be clicked in rapid succession without them vanishing, and rapid clicks will keep them locked in one spot at EZ ONLY. Hopefully this helps! If you can think of any tweaks/improvements to make to the guide, then please let me know through in-game or discord. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Welcome friend! Hope you enjoy your stay. You will find it might be hard to freak this community of weirdos out Best of luck and welcome.
  6. In-Game Name: Slayz How old are you? 22 Timezone: CST-US What position are you applying for? Server Support Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? As a veteran of the Eradication source, I've been able to learn the ins and outs of what makes the game tick. I've always admired the efficiency and communication from the leadership, and have gotten to know them well over the years. Having the opportunity to be staff and help the player-base with the resources that comes with it would be amazing. Do you have any past staff experience? Yes. I have over a year of experience as a staff member, from server support up to moderator. As server support I helped the staff team with project based tasks, consulting and feedback requests, and serving the community as the front-line of our staff team. As a moderator I helped coordinate server events, assisted server supports with escalated issues, and aided staff members with communications on the forums. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Server support should be able to handle most situations at the lowest level. This includes disputes between players, answering in-game questions, providing tools and resources (forums, quality of life tips, etc.), and escalating issues up the chain as needed. They should be professional and know when it's time to be serious. They should also have the drive to better themselves, the server, and the community as a whole. Additional Information: Thank you for taking time to read my application! Have a great day.
  7. Summoning Guide To start out you will just go to ;;home and go east to the Summoning Ingredients npc. The items you will need will be 1000 or more pouches, spirit shards, the respective charms and ingredient to summon your familiar. To start off make sure you have your Spirit Shards, Pouches, 25 Gold Charms and 25 Wolf bones. Then go to the Obelisk to the right of the npc and make "all" on the spirit wolf familiar. After this grab about 1k Blue Charms, and grab 25 raw rat meat then head to the obelisk and make "all" for the Albino Rat Pouch down one column and right one row. Do this until you reach 66 Summoning. At this point make your way to ;;shops and find the smithing shop about in the middle of the npcs. In this shop you'll want to buy around 1000 mithril bars atleast then make your way back to the obelisk after you situate your inventory. In column 7 and row 1 you will find the Mithril Minotaur. This will be your route to 99/120/400m xp. Unless you want to use rune/adamant minotaurs, which will be even quicker! Spirit Wolf Pouch 1-23 Albino Rat Pouch 23-66 Mithril Minotaur Pouch 66-99+
  8. Thank you for this guide, this will be very helpful to the new players! Good looking out.