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    Owner Sadie Sadie is someone I've known previously and our first try didn't take too well. But seeing this noob now, a lot has changed. Sadie is on a lot, and even though might be afk sometimes, but he is always responding to discord when tagged. Even with the school work he tries to be active in chat, and tries to keep the community happy. Co-Owner Ken Ken is doing a great job at helping keep the community happy as well. He likes to run events and get the community engaged. Friendly and likes to help when he is on. Don't see a whole lot of him, and it would be nice to see the guy on more often. Developer Anonymous Anon whenever he is on is hard at work. He takes suggestions and puts thought into declining or accepting these with the intent to help the community in a timely manner. Out of the three top dogs anon is by far the most social and engaging. He does a great job at trying to keep bugs and stuff under control with just himself and Sadie trying to fix all the bugs we have. Server Administrator Xilent This guy is a very helpful and knowledgeable man. He is very quick to answer when he is on, and doesn't really ever give incorrect information. If he is on, he is the first person I go to if I have a question. Would like to see him on more but people have real lives and work a lot of hours, so his time in game is pretty good. Server Moderator Appealing Honestly I don't know appealing much. She isn't on very often, which she might be having personal issues so I understand. But from what I have seen from Appealing is that she is a very helpful person in the community with the most guides in the community. Also usually social when they are online. Server Support Destr0 Destr0 is filling the position well. He is helpful and helps keep the playerbase in check. Due to timezone differences I don't see him on very often. Maybe more playtime if he can fit it into his schedule, but other than that from what I've seen he is doing a good job. Rich Nub Poor Noob is the most active member of the staff community. He helps the playerbase a lot and does his part to keep them in check. He is someone you can rely on to be active almost everyday, and has good playtime to add onto that. Keep it up! Donald Duck Donald is someone I have rarely seen on. He has helped me a few times, and some others from what I've seen. Maybe some more ingame time, or activity in the discord/forums. On a side note I would just like to say that being active is our main problem on the staff side. I understand that real life hinders abilities to play and takes priority over pixels, but I feel like it could make the community a lot better if we had staff on majority of the time to mediate and keep everyone in check. I also feel if any changes were to be made would be to get a staff member who can fill the 6 hour no staff gap we usually have every night. That is a while to go without a staff member. Thank you for reading!
  3. In-Game Name: Slayz How old are you? 21 Timezone: Central What position are you applying for? Server Support Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? Our staff that we have is great. I believe if I joined the team I could learn alot more about how to help our team improve and prosper even more so. I really like our community and want us to keep growing at this solid rate we are, and to be able to help the community as it grows. I also feel strongly that with the times at which I am playing I can fill those holes where there is little to no staff on. That would help keep the balance, and would help keep the playerbase under supervision. Do you have any past staff experience? Yes, I have been Moderator on three different servers, with a time in rank of around 9 months for all of them. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? For the role of Server Support I believe the biggest thing is to be there for your community. As SS you should be answering any/all questions so the higher ranks can focus on more pressing matters. As a Server Support you have to stay open minded, keep an unbiased opinion, and keep the community in check. Server Supports must be able to tell people when to calm down, change the subject, take it to pms or in last case scenarios mutes. All that has to be done in a profesional way. Server Supports must keep it respectful and stay professional at all times. Additional Information: I have been playing this source for quite awhile on and off at this point. This is by far my favorite server and community. I enjoy sharing knowledge with everyone. SS or not I will continue to do my best to help our community grow.
  4. Summoning Guide To start out you will just go to ;;home and go east to the Summoning Ingredients npc. The items you will need will be 1000 or more pouches, spirit shards, the respective charms and ingredient to summon your familiar. To start off make sure you have your Spirit Shards, Pouches, 25 Gold Charms and 25 Wolf bones. Then go to the Obelisk to the right of the npc and make "all" on the spirit wolf familiar. After this grab about 1k Blue Charms, and grab 25 raw rat meat then head to the obelisk and make "all" for the Albino Rat Pouch down one column and right one row. Do this until you reach 66 Summoning. At this point make your way to ;;shops and find the smithing shop about in the middle of the npcs. In this shop you'll want to buy around 1000 mithril bars atleast then make your way back to the obelisk after you situate your inventory. In column 7 and row 1 you will find the Mithril Minotaur. This will be your route to 99/120/400m xp. Unless you want to use rune/adamant minotaurs, which will be even quicker! Spirit Wolf Pouch 1-23 Albino Rat Pouch 23-66 Mithril Minotaur Pouch 66-99+
  5. Thank you for this guide, this will be very helpful to the new players! Good looking out.
  6. What category belongs your suggestion(s) to? Pvm/Skilling/Communication Tell us about your suggestion: So I've been back on the server for about a week now and I've seen some things that might improve or in other words better quality of life for the community. To start this off I am going to suggest that Noted Planks of all kinds be added to boss drop tables. I feel like they are left out, and really are the only noted skilling items that most non irons even buy from the shops. My second suggestion is to fix the Armadyl stats. As of now Black D'Hide is better than the Armadyl pieces by a lot. I heard that the set bonus is nice, but in reality Armadyl should be quite a bit better than D'hides in general. Another stat fix I believe is the Tzhaar Whip. I really feel like my Tz6 is easily out dpsed by the likes of a vls, which shouldn't be the case at all considering the cost and effort between getting each one of them. This next suggestion is really big in my personal opinion, and that is that the Slayer Helm receives a buff for all combat styles. On task it shouldn't be out dpsed by anything that isn't a full obsidian set. It doesn't have to be super op or anything but I feel like for having the pain of getting the keys and having the get all the parts on chance that it should be better than it is. My last suggestion for stat changes is going to have to be the Obsidian Melee boots. They are trash. I feel like their strength bonus should exceed the Tokhaar Boots. Of course the Tokhaar boots can be better tribrid boots, but I feel as though the Obby boots are underpowered for the effort behind them. I understand its a set item but I believe it should be reconsidered for strength stats. One little quality of life thing I would love to see for my OCD side is placeholders! I understand this might not be an easy addition but I figured I would suggest it. Organizing the bank right now is a pain... I like it to be halfway nice and right now that's not easily done. This concludes my suggestions, hopefully I proved some good insight and you guys can really consider some of these changes! Thank you for your time and have a great day! How will this benefit the server? Better Quality of Life
  7. Alright, so with you Pvm, I feel like you can be helpful when questions arise sometimes. But the afk time you put in is huge. I understand, not saying I don't afk either, but I barely see you active in chat anymore, and that in my opinion really hurts you. I also feel like you are under supportive to the lower end of the community sometimes. I understand you try to help like everyone else does, but some things you say can be seen as downgrading so I would be cautious of what you say. And like you said in your application you cant pick sides, which I havnt seen you do more than once but that's crucial as a staff member to stay unbiased. I feel like if you worked on these things youd have great potential. As always, this isn't meant to downgrade you, but provide some feedback. Best of luck to you.
  8. Honestly Banks, I feel like you might have some potential to be a good SS. You can be pretty helpful. But some downsides are that you are quick to defend your friends alone and not step in when someone is flaming another person. Also some of the information you give is incorrect, and you don't correct yourself (mistakes happen, I am not perfect either). I would try to just double check what you say so that way people don't get confused. I also want to feel like you want the position for the community and not the rank/title. But best of luck to you. This wasn't made to downgrade you, just wanted to give feedback.
  9. I would love to see Assassin as SS. He is a very good person and is genuinely cares about the server and everyone playing. His knowledge of the game, and his passion to better the community are top notch.