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  1. We all massively appreciate the amount of work and dedication you and Sadie put into the server, I hope that's reflected sufficiently. You're always working on something and putting huge amounts of hours into various projects and I admire that. Keep reminding yourself that breaks are essential, burning out is never good!
  2. Always good to see a returning player from the original Erad (or any previous version for that matter), so welcome back! Already seen a fair bit of you in-game and I can already tell it'll be a laugh to have you around, so good stuff. Congratulations on having the coolest accent on the planet, and I hope to see you around a lot on the game (although timezones may make that difficult sometimes since I'm UK )
  3. Hello Newp, welcome to Project Purple. I've been playing Runescape for 10 years myself and so I'm definitely familiar with the boredom you speak of. I personally have a lot of fun on this server, so I hope you find the same enjoyment! I look forward to getting to know you in-game! See ya round.
  4. Good to see you back, Jake. Hopefully you enjoy Project Purple as much as you have the previous servers! Also, as for not knowing what your life will look like in 20 years, that keeps it exciting, I'm sure you'll find yourself in a place you're content with. Best of luck on your tattoo artist aspirations. See you in-game!
  5. Welcome back man, it's a pleasure to see you return. It was great getting to know you in the time we both played Reborn! I'm excited to see you around on Project Purple, I'm sure it'll be fun. Best of luck with your dream flying endeavors, that'd be an awesome career to have if I've ever seen one! ps. can confirm that you are, in fact, a friendly guy.
  6. Disease

    Server Feedback

    How have you been liking the recent updates and changes?: I have really enjoyed the recent updates and new changes that have came with Project Purple. Namely, the changes to boss weaknesses, previously melee was significantly more dominant at essentially every boss in the game, Whereas, now, ranged and magic have became required for several bosses giving them much more of a use. The Anguish and Torment prayers accompanied this nicely, making the styles much more usable. Is there anything you would like to see added in the future and or possibly changed?: Whilst this is very broad, I'd love to see new bosses having combat scripts in the future, making some of the boss fights require you to actually interact rather than simply click and kill. (similar to the Obsidian Prince and Queen bosses) Have you been enjoying your time on Project-Purple?: 100% yes, I have. I've enjoyed channeling my inner nerd (or so I've been called) and spending a lot of time on a source I've came to love whilst reuniting with friends I've met over the years of playing previous versions. Are you satisfied with the current developers?: Definitely, yes. It's clear to see that the developers are always hard working and willing to fix any bugs there may be. Many of the player suggestions from our Discord server have also been implemented, which is good to see the direct player influence. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?: In the short while Project Purple has been open, they've piled a significant amount of hours into developing hours, which I feel is certainly paying off and has been evident to the player base. Is there an update or a certain change that has happened you didn't like? If that's the case may we ask why?: Not so far! Whilst I haven't been able to explore all of the new content the server has to offer due to gear restrictions etc, I'd like to think I've already played a large amount of hours on the server and I have yet to come across an update or change that I have not liked. Overall, the active development of the server has been great thus far and I'm sure that will be a key part of Project Purple's coming success!
  7. I've seen you around a lot on the different versions of Erad over the years, always really active which is definitely good to see. I'm glad we share the liking of Project Purple's end-game actually taking a lot of time to achieve, it'll be exciting to see who manages to get there first. Also - pizza and bacon for your favourite food? Very respectable, can't go wrong with that. Massive fan of the both of those myself Best of luck on your housewife aspirations my guy.
  8. We've known each other for a fair amount of time now through the various previous servers and you're definitely a good friend of mine. Excited to be on the same staff team again for the 2nd time and I'm sure we'll enjoy many successes and times together brother. I've never actually seen the John Wick movies, which is probably bad of me and so I should definitely check them out.
  9. Hey Colin, I've spoken to you in-game a fair amount already and it's safe to say you're a chill guy. Fun fact about me regarding marvel.. I had never seen any of those movies until the start of this year everyone always called me out for not watching them so eventually I caved and it turns out I really enjoyed them, awesome movies. I look forward to speaking to you in-game more in time to come!
  10. Option D definitely seems to be the most viable here, so I'm going with that. Hey Az, we've already spoke a bit in-game and you seem to be a nice guy, I look forward to getting to know you further for sure. Also - it's good to know there's a fellow brit around. GANG
  11. All the supplies you'll need for training Herblore can be found at ;;shops from these two NPCs. Note 1: When making potions, you must use the vial on the herb or ingredient. Note 2: The in-game skill guide can be useful to find out recipes of potions, should you require it. *When the guide says a herb is needed, guam in this instance, it refers to the unfinished potion. (Use a vial of water on any cleaned herb to get the respective unfinished potion) 1-38: Attack potions Requires: Guam potion (unfinished) and eye of newt 38-55: Prayer restore potions Requires: Ranarr potion (unfinished) and Snape grass 55-72: Super strength potions Requires: Kwuarm potion (unfinished) and Limpwurt root 72-88: Ranging potions Requires: Dwarf weed potion (unfinished) and Wine of Zamorak 88-92: Extreme attack potions: Requires: Super attack potion (buy from potions store) and Clean avantoe 92-99+: Extreme ranging potions* Requires: Ranging potion (buy from potions shop) and Grenwall spikes *In order to make Extreme ranging potions, which requires: 1 Range potion (3), Greenwall Spikes and 26 Range potions (4). Keep the Ranging potion (3) as an inventory place holder, and use the Ranging potions (4) on the Greenwall Spikes. This guide likely won't need to be strictly followed as, depending on whether you have a donator rank, certain potions can be skipped as I mostly tailored this guide from non-donator XP rates. Best of luck on all of your Herblore XP gains, and congratulations on any achievements you get.
  12. To train Construction, head to the workbench at ;;home. You can buy all of the planks you will need from the "Construction Supplies" NPC (highlighted in red) 1-99+: Dining Benches (More XP) (Requires 2 Teak planks and 1 Regular plank) OR 1-99+: Beer Barrels (Less XP) (Requires 4 Oak planks) Note: Beer Barrels may be more convenient if you cannot ;;bank planks and therefore cannot create a preset containing 2 types of planks. Best of luck on all of your Construction XP gains, and congratulations on any achievements you get.
  13. Yeah, that's one of the things I like about studying law, a lot of the skills can be used universally. Also crime-related shows are definitely a win
  14. There are 2 main ways of training Runecrafting: The Runespan and Altar Runecrafting at ;;Skilling. If you are a non-donator, or wish to choose a more AFK method of Runecrafting, use Option 1 (Runespan) If you are a regular donator or higher, and want the best Runecrafting XP rates, follow Option 2 (;;Skilling) Option 1: Runespan To get to Runespan, simply follow EX Tab -> Teleports -> Next Page -> Skilling Locations -> Next Page -> Runecrafting: Runespan Note 1: Before you can start you must grab some floating essence, near the teleport spot (see yellow square) Note 2: If you re-click on the creature you're siphoning before it dies, you won't have to wait for the respawn times, getting you faster XP. 1-65: Esslings & Esshounds Level 1-27: Air Esslings, Earth Esslings, Water Esslings, Fire Esslings Level 27-44: Cosmic Esshounds Level 44-54: Nature Esshounds Level 54-65: Law Esshounds 65-99: Esswraiths 65-77: Death Esswraiths 77-90: Blood Esswraiths 90-99+: Soul Esswraiths Option 2: Altars at ;;Skilling (Requires access to pure essence which is sold in the Runes shop at ;;dz - Donator+) Note 1: Having access to the ;;bank command and keybinding it in Keybind Settings (Press Escape -> Keybind Settings) makes this method much easier. Note 2: Be sure to make a preset, filling your inventory with essence. 1-65: Air Runes on the Air Altar at ;;Skilling 65-99+: Death Runes on the Death Altar at ;;Skilling Best of luck on all of your Runecrafting XP gains, and congratulations on any achievements you get.
  15. Wow! I have the utmost respect for ownership of your own business and the position you have gotten yourself to in life! I hope to find myself in a position similar to yours in coming years, although, I'm well aware of the amount of work that requires I'm very glad you found your way back to RS private servers and more importantly, specifically EradicationX - Project Purple! Excited to get to know you more in-game for sure!