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  1. Your application has been denied. We're not currently looking for staff members, the applications were left open on accident. Thanks
  2. Welcome to the server what do you do specially in law-enforcement, if you don't mind me asking? Waiting for Crimson Desert? Have you played Black Desert then? I rarely meet anyone that's played that game as well for some reason since it's quite a big game.. If so what classes did you play? ^^ Personally I could never decide on a true main, however, my highest character is a lvl 61 guardian! I play that game very very off and on though, I'm not always the biggest fan of open-world PvP.. especially when I'm just trying to chill and mindless grind and get killed by someone for absolutely no reason at all just because they can I was very excited for Ashes of Creation myself- but they've been trying to hype it up for so long without any real release date that I've honestly sort of lost interest in it. Anyways, again, welcome to the server and hope that you enjoy
  3. Welcome Olaf Great taste of games! Don't think I've seen anyone play from Chile in all of my years on RSPS/Runescape, awesome! Enjoy the server, see you around!
  4. Bruh Slayz made like 63453 guides, who the fk are the rest of these ppl?
  5. Appealing denied the submission
  6. Hello Annika, welcome to the server or welcome back if you’ve played before hope that you enjoy your stay on the server and achieve what you set out for!
  7. It's nice to see you once again Dain welcome back! sorry to hear about having to stop due to real life but hope that you're doing better now and enjoy the server once more!
  8. Hello, thanks for the suggestions ! My feedback on your suggestions: (note i'll only be making feedback on a few things as some of these have already been suggested and i've already given my feedback on those topics) Drop rate viewer: I'm not really sure if this is something that can be done, @Anonymous would have to give his feedback on it to know for sure, however, it would be a nice addition - I believe it's been attempted already though.. which is why the command exists. Vote boss/Group bosses: World boss is technically suppose to fulfill the group content alongside nurn, keep in mind that hardmode trio also exists - you will spend a lot of time at hardmode trio(lol), if you have suggestions for bosses by all means make suggestions for bosses if you have anything in mind that you can explain how they'd work in detail. A vote boss is definitely something to think about, I'll refer to the rest of the staff team on that one personally. Seasinger announcement: this is a problem that we've been aware of for some time, efforts to fix it have not succeed as far as I know but I'll ask about it once more. 2H bows: I don't think a suggestion like this should specially be for range weapons, I think it should extend to melee as well - at the moment behind the scenes there's a few things being worked on, if done successfully then it's possible this can easily be an option to take a look into - even without it though, there are a items that could be changed to suit this suggestions. I'll once again refer to the rest of the staff team on this! T85 Gear: the models you've suggested would be T90 gear more than likely, the models exist in the cache, we're unsure they're models we want to use currently(they don't look very good), however, if the community would want to vote on if they would want to see the models in-game or not then that could be a possibility. As for your comment about the Hairy Monkey weapons i.e - Decimation etc, once again, the main purpose of these weapons is the special attack. If it becomes widely unpopular amongst the community it can definitely be taken into consideration to find a middle ground.
  9. Hi, thanks for the suggestions. My feedback on your suggestions: Donator rank = more loyalty points, while this isn't a bad suggestion.. those auras i.e: greater, superior and supreme vamp auras are very strong, to the point that you hardly need food and they're meant to be a reward to those hardcore players that dedicate a lot of their time into the server. It's possible it can be looked into to reduce the amount of points needed for them a little bit but we firmly believe that these should be hard to obtain and take time. Sunfreet rework: it's not a pleasant boss to fight, however, I personally don't think a rework is entirely needed, maybe as shadow said in the comment above a rework of the drops instead. Typically this boss is only relevant to elite slayer, so it could just be thought of as a bad slayer task.. but by all means it's still open to feedback and not completely off the table. Trio bosses: the attacking animation and the actual attack style of these bosses are intended to be this way, it's meant to make it a harder experience for newer players and also as a troll - hence the things they're saying as you're fighting them.. it's been this way over many iterations of this server and is unlikely to change as it's part of what makes this server unique. Bare in mind that these bosses drop the best weapons you can use until you're able to get your hands on elite variants of them - so they're not meant super easy. Bank booth healing: I'm not too sure this would be possible, as it stands you can technically access a bank booth while you're in an instance you've paid for - while donator ranks can access bank and obtain more food and supplies through command this would be fairly overpowered for players without a rank. A npc or object that restores everything would definitely be the better route to go in general, or at the very least make it so that everything gets restored once you go to home - aside from special attack in this regard possibly. Elite task skip: there's currently something being worked on in relation to this, with the coming update you'll see!
  10. Hello, Sarge! That’s so finny, I’m not sure what servers you were playing before(prefer you don’t say anyway), but I think it’s safe to say most people here know this country! You’re in the military? Awesome respect I hope all goes to plan for you and you can soon marry your girl. Welcome back to the server, hope that you enjoy your stay
  11. Hello, @MadaraUchiha - currently we're only looking for supports. Typically anything past support has to be earned rank by rank after evaluation of performance, please revise your application or request for your application to be edited within the next day or 2 or risk your application being declined.
  12. I believe this is supposed to be the intention of the well, the idea is to throw items into the well for various different server-wide buffs. However, I agree that the eco always gets ruined in the long run - we're looking to implement some restrictions in terms of activities that can easily ruin the eco, they will be rolling out whenever the update can be pushed out. I'll bring this up to the rest of the team as I don't think it's a bad idea per say.
  13. This is the intention of the bow as @Anonymous said, regardless if there was 2h bow that was "stronger" stat wise than dual ascension bows, the dual bows would end up out performing it anyway due to their special attack and attack speed. Maybe another bow of some sort? Not sure.. up to Anonymous if he wants to make that change.
  14. Appealing


    Hello again, @Marshall! Thank you very much for the well structured and thought out feedback on all of us, it's truly really nice to see. This means a lot to me, it's nice that it was indeed noticed and that you thought of me so highly and that I didn't disappoint you - I really wanted to prove that I was a valuable asset to the server. It's always been a passion of mine to help and support with whatever I can, whenever I can - if I have the tools & ability to do so then it will be done. I think you might know this already though since you're the one that accepted me I will always be thankful for your choice and giving me the opportunity, that will always be in my heart and I'll never forget it. I wish we had gotten to work together a bit more - but life happens, understandable I hope that school and life has been good for you in your absence - I still remember all of the things we personally talked about and I still feel blessed that you felt you could share such things with me. I did this a lot in the past, there'd been a point for a little while later in the year last year that multiple of us were going through some hard times in life which resulted in a couple of us stepping away for a bit for the betterment of our own health - at the time I'd been working at least 8 hours a day, Taekwondo classes 3 nights a week and various other activities while still logging at least 5-6 hours a night on the server going to bed anywhere from 2 am at the earliest to 4 am at the latest and then having to get up at 6-7 am and repeat it every single day, it became very taxing on multiple forms of health and wellbeing for myself along with other personal ongoing situations in life - I ended up breaking, I'm not saying this for any sympathy or as any excuse just to update you a bit on what occurred while you've been gone. As for not seeing much life from me and so on, Sadie pretty much said it perfectly here, I prefer to try to work behind the scenes and assist Banks in making his decisions and whatever he needs, I'm happy to be working alongside him when he made his first application, I asked him to put more effort into it and he basically wrote and entire essay for his application, as people should! When it came to the lineup of picks for support he was competing in I ended up wanting him as a support the most of everyone there but unfortunately he wasn't accepted by the current higher ranked staff in charge of picking at the time - I'd voiced my opinion on him though and now we're here ^^ He's earned his spot and I'm happy to help him improve, we refer to each other and very often look for the opinion of the rest of the staff/administration+ so there is no taking credit anywhere there because we work together on everything. This past week or so that you've returned I've been really busy and not entirely able to login and stay on for extended amount of time or I've been on at wacky times i.e - 6 or 7 am or 11 pm - 2 am but I'm definitely looking to try and get on more often. Thanks again for the good feedback
  15. Hey Shadow, thanks for the introduction and telling us a little bit about yourself welcome back to the server, hopefully you will have the same experience if not better once again very glad to know that you've been enjoying it so far 3 kids? that's awesome ^^ I'm jealous p.s - I love your real name