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  1. Hi there, Prophecy! Welcome to the server hope you enjoy your time playing and hope to see you around!
  2. Hi, I just wanted to try and explain a few things here and ask some questions myself. If I'm being completely honest with you, as they stand, the raids were technically created to make time for Anonymous to deal with a few things such as looking into cache/revision upgrading closer to or current to rs3 and more- but currently that doesn't seem to be possible, so we're looking for more detailed feedback on all of these things so that they can be attended to for a more enjoyable experience for the players. So, some questions I have for you and even any other player currently are the following: Q1: How long do you believe it should take to obtain infernal capes? Q2: Currently it doesn't seem possible to upgrade cache/revision closer to rs3 as I just said above, so with that being said, something along the lines of introducing some models you have seen around such as scythe and serenic to be obtained through current content such as raids, as it's currently the topic.. can possibly be done. Is this something you'd like to see? Q3: If the above question were to happen, do you think they should be tier'd above the current BiS gear? Or you'd be fine with it being lower tier as a middle ground? Please, by all means take your time to really think about the questions and prepare a response, if you so feel. We'd/I'd be quite interested in seeing what you and others have to say, include as many details as you're capable of please! It's very important we get as much feedback as we can from all of you! I must clarify that just because these questions are being asked, they're not guaranteed to happen- so please don't go automatically assuming this will happen in regards to new gear being added, again, if this is something you want then seriously please leave as much detailed feedback as you can. As for range and other combat styles/gear/weapons and so on they're currently being revised Please make sure to leave any suggestions you have here or in the discord channel here
  3. Your application has been denied. We're not currently looking for staff members, the applications were left open on accident. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the server what do you do specially in law-enforcement, if you don't mind me asking? Waiting for Crimson Desert? Have you played Black Desert then? I rarely meet anyone that's played that game as well for some reason since it's quite a big game.. If so what classes did you play? ^^ Personally I could never decide on a true main, however, my highest character is a lvl 61 guardian! I play that game very very off and on though, I'm not always the biggest fan of open-world PvP.. especially when I'm just trying to chill and mindless grind and get killed by someone for absolutely no reason at all just because they can I was very excited for Ashes of Creation myself- but they've been trying to hype it up for so long without any real release date that I've honestly sort of lost interest in it. Anyways, again, welcome to the server and hope that you enjoy
  5. Welcome Olaf Great taste of games! Don't think I've seen anyone play from Chile in all of my years on RSPS/Runescape, awesome! Enjoy the server, see you around!
  6. Bruh Slayz made like 63453 guides, who the fk are the rest of these ppl?
  7. Appealing denied the submission
  8. Hello Annika, welcome to the server or welcome back if you’ve played before hope that you enjoy your stay on the server and achieve what you set out for!
  9. It's nice to see you once again Dain welcome back! sorry to hear about having to stop due to real life but hope that you're doing better now and enjoy the server once more!
  10. Hello, Sarge! That’s so finny, I’m not sure what servers you were playing before(prefer you don’t say anyway), but I think it’s safe to say most people here know this country! You’re in the military? Awesome respect I hope all goes to plan for you and you can soon marry your girl. Welcome back to the server, hope that you enjoy your stay
  11. Hello, @MadaraUchiha - currently we're only looking for supports. Typically anything past support has to be earned rank by rank after evaluation of performance, please revise your application or request for your application to be edited within the next day or 2 or risk your application being declined.
  12. Hey Shadow, thanks for the introduction and telling us a little bit about yourself welcome back to the server, hopefully you will have the same experience if not better once again very glad to know that you've been enjoying it so far 3 kids? that's awesome ^^ I'm jealous p.s - I love your real name
  13. Hello Nizze55 You seem to be quite experienced in a lot of fields! that's quite interesting, and impressive I've always wanted to get an Infernal cape on osrs but no way is that going to happen haha. I'm sorry about your job, hopefully covid will go away soon and you'll be able to return to it Thanks for the introduction, hope you continue to enjoy the server!
  14. Hey Remorse! It's nice to see an old player coming back to play hope that you enjoy the server just as much as you did back then, if not even more! See you around!
  15. Appealing


    Hello, X Thanks for the brief introduction, hope that you enjoy the server and reach your goal best of luck! see you around in-game!