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  1. EradicationX - Project Purple Development Update Log (08/5/2020 - 09/24/2020) World Boss (Custom) World Bosses have been added along with their combat scripts. Added 3 models for world bosses, each model will have their own weakness Night-Gazer Kighorahk : weak to magic KalGer the Warmonger : weak to ranged Hope Devourer : weak to melee - Gave stats to the new hairymonkey imbued rings ( +6 on the respective attack over the normal ring and +3 ranged or melee str or +1% more magic damage over the normal ring and +2 prayer bonus more then the last ring) - Added new best in slot rings, imbued hairymonkey rings. the scrolls to enchant the rings will be a 1 in 100 drop chance of all 3 types of worldbosses - Added a new Executive command to force spawn world bosses - Fixed a bug which caused worldbosses to not be multi zone - Fixed a bug that caused worldbosses to not spawn - Fixed a bug that made players unable to teleport after dying due to world bosses See the general drop table of world bosses below~ Trivia & Voting Changes - Made it so 3 players can answer trivia questions, 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 1 point - Adjusted the trivia chair question answer from 20 to 16 - Tripled all prices of all trivia rewards to keep the economy regarding trivia items the same in value - Reworked voting rewards, now you just need to do ;;reward or ;;redeem or ;;voted to get a new item. The vote rewards book. In this book you have 3 options seen down below. With the vote tickets you can now buy items from the vote shop including the added items stated above. - Added deathtouchdarts to the vote shop for 5 vote tickets - Added spellpower scroll (100 SP) to vote shop for 3 vote tickets - Added a single spin ticket to vote shop for 3 vote tickets - Fixed a bug that allowed players to answer trivia multiple times Slayer Helm Changes - Buffed Full slayer helmet from 1.15 accuracy and 1.15 damage multiplier for magic to 1.25 accuracy and 1.25 damage multiplier (<only for magic) - Added a 1.25 effective strenght multiplier on the full slayer helm for melee (previously there was none) - Added a 1.25 effective strenght multiplier on the full slayer helm for ranged (previously there was none) - ALL SLAYER HELMETS NOW ALSO AMPLIFY DAMAGE ON ELITE BOSS SLAYER AND REGULAR BOSS SLAYER - Current regular slayer helm only works on melee (1.15 damage amplifier) , full slayer helm gives a 1.25 amplifier in all combat skills. Raid Changes/Fixes General Fixes/Changes - Added a ;;starterguide command which opens up the official starter guide being actively adjusted by our staff team - fixed mod crown not working in friendschat - fixed mod crown not working in public chat - Added ;;afk and ;;back command for forum moderators and forum admins - Added a custom login title for our events account : "Events manager events has logged in " - Fixed a bug which caused players to need to get 5B total exp again after prestiging to continue the elite chapter quests - Increased the droprate of seasinger armour and deathlotus armour from 1.2 to 2.0 - Added morrigans armour and javelins to the droptable of Avatar of Destruction - Reworked the known weakness system of bosses to be more efficient and more expendable in the future with new content - Removed the invasion token shop npc and combined the shop in the "invasion tokens and character" npc - Another attempt has been made to clear out all zombies and nurns before a new one spawns Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here! Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!
  2. Hello, welcome! I liked the video, quite well done! Thank you for making it. I hope to see you stick around and enjoy the server! Soon we will have more unique new player content and more coming! You can see a small overview of the content coming here. GLHF
  3. Hello everyone! Just a quick little post for you all! This past month or so.. it's been kind of rough for all of us as a community, we've lost a lot of important people in terms of staff and players.. Let's all keep good faith as we move forward now! We'd like to inform you on some of the updates/changes you should expect to see in the following days/weeks/months! New player content! For a while now, we know that new player content had/has been lacking quite a bit. We'd like to change that! In the works currently we're looking into creating a brand new starter kit for new players! This will include a new custom armor set, which, if you ask me.. looks lit! ; ) this set will be a hybrid set meaning that you will be able to use it for all 3 styles of combat! Not only this, but, we're looking into creating new custom NPCs for new players to train on as well. If you are in our Discord, make sure to keep an eye on #sneakpeeks channel! Dungeoneering Expansion! The way Dungeoneering works at the moment is kind of boring right? Well, we're looking into expanding Dungeoneering a little bit to give it some more purpose! By this i mean that the idea is to put into place new zones and NPCs etc that will serve as some of the better money makers in-game! The specifics aren't set into place quite yet, perhaps you the community could give some input on what you'd like to see in that regard! Feel free to put your suggestions/ideas into the #suggestions channel in the discord or you could even submit your own suggestions here on the forums! Also on the list is adding some new/custom armors & weapons to rewards for Dungeoneering! Nurn & Dummy Yeah, it's been a while! We're aiming to have Dummy fixed ASAP and with this the price of chaotic crossbow & kiteshield are reduced from 1500 to 200 invasion tokens. Speaking of invasion tokens.. we're making it so that if any existing nurns are still in the room when it's time for nurn to spawn that nurn that already existed will now be removed and replaced by the nurn spawning at the allotted times, this is to prevent some players from having their clients crash and also makes it so that it isn't impossible to kill nurn so you/new players can obtain invasion tokens as intended! Here's some of the other miscellaneous updates/changes you can expect to come: Vote Shop Rework A requirement for Gambling Achievements QoL commands for the forums - i.e: ;;rules opening the current updated rules that're here on the forums Nex fixes Hati Rings fixed Gear & Tier progression fixes Make sure to keep an eye on #development-log & #sneakpeeks in the discord server to keep up to date with what's going on! Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here! Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!
  4. Nice simple guide! I’d suggest adding more gear setups though, low tier/newer player, mid tier and high tier.. or something along those lines! If you want it to strictly be for new players only then I’d suggest putting that in the title, possibly.
  5. Welcome back Justin. I remember you, good to see you back! As banks mentioned, ask around in friends chat etc I’m sure some people will gladly help you out! See you around!
  6. EradicationX - Project Purple Development Update Log (05/23/2020 - 06/15/2020) 06/22/2020 Fixes 06/20/2020 Raid Fixes Raids (CUSTOM) Hello everyone! It makes me happy to be able to announce this news, @Anonymous has finished the work on the Raids! This update will feature the full release of raids for everyone! To access raids you will need the trio key which is also used for Hardmode trio and Hairymonkey, furthermore, there is a progression system where you have to complete 100 raids of the previous difficulty to continue to the next one. Be careful about your choice of armor and weapons since Deathtouch darts will not work in here and neither are you able to use the ;;bank command, there will be 2 spots where you can bank, these spots are after the 3rd and after the 5th wave. The final boss, the Infernal Dragon has fully coded stages implemented in the combat script. What does this mean? This means that you have to phase the boss to the next phase by killing a special NPC which will spawn, if you can not kill the NPC fast enough it will deal 25% of the remaining HP to you and your teammate if you have a duo partner. The boss will not phase until you manage to kill this NPC within the time that is given. I wish you all the best of luck on Raids and here is an overview of the droptable of Raids. In the spoiler, you can get an idea of what to expect as drops from raids! Changes/Fixes: Fixed a bug where the Lightning Beast in Raids would spawn the wrong minion. Finished the Infernal Dragon (Final Raids Boss) combat script, it will feature full phasing! Raids Teleport has been added to the Trio key Teleports (Hairymonkey, HM Trio, and Raids). Kill count and total kill count has been added for raids. Fixed a bug that caused players who died in raids to respawn at home, you will now respawn in the Raid. The minion spawning of the Lightning Beast has been capped to 5. The minion spawning of the Shukarhazh Miniboss in raids has been capped to 5. Made the progression of raids so that you now have to complete 100 raids of the previous tier before you can move onto the next difficulty. Raids will now reward 100 Spell power (Subject to change). A kill count message has been added when you complete a raid. A world message has been added for when you complete every 100 raids. A bug has been fixed in the handling of raids rewards. A bug has been fixed that caused all NPC's to spawn twice. Made is so that you cannot bank at all during the raids until directly after killing wave 3 & 5 bosses. The last minion combat script for raids has been added (Minions from Infernal Dragon). Drop tables for raids have been finished. Rich Presence for Discord (CUSTOM) @Anonymous is bringing us Rich Presence on Discord! With this, you can see what others are doing in-game/what skills people are doing! and for how long as well. This feature is being expanded as much as we can at any given time, and to use this feature make sure to download our latest client. If this does not show for you then make sure to add the client to your games library in the discord settings. The spoiler below shows examples of what Rich Presence is This is still in the works, so be patient! Elite Obsidian (CUSTOM) This update we will also see a change to the model of Elite Melee Obsidian courtesy of @Sadie! (Range Elite Obsidian is currently being worked on) Click the spoiler below to see the new model of Elite Melee Obsidian As you can see, quite the improvement! It looks much more like the Obsidian we all know! Miscellaneous/bugs/fixes: Some of you may be wondering what skilling crates are, click the spoiler below to see what these new crates contain! Reworked spell power handling. A command has been added for Server Manager + to increase or decrease spell power multiplier. A command has been added/fixed for Headmod + to complete Nomad for players. An executive command has been added to be able to set Raids kill count. A command has been added for Admin+ to be able to start the World Vote bonus. Reworked the entire elite enchantment handling and added all elite armory scrolls and enchantments (the new elite range and elite melee armor). Added 4 new skilling crates to the game. Wilderness boss teleports interface has been fixed. Teleports for QBD & Nomad has been added. The stats of the Elite Royal Court Rapiers(MH & OH) have been changed. Fixed a bug that caused Obsidian Queen to not count as a valid Elite Slayer Task and not be assigned. Ranged Strength has been added to the Amulet Of Completion. Seasinger drops will now announce when dropped. Off-hand Ascension ranged strength has been changed. Off-hand Quickfire ranged strength has been changed. Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here! Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!
  7. Not so many Virtus drops Nice job though !
  8. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback on me, Banks. As a professional standing, I'm glad to have been able to of helped you out and I'm glad you've stuck around as well. As a personal standing.. your feedback means a lot to me, it's hard to put into words how much something like that was really needed for me.. So thank you and i appreciate it a lot.
  10. Appealing

    Staff Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback, it's unfortunate you think i'm not that active as my regular activity was working 8 hrs a day and then be on the server for 6+ hours a night, I think your timing on joining and my situation have not aligned well - hopefully i can prove your opinion on my inactivity wrong soon. See you around! : )
  11. It is also dropped by reg boss - the price has been changed to 1b ea piece.
  12. Hello everyone, Many of you may of noticed my absence lately.. - Fear not, I'm not going anywhere and I haven't lost motivation for the server. Something very sad has happened recently within my personal life and I have been taking some time to be able to help support those affected by the situation as well as trying to focus on myself some so that I can return to the server with a clear head and more.. You may be wondering what's happened, but I won't be explaining that here - those that need to know have been contacted about it. I hope that everyone will be understanding with me and my situation, I will still be getting on here and there, or at least attempting to, but if you see me not online for a couple days at a time for these couple weeks this is the reason why.
  13. EradicationX - Project Purple Development Update Log (04/25/2020 - 05/13/2020) Wisdom & Vampyrism Aura Tiers (Suggested Content) This was an idea that was suggested by @Rich nub - Thanks for the suggestion! If you'd like to make a suggestion and have a chance for an idea you have to be implemented into the game then please feel free to make a suggestion here on the Forums! Here, Or in Discord! Here. Eradicated Seals & Shop Finally, after throwing ideas around about what to do with Eradicated Seals, we've finally settled! You will now be able to sell the items listed below to shop to be able to get your Eradicated Seals! New Rule & Afking We've implemented a new rule! If you have not read the rules yet, We highly suggest you do this! Reading these will help you avoid breaking the rules we have in place! Read our Rules here. This Rule is related specifically to Afking! See the information of the new Rule below! Please make sure to read these Rules at regular intervals to make sure that you are up to date on the Rules!,Thanks! Miscellaneous: Added Eradicated Seal Sell Shop Spawn. Added items with prices over 5b in the Eco to Eradicated Seal Shop. Sirenic Set (Shadow) & Noxious Weapons (Shadow) have been added - No plans for them yet! First Combat Scripts for Raids NPCs have been added. Added combat script for first raids mini boss. The ability to successfully leave raids without any bugs has been added. (Thanks @PvM Arcane for the selected object used for the exit.) Added automatic backup system to server files. (This may impact performance during the time period of 23pm to 04am server time) Bugs/Fixes: Hardmode Trio KC has been added to total kill count. Hati KC has been added to total kill count. Bandos KC has been added to total kill count. Fixed Marshall @ ;;Trio. Removed teleporting from Kre'Arra combatscript. Fixed Deathtouched Darts not counting as 2 votes for Worldvote. Made it so once your instance is over, you get teleported home instead of the regular boss room.(This is done to fight afking for hours in the regular boss rooms) Fixed Amulet of Completion. Fixed a bug where you would lose vote points when attempt to ;;redeem with no inventory space, they will now be sent to your bank. Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting a feedback here! Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!
  14. Hello, Destr0! Thanks for making an application! - I'll be honest, i don't have too many suggestions for you to look to improve on.. but there are a couple things I'd suggest doing to further improve your chances of being accepted for this role! Be more active! - We are in different timezones, but, regardless i feel like i should be seeing you more in-game than i do currently if you are interested in taking on this role! PUT MORE EFFORT INTO YOUR APPLICATION!!!! - in an application you want to tell a bit about yourself and your intentions etc for becoming a supporter! it does not matter if you have been rejected a lot etc or not ..for this staff team we want people that are dedicated and actually care, so please revise your application and attempt to fill it out more so that this can be seen! I've heard a bit about you, I think you have pretty good potential but please consider working on these couple of suggestions! As I've said on other applications, I will be observing applicants closer so i can compile better opinions of all applicants - i may approach you with more suggestions if i feel there is any more i can offer! GLHF
  15. Hello, PvM Arcane! Thanks for making a staff application! - I would like to share with you some suggestions i have on things you could improve on to further better your chances of becoming a support! Be more mindful of what you say! - some people get offended easily, some don't.. you never know.. learn to read people better and get to know the players of the server more. Avoid provoking people whenever possible! - again, some people get offended easily, don't try to push their buttons or argue with them, this is not a good look for an applicant! AFK Less! - we want to see activity and active interaction with the community! not an applicant that spends a lot of their time afking brutals! More effort into Application! - I've told the others and i will tell you as well, please attempt to revise your application and try to add onto it to fill it out more! Make your application stand out more! Don't just fill out the basics!! Avoid being involved in drama! - this is similar and could be connect to the first 2 things I've said, but, applicants being involved in drama causing problems will be a big stain on your chances of being accepted to this role! I've seen you helping people a few times, you can be quite helpful - most of the time you seem like a pretty decent guy and fairly outgoing as well but as you can see above i believe there are a few things you can work on a little bit during the application process! As I've said with the other applications, i will be observing more closely when i can to further compile better opinions on all of you applicants! GLHF