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Found 2 results

  1. Diego

    Iron Life

    Hello peoples As many know in this version of our dear server i'm playing like iron, at least so far it is my greatest desire There is a question that made me bring this post here, many from the community both as new / old players who know me and many random players who have just met me. I often encounter doubts and questions, "how is your progress", "how did you start and where did your journey begin", "where do you recommend I start or what to do", "what do you indicate I have first or what to do ". I think those were the main doubts that I came across recently, the iron style that I've tried so many times to play and gave up so early makes me feel that I can achieve everything by being independent and one of the main things that made me want to be an iron player is that whenever I play on a normal account I lose everything by betting that it is something that many have no control over and they always end up stopping to lose everything and that was really one of the issues that will not let me give up and obviously I already have a 10b xp account that I will play in the future after a long progress in my iron, I say until I stabilize myself in it. The main goal is to know if you would like me to do some guide on how to start or where to start your pvm journey in which order it would be easier to get things done, this is not only for players without ranks or iron this would be for everyone . This is something so easy for me that it can be so useful for you and new players because I had to do all this to have a good progress in an iron account and it would help you to know the easiest way to start and not the difficult paths beyond that tricks that I discovered in the meantime to facilitate my 10b xp in the iron that I am so close. Let me know what u think about it.
  2. Mining Guide This guide covers the basics for getting from 1 to 99 and even 400m mining xp 1-77 Mining All of 1-77 Mining will be done in ;;skilling You will need to get your pickaxes from the Woodcutting & Mining npc in ;;shops - you can get Bronze-Dragon pickaxe from this npc The rocks and the levels for them are in the picture below! - Note: this also includes in which order to mine them Once you have reach 77 Mining you will be heading to Lava Flow Mines, to get there do as follows Ext tab(between stats and inventory)>Teleports>Next page>Sklling locations>Lava-Flow Mining The Lava-Flow mine is where you will stay until you are 99 or 400m, which, mining here you can obtain the Golden Mining outfit this outfit is obtained through the Tokkul shop for 500 Tokkul a piece(2,500 Tokkul total for full set)