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Found 1 result

  1. There are 2 main ways of training Runecrafting: The Runespan and Altar Runecrafting at ;;Skilling. If you are a non-donator, or wish to choose a more AFK method of Runecrafting, use Option 1 (Runespan) If you are a regular donator or higher, and want the best Runecrafting XP rates, follow Option 2 (;;Skilling) Option 1: Runespan To get to Runespan, simply follow EX Tab -> Teleports -> Next Page -> Skilling Locations -> Next Page -> Runecrafting: Runespan Note 1: Before you can start you must grab some floating essence, near the teleport spot (see yellow square) Note 2: If you re-click on the creature you're siphoning before it dies, you won't have to wait for the respawn times, getting you faster XP. 1-65: Esslings & Esshounds Level 1-27: Air Esslings, Earth Esslings, Water Esslings, Fire Esslings Level 27-44: Cosmic Esshounds Level 44-54: Nature Esshounds Level 54-65: Law Esshounds 65-99: Esswraiths 65-77: Death Esswraiths 77-90: Blood Esswraiths 90-99+: Soul Esswraiths Option 2: Altars at ;;Skilling (Requires access to pure essence which is sold in the Runes shop at ;;dz - Donator+) Note 1: Having access to the ;;bank command and keybinding it in Keybind Settings (Press Escape -> Keybind Settings) makes this method much easier. Note 2: Be sure to make a preset, filling your inventory with essence. 1-65: Air Runes on the Air Altar at ;;Skilling 65-99+: Death Runes on the Death Altar at ;;Skilling Best of luck on all of your Runecrafting XP gains, and congratulations on any achievements you get.