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Development: Updates & Log [05/13/2020]

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EradicationX - Project Purple
Development Update Log (04/25/2020 - 05/13/2020)

Wisdom & Vampyrism Aura Tiers (Suggested Content)
This was an idea that was suggested by @Rich nub - Thanks for the suggestion! If you'd like to make a suggestion and have a chance for an idea you have to be implemented into the game then please feel free to make a suggestion here on the Forums! Here, Or in Discord! Here.


- Greater Wisdom, Superior Wisdom, Supreme Wisdom.
Greater = 1.8x XP, Superior = 2.5x XP, Supreme = 3.5x XP

- Greater Vampyrism, Superior Vampyrism, Supreme Vampyrism.
Greater = 15%, Superior = 25%, Supreme = 45%

Cool-down Time:
Greater -> 24h
Superior -> 12h
Supreme -> 6h

Activation Time:
Greater -> 20 Minutes
Superior -> 30 Minutes
Supreme -> 40 Minutes

Regular -> 10k
Greater -> 100k
Superior -> 250k
Supreme -> 500k

Eradicated Seals & Shop
Finally, after throwing ideas around about what to do with Eradicated Seals, we've finally settled! You will now be able to sell the items listed below to shop to be able to get your Eradicated Seals!


Eradication Seal Rates
*Example: Ls4 = 15k Erad Seals - 1k seals = 1b*

-Melee Obsidian-
Obsidian Shard (Melee) - 20k Seals per
Body - 100k Seals per
Legs - 80k Seal per
Gloves - 20k Seals per
Boots - 20k Seals per
Kiteshield - 40k Seals per

-Magic Obsidian-
Obsidian Shard (Magic) - 40k Seals per
Body - 200k Seals per
Legs - 160k Seals per
Gloves - 40k Seal per
Boots - 40k Seals per

-Range Obsidian-
Obsidian Shard (Ranged) - 40k Seals per
Body - 200k Seals per
Legs - 160k Seals per
Gloves - 40k Seals per
Boots - 40k Seals per

-Trio Weapons-
Main hand Royal Court Rapier - 8k Seals per
Off hand Royal Court Rapier - 20k Seals per
Main hand Ascension Crossbow - 8k Seals per
Off hand Ascension Crossbow - 8k Seals per
Virtus Wand - 12k Seals per
Virtus Book - 12k Seals per

-Misc Items-
Tz7 - 20k Seals per
Ls4 - 15k Seals per


*Note: Items listed are subject to change at any given time, and more items to possibly be added in the future*

New Rule & Afking
We've implemented a new rule! If you have not read the rules yet, We highly suggest you do this! Reading these will help you avoid breaking the rules we have in place! Read our Rules here. This Rule is related specifically to Afking! See the information of the new Rule below!


Rule #15: AFK-ing

Do not AFK in regular boss rooms, this includes super & brutal dragons. - it isn't a good look for an active player to see someone in max gear AFK in a regular boss room! You may still AFK inside your own instance as well as anywhere else.

[Punishment: Send home the first time as a warning, jail when they get caught a second time.]

Please make sure to read these Rules at regular intervals to make sure that you are up to date on the Rules!,Thanks!


  • Added Eradicated Seal Sell Shop Spawn.
  • Added items with prices over 5b in the Eco to Eradicated Seal Shop.
  • Sirenic Set (Shadow) & Noxious Weapons (Shadow) have been added - No plans for them yet!
  • First Combat Scripts for Raids NPCs have been added.
  • Added combat script for first raids mini boss.
  • The ability to successfully leave raids without any bugs has been added. (Thanks @PvM Arcane for the selected object used for the exit.)
  • Added automatic backup system to server files. (This may impact performance during the time period of 23pm to 04am server time)


  • Hardmode Trio KC has been added to total kill count.
  • Hati KC has been added to total kill count.
  • Bandos KC has been added to total kill count.
  • Fixed Marshall @ ;;Trio.
  • Removed teleporting from Kre'Arra combatscript.
  • Fixed Deathtouched Darts not counting as 2 votes for Worldvote.
  • Made it so once your instance is over, you get teleported home instead of the regular boss room.(This is done to fight afking for hours in the regular boss rooms)
  • Fixed Amulet of Completion.
  • Fixed a bug where you would lose vote points when attempt to ;;redeem with no inventory space, they will now be sent to your bank.

Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting a feedback here!
Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!

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