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Development: Updates & Log [05/23/2020]

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EradicationX - Project Purple
Development Update Log (04/25/2020 - 05/13/2020)

Just a quick little update on what we've been working on the couple of days! 🙂 

Boss Teleport Interface:

  • Added a new custom boss teleport interface, which can be accessed through the boss teleports. Weaknesses, combat level, health, difficulty and your killcount will be shown here, as well as the drops and teleport option.
    Added a sorting function to the boss teleport interface

    By clicking the hand/coin option next to the possible drops and rewards you'll change the filter the drops are displayed!image.png


  • Added a system in the raids which saves your progress if you log out or disconnect during a wave. When you get back online you can start where you left off. 
  • Added a new function to the custom interface on raids which displays the maximum health of the raids. This way you can always see how far you've gotten in the raid.
  • Finished almost all Raids NPC Combat Scripts.
  • Finished Rewards handler for raids.



  • Fixed the Forum Admin login message not displaying properly.
  • Buffed the Completionist Amulet healing from 1/5 to 1/4.
  • Added a special attack option to the Tzhaar Whip 7 (only the 7)
    - This attack will hit twice.
    - This attack will apply a 200 poison damage to the target.
    - 50% charge. 
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