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Bandos Guide

This guide will be going over the basics for killing Bandos for newly joined players. The drops you will be going for is Bandos helmet and Goliath gloves. Any other drops would be a great method for making money.


Recommended level to approach this boss would be level 99+ in all combat and prayer.

Going to Bandos


To get to the boss you can simply do ;;bandos or go to the ex tab > teleports > boss locations > teleport manager interface



Gear and Setup


The recommended combat style for this boss would be Meele and prayer style would be Protect Meele 1971872333_ScreenShot2020-06-18at10_52_44AM.png.63d87054582892eb8ad7d4a1256cface.png also Turmoil image.png.725d7b9e24ff1c54024d160ad6394c70.png  . Prayer pots will not be needed for this boss as you can find an altar there.

Minimum recommended gear for this boss would be:


Head: Statius's full helm
Body: Vesta platebody
Legs: Vesta platelegs
Gloves: Culinaromancer's Gloves 10
Boots: Dragon Boots
Weapon: Vesta longsword
Shield/Off-hand: Off-hand rapier
Amulet: Amulet of fury
Ring: Warrior ring (i)
Cape: 200m Master Cape

*If you can obtain full Statius's set would be highly recommended. (Wildy Revenants)*



Goodluck on drops and have fun!

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