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I can‘t say enough about Sadie I not saw his activity in server, but he is very active in Discord.



Cool man. If I have any question he always answer, everytime notice what helps new players. He do so much in bringing us great content and fixing all bugs

Head Moderator


I didn't know a lot of things about him, but I think that if somebody have question he helps and consulates.

Server Moderator

Rich nub

Everytime is funny and joking, seems he plays on server, kills bosses, farming, not staying afk and etc. When I started playing I had a lot of question and Rich nub answers, advices what do better, faster and best profit. Always have time to buy onyxs for me 😄 He is super helpful.

Server Support


I saw him on server, but we didn‘t talk, so I can‘t say anything about him.


Always helping, answering, friendly comunicating and etc. Everything clearly explains what do better, tells schemes how to get armor, weapons. If have opportunity lend rangs. Often see on server, useful person and without him it will be very hard to start play for me. Always asking my opinion what do better for server, what event I want next. Everyones opinion is caring for him. Many times teleporting to me and asking „whats up, what are you doing?“ (saying: do that and that, don‘t be lazy and go go to 10B cape :D)


Forum Moderator
Mr Whale

Saw 1 time on server and thats all.


Sorry for my English. It‘s my little opinion about this server staff in about 1 month playing. Hope will be better and better. Thank you for your hard work and spend time for doing server better.

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Thank you for your feedback, always appreciated by us as a team. All of us want to improve and make sure we provide our players the best support etc as we can possibly give.


12 hours ago, Den said:

Mr Whale

Saw 1 time on server and thats all.

Just to give an explanation to this; I am actually a forums’ staff member, which means my job is to make sure the forums stay nice and clean, hence why I am not the most active guy in-game. However, I will try and show my face more often if I can.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Whale.

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Posted (edited)

thank you for the feedback! always happy to help out, good to see you enjoying the server and the staff that comes with it, Keep up the gameplay and get back to cutting onyx's for that erad!

Edited by Rich nub

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Thanks for your time in giving us all a feedback. I appreciate your comment and glad to be helping you out and encouraging you to grind. As for the higher staff , yes it does seem that they are quite inactive ingame, that's because of all the the behind the scenes activity thats going on. But don't be afraid you will start seeing them more and more often now. Anyways keep it up with your progress and good luck.

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