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Steven R.

Steven R Introduction

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Hello all, 

My name is Steven R, I am 41 years old, and I live in the USA. I have been an avid gamer and technology majority of my life so it's no shock to myself at least that even at my age I like the occasional game. I've played just about everything since the Atari and going up from there to your now modern electronic VR game consoles. 

A little about myself, I already mentioned I am 41 years old, however, I also have a lovely wife of the age of well...okay a smart man doesn't give a ladies age now do they ? Haha! Anyway, I have two lovely daughters as well who one is 17 and the other is 22. I live more specifically in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. I am the owner and operator of a small administrative firm just south of Atlanta, GA. We recently actually opened up our second office and I am in the process of getting that one fully operational. 

My hobbies and likes can be quite sporadic and eccentric depending on my mood, how busy I am, how late it is, and etc. Sometimes I prefer gaming, other times I prefer reading some kind of fanfiction, at other times I just want to spend time with family, and then there are other times where I quite honestly just want to be left alone with a nice cold beer (and pizza helps but not always available!). 

I like most genres of music, or at least I will respect and listen to just about anything anybody plays. I never really grew up listening to rap, r&b, etc, however that being said there are a few songs that actually aren't bad. Even if I can't keep up with what they are singing right?  I am one of those southern boys who just grew up with country and gospel while in the little country white church. During my college years I started to listen to a lot of rock and metal music as well and while it infuriated my folks like mad crazy the one year I was still living with them blasting the stuff off the walls I've come to really like it. I recently got into electro style music and I love how it can generate different vibes so easily. 

I was never the one for sports unfortunately! I did two years of wrestling back in high school, blew out my knee and that was the end of that fun and adventure right there. I never could quite find the interest others have in "watching the game" but in all fairness I was always the one you would find sitting by a tree at recess reading a good murder book or something. 

On the virtual/cyber level of things I do many things and more specifically I play quite a bit of FiveM/GTA V Roleplaying. In the past six months I have gotten into bubble.io app creation and found I actually quite enjoy it and find it relaxing at times. Due to that interest taking off I joined a company online that designs and sells CAD systems for FiveM/GTA V roleplaying servers and I do development for them now relating to that in my free time. 

I also of course can't forget Runescape/Runescape Private Servers. Back in 2010 and before I played Runescape mechanically as if driven by some demonic creature to never stop. I lost interest, came back, got hacked,  made a new account, recovered the old account,  lost interest again, you get the general idea. So then I started to try out private servers after a friend suggested one to me as I had issues keeping interest in the main game. I liked how there seemed to be a small family community style in many of the private servers and so I started to do that as an extracurricular activity off and on for a couple of years. 

I only recently came back though to runescape private servers and I guess is a good stopping point to the introduction. I am a pretty chill guy who just wants to have a fun time and enjoy my free time. 

-Steven R.

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Danngggg you had kids pretty early huh? That's awesome you have a great little family : ) I can respect small business owners as I work for one as well and know first hand what it takes to keep it all from crumbling etc.. I've watched a fair amount of videos on FiveM rp honestly, mostly when summit etc were playing it(sorry if that triggers anything or whatever, just the truth) so that's a pretty cool little side deal you have going on there for sure! I am very truly sorry to hear about you blowing out your knee, sports/martial arts like wrestling etc are very good for personal development and more but you seem to have made it all work quite well regardless! I hope you stick around a while here and look forward to providing any help I can !

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Wow! I have the utmost respect for ownership of your own business and the position you have gotten yourself to in life! I hope to find myself in a position similar to yours in coming years, although, I'm well aware of the amount of work that requires 😂

I'm very glad you found your way back to RS private servers and more importantly, specifically EradicationX - Project Purple! Excited to get to know you more in-game for sure!

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