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Hati Guide

 This guide will be going over the basics for killing Hati for newly joined players. The drops you will be going for is Decimation, Obliteration, and Annihilation rings.


Recommended level to approach this boss would be level 120+ in all combat and prayer.


Going to Hati


To get to the boss you can simply do ;;hati or go to the ex tab > teleports > boss locations > teleport manager interface


Gear and Setup


The recommended combat style for this boss would be Magic casting Blood Barrage image.png.e9ffaa11343154752231d989800102dc.png and prayer style would be Protect Magic 797299088_ScreenShot2020-06-18at10_53_42AM.png.708bd9ed7b0eee3dcc4ebb47aee6f6ca.png also Torment image.png.6d93db8c32427051e2e498cf10f9e088.png.

Minimum recommended gear for this boss would be:


Head: Hood of subjugation
Body: Garb of subjugation
Legs: Gown of subjugation
Gloves: Gloves of subjugation
Boots: Boots of subjugation
Weapon: Lightning Staff 4
Shield/Off-hand: Virtus Book & Arcane Spirit Shield
Amulet: Arcane stream necklace
Ring: Seers' ring (i)
Cape: Skiller cape
Aura: Vampyrism

*Any shield will do fine other than Antifire shield or Dragonfire shield*



Concept of Hati


The concept of killing Hati is different compared to our other bosses. In order to successfully kill Hati you have to pay attention to its script where you will switch between shield and your off-hand item. The script when Hati says "You can't resist the cold weather!", you will have to equip your shield. If you don't wear your shield a max hit of 850 damage attack will be given and you will be frozen. The next script is when Hati says "You can't runaway from this", you will unequip your shield and equip your off-hand. If you don't a max hit of 500 damage attack will be given and you will get stunned meaning your prayers and autocast will be turned off. 

Goodluck on drops and have fun!

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