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Invasion Token's Guide

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Invasion Token's Guide

This guide will go over how to obtain and what you can buy with these tokens

How To Obtain Invasion Token's:


There Are Many Ways To Obtain These Tokens:

Melee Dummy: Located At Home


This is a daily minigame that anyone can take part in Every 12 hours, You have 1 minute to do as much damage as you can,

you will then be rewarded invasion tokens based on your total damage in that minute.


Dragith Nurn: Located under home


This is a Server minigame which triggers every 6 hours (12:00, 6:00 server time)


There is no time limit on this boss, there is 2 health phases,

The first phase (Pray Magic) Dragith Nurn has 60k Hp, 

and the 2nd phase (Pray Soul Split) is 30k Hp,

Everyone who is taking part (dealing damage) gets 200 invasion tokens for each phase
To the player who deals the most damage each phase gets the standard 200 tokens + a bonus dropped on the floor 

You can also kill the zombies which drop invasion tokens




You can ;;vote ingame and be able to ;;redeem 1 reward book which will have an option to claim 1 vote ticket. The vote shop at ;;shops contains 400 invasion tokens which you can purchase for 5 vote tickets.


Trivia: Server minigame (Every 10 Minutes)


When you answer trivia questions by doing ::answer *answer here* you gain 1 Trivia point,

You can spend these points at the Trivia Shop at ::shops, you get 30 invasion tokens per 1 trivia point


Fishing & Food Shop: *Will need rocktail soup ability*

How to get rocktail soup ability: 

You can buy the ability from players

or you can buy from the grim reaper shop for 1,000 Boss slayer points
(Talk to grim reaper at home for a boss slayer task)


Now you have the ability;


You can buy Uncooked Stews and cook them at a 33% cook success rate to make cooked stews,

then use the cooked stew on a cooked rocktail to make rocktail soup,

which you can sell in the invasion shop for 10 invasion tokens per rocktail soup




You can buy Invasion Token's from players
Invasion Token's Are 1 Million per Token.

What to Spend Invasion Tokens On:


So now you have Invasion Tokens, What to do with them?



You can buy items in the store with these tokens, (I recommend buying Deathtouched Darts)

Invasion Tokens are also used to buy Chaotic weapons at ;;shops 

These Tokens are used to refill charges for a bonecrusher,

Or you can sell these tokens to other players for a good money making method





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