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Development: Updates & Log [9/24/2020]

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EradicationX - Project Purple
Development Update Log (08/5/2020 - 09/24/2020)

World Boss (Custom)

World Bosses have been added along with their combat scripts.
Added 3 models for world bosses, each model will have their own weakness
Night-Gazer Kighorahk : weak to magic
KalGer the Warmonger : weak to ranged
Hope Devourer : weak to melee
- Gave stats to the new hairymonkey imbued rings ( +6 on the respective attack over the normal ring and +3 ranged or melee str
 or +1% more magic damage over the normal ring and +2 prayer bonus more then the last ring)
- Added new best in slot rings, imbued hairymonkey rings. the scrolls to enchant the rings will be a 1 in 100 drop chance of all 3 types of worldbosses
- Added a new Executive command to force spawn world bosses
- Fixed a bug which caused worldbosses to not be multi zone
- Fixed a bug that caused worldbosses to not spawn
- Fixed a bug that made players unable to teleport after dying due to world bosses

See the general drop table of world bosses below~



Added a drop table system for the worldboss, the drops are as follow : 
(everyone who did damage to the worldboss will gain a drop)
    Rare table (1 in 100) :
- Treasonous Enchantment
- Enchantment of the Gods
- Tyrannical Enchantment

Uncommon table (1 in 25) :
- Uncooked stews (min 1 , max 250)
- Skilling crate (god) (min 1, max 4)
- Present (chance for rare) (min 1, max 3)

Common table (if you don't land on the others)
- Invasion tokens (min 1, max 500)
- Skilling crate (master) (min 1, max 6)
- Skilling crate (advanced) (min 1, max 😎
- Skilling crate (noob) (min 1, max 10)



Trivia & Voting Changes

- Made it so 3 players can answer trivia questions, 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, 3rd place gets 1 point
- Adjusted the trivia chair question answer from 20 to 16
- Tripled all prices of all trivia rewards to keep the economy regarding trivia items the same in value
- Reworked voting rewards, now you just need to do ;;reward or ;;redeem or ;;voted to get a new item. The vote rewards book.
 In this book you have 3 options seen down below. With the vote tickets you can now buy items from the vote shop including the added items stated above.
- Added deathtouchdarts to the vote shop for 5 vote tickets
- Added spellpower scroll (100 SP) to vote shop for 3 vote tickets
- Added a single spin ticket to vote shop for 3 vote tickets
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to answer trivia multiple times

Slayer Helm Changes

- Buffed Full slayer helmet from 1.15 accuracy and 1.15 damage multiplier for magic to 1.25 accuracy and 1.25 damage multiplier (<only for magic)
- Added a 1.25 effective strenght multiplier on the full slayer helm for melee (previously there was none)
- Added a 1.25 effective strenght multiplier on the full slayer helm for ranged (previously there was none)
- Current regular slayer helm only works on melee (1.15 damage amplifier) , full slayer helm gives a 1.25 amplifier in all combat skills.

Raid Changes/Fixes


- Made it so you need prestige level 1 to start raids
- Reduced the damage the lighing beast minions deal by more than 50% but made them scale a little harder with difficulty

General Fixes/Changes

- Added a ;;starterguide command which opens up the official starter guide being actively adjusted by our staff team
- fixed mod crown not working in friendschat
- fixed mod crown not working in public chat
- Added ;;afk and ;;back command for forum moderators and forum admins
- Added a custom login title for our events account : "Events manager events has logged in "
- Fixed a bug which caused players to need to get 5B total exp again after prestiging to continue the elite chapter quests
- Increased the droprate of seasinger armour and deathlotus armour from 1.2 to 2.0
- Added morrigans armour and javelins to the droptable of Avatar of Destruction
- Reworked the known weakness system of bosses to be more efficient and more expendable in the future with new content
- Removed the invasion token shop npc and combined the shop in the "invasion tokens and character" npc
- Another attempt has been made to clear out all zombies and nurns before a new one spawns

Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting feedback here!
Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!

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