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Mr Whale

Request a Rank (Comment on this Topic).

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If you want your forums account to look a little bit more piffed up, request a donator or the veteran rank!

When requesting a donator rank, make sure that we can actually see that YOU own the donator rank. 

Requirements when requesting the Veteran rank:

  • Your ingame account needs to be 183 days or older.
  • You must have a total of 100 posts on forums.
  • No punishment record that the staff team deem is serious enough.


Donator Request Format:

  • Ingame name:


  • What donator rank(s) are you requesting?


  • Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:


Veteran Request Format:

  • Ingame name:


  • Full client screeshot of having 183 days old account:



Request any rank by commenting on this topic following the format(s) above.

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In Game Name: Nizze55

Donator rank request: Eradicator


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