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Fletching Guide 1-99+

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Fletching 1-99+


There are a few ways to go about getting 1-99 fletching. For Ironmen you will just follow the first part of the guide, and I will dedicate a section for you after the main part. 

Starting Off

To start out for there are a few ways to go about training fletching. One of them being by woodcutting the logs yourself. I'd suggest going to ;;shops, and finding the woodcutting shop. From there you will buy a Dragon Axe. (Note that if you want to do fletching from the shop, that you can easily fletch, empty inventory, buy more logs, rinse and repeat)

Next, go to ;;skilling. From there just start on the basic tree and move up. This is the order and levels you will go in. Reg Log into arrow shafts until 5 - short bows until 10 - long bows until 20- oak short bows until 25 - oak long bows until 35 and so on. The rule of thumb is each logs wc requirement + 5 is the short bow requirement, while the long bow is +10 (ex yew short bows take 65, and the long bows take 70). With the woodcutting path do the best you can do until you get to 80.


At this point you want to start mage short bows. To find magic trees, either teleport to ;;ez (extreme donator+) or go to skilling teleports, last page, woodcutting, and then run southwest to find some.


At 81 fletching, you can do rune darts. To get the ingredients you need to be extreme donator+ or just have someone grab them for you. These are the fastest way to 400m. If not continue doing magic long bows until you reach your goal. 



Ironman Version

Now for Ironmen, you can follow the guide above and instead of going to darts, you just continue magic long bows. You can also just boss drops to supply your supplies. Some bosses drop noted yew/magic logs. You can bank those long bows you make if you want to farm Sea Troll Queen for bow string to string the bows as well. How you go about it is up to personal preference. 


Thanks for taking time to check out the guide! Hope it helps. Good luck and have a good one.

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