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PvM Arcane

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    Addition of two handed weapons would be a good option for the server! bring in weapons that compete with dual wielded weapons for range, melee and mage!

    it would be good to see people running around with different loadouts instead of the same usual stuff!


    I think adding a use to Flame and Razor whips would give the game a bit more of a cosmetic look. at the moment people are either walking around with a tz7 or a flammy for melee.

    Lets Give the server a bit of options for melee! make these whips upgradable similar to the Tz1, but give them their own special touch.

    • Flaming whip   Give the whip a new spec, with a fire spec or something, with a lasting burn effect, similar to a poison weapon!
    • Razor whip  Give the razor whip a new spec with a high damage slice spec or something along those lines!

    Eradication has always had the same weapons through out its resets! it would be good to see some change running around the server!



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    Gives the server a nice look! gives people options to have different loadouts and combat techniques
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Would certainly be a nice addition to the server. 

I'm not sure if the ways of obtaining the items you mentioned have changed. If it hasn't, they're quite easily obtained and I'd imagine the supply if those items are high. This means the items would have to be reset in order to give them a buff. This may or may not be an issue, it's up to the developers. An alternative way could be to obtain an item to enchant the flaming or razer whip. This could be the challanging way of making the whips good and worth to use. It'd also be a way around resetting the items.

In regards to mage and range, do you have any specific weapons in mind or are you thinking that the owners should hire a modeler? For a modeler to keep up the custom standard of the server would require a lot of skill but thanks to all our donators that shouldn't be an issue.

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