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Anarchist's Staff Application


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  • In-Game Name:
  • How old are you?
  • Timezone:
  • What position are you applying for?
    Discord Moderator
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team?
    I would like to be part of the team to give back to a great community and to assist the rest of the team in any way possible. I have loved EradicationX since my first time coming across it and would like to contribute in bigger ways.
  • Do you have any past staff experience?
    Yes, I have been a community moderator within various clans as well as managed social media for their pages. I also have in-game staff experience as a helper/moderator, as well as previous experiences running my own communities.
  • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for?
    I feel as though maturity and respect should be required though that should be common sense and always shown. But also activity on the Discord be it talking with other players, helping etc. Also I feel as though a Discord Moderator should have basic knowledge of Discord and how it works.
  • Additional Information:
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