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Boss Weaknesses

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Boss Weakness Guide

Welcome, you may or may not know that a new system has been implemented to the various bosses of the server! This guide will serve as purpose to help you find out what bosses are weak to what! This is to prevent melee from being the go-to superior combat style for most bosses! 
*Note: failing to use the correct combat style for a specific boss will result in only doing 50% of your damage to that boss!*


Below is the list of the bosses and their weaknesses!

Maximum gradum - None
Eradicator - Ranged
Fear - Magic
STQ - Melee
Necrolord - Melee
Nomad - Melee
Hati - Magic
Wildywurm - Ranged
QBD - Ranged
Bandos - Melee
Zammy - Magic
Armadyl - Ranged
Saradomin - Melee
Seasinger - Melee
Deathlotus - Magic
Blink - Ranged
Corporeal Beast - Ranged
Anonymous - Ranged
Sadie - Magic
Marshall - Melee
Hardmode Anonymous - Ranged
Hardmode Sadie - Magic
Hardmode Marshall - Melee
Hairymonkey - Melee, ranged & magic
Erad Jad - Melee
Sunfreet - Magic
Extreme Boss - Melee
Regular Boss - Melee
Obsidian King - Magic
Obsidian Queen - Ranged
Obsidian Prince - Melee
Wildyjad - Melee, ranged & magic


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