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Slim Sadie's Introduction

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Hello, Eradicators.

My name's Adam, born and lived in Norway for 9 years before moving and growing up in Sweden. 
I love to play, develop, host games and most certainly argue & writing long boring threads. 

On the side I study Law and the two other games I sometimes play are Fortnite and RuneScape 3. 

Now that you've gotten to know me, what about you?

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Hey Adam/Sadie ! : ) I'm glad you finally made your proper introduction ❤️ I'm glad to get to know a little more about you ! 

What's it like in those countries? I also love to play games and definitely known to argue a bit here and there x) and I also love writing long boring threads too! (I guess that wouldn't make them boring to me at least) - someday I think I would like to learn how to develop a little as well.

I've always been interested in Law myself - I'm always happy to learn more about Law here and there, but I haven't exactly taken the time to directly learn it. I've never played Fortnite, it seems like it can be fun but I've never committed to trying it out.. 😅 but on the other hand, I have played plenty of RuneScape 3 : ) maxed, at least until the new skill tomorrow.. (March 30th)

But a little more about me.. I go by Appealing/Alex(short for my name, but Alex is good enough) I'm 24 of Filipino descent.. and my passions are helping people and taekwondo ❤️


Look forward to getting to know you better and more 😊

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