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General Client issues

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My client doesn't load?
If your client isn't loading it's because you cannot connect to the server. This may occur for various of reasons. 

  • The server is being updated.
    Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server until it's been updated.
  • The server is down.
    Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server until it's online.
  • You're IP-banned.
    Meaning you cannot login/connect to the server with your IP Address. 
  • You're Mac-banned.
    Meaning you cannot login/connect with your computer.
  • The connection time is being slow.
    Meaning just exit out the client and try to re-open it and it'll eventually work.

If you're sure it's because none of these reasons, it might be an error on our side, and you should try to re-download the cache.
How do I do this?:

  1. On your computer, go to your "Local Disk".
  2. Go to your user -> EXR file, and delete. 
  3. "C:\Users\YourUserName\EXR" for all the PC nerds out there.


My client/screen is freezing?
If your client is freezing at the menu or in-game, make sure that you're on the display modes OpenGL or Dirext-X. 




My screen is black upon login?

If your screen turns black as you login, it's because of one out of two reasons.

  • New Player:
    If it's the first time you load the client, it's due to the cache loading up. For the screen to become normal again you'll have to wait this out. This might take some time depending on your computer, but it'll turn normal eventually.

    To see the cache loading progression you can press "~" <- the button below/next to escape, to open up the developer console.
    As you've opened that, type in "displayfps" and it'll tell you the cache progression.
    If you feel like, you could try relogging every now and then as that might help with the case.
  • Not the first time loading client:
    If it's not the first time you're loading the client, it's most likely because your account has been nulled. This happens when you go to un-popular or areas that Safe/software mode can't handle. This is most likely to happen to Mac users and those who wish to multi-log. 

    Contact a staff member through discord, forums or make a new account to see if one is online. 


My client doesn't seem to be able to open using Java?
If your client doesn't automatically open Java as you download it, make sure you've got the latest Java downloaded. You can download that here ("https://www.java.com/sv/download/").

If you're unsure if you've got the latest version of Java, you can check that here ("https://www.java.com/sv/download/installed.jsp").


I've got the latest version of Java but it still doesn't work?:
If this happens to you then it's because of an error within your java. This however is luckily not an advanced problem and there's a pretty easy fix to it.

To fix this problem you'll need to download a Jarfix which you can do here ("
Download that and follow the instructions, and your client should be up running smoothly!


Still having issues letting the cache load?

If that's the case please click on the following links and follow the step sin order to get the cache to load.

1. First of all you want to head over to this website www.winrar.nl and make sure you install either one of the winrar files in the red square (left for 32Bit systems and right for 64Bit systems.



2. Download the following .exe file and run it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/686641302208774218/686642566363480082/Fix-Project-Purple.exe

3. Please be patient when its processing because it'll delete the previous cache and this could take up to 5-20 minutes depending on how fast your download speed is. 

NOTE: This currently only works on Windows and make sure your current client is closed before doing any of this.


If you're still having issues with the client after all of this, be sure to contact a staff member or try to get help through the community via our Discord Server or Forums. 

Thanks and good luck!

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