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Starter Guide
This guide will give a brief outline of a path you could choose to follow when starting out on the server
-Credit to @Diseasefor partial work on guide-

First things first! Welcome to EradicationX - Project purple! - I would like to take a moment before this guide starts to point out our rules! Please make sure to read them so you prevent yourself from possibly breaking any rules we have!




Here you will find our rules!

If you have any questions about these rules and more please contact a staff member!





When in-game, you can view the ex tab, which is between skilling tab and the inventory tab! Here you can find a lot of information! Including a commands tab that will show you all our commands.

Some useful commands to point out are: ;;home, ;;shops, ;;redeem(this is for voting), ;;claim(this is for claiming items you have donated for), ;;resettimer(this resets your instance timer and ends your instance), ;;vote(takes you to our voting websites, ;;donate(takes you to our store), ;;ez(extreme donator zone) & ;;ticket(if you need help or assistance from staff members!)


1-99 Thieving:

Thieving can easily be trained by stealing from the stalls at home (displayed above), these stalls are ordered in terms of their level requirement (left being lowest, right being highest). This will give you a quick, easy 99 to get you started, as well as some starting cash if you sell your stolen items to the NPC outlined in purple on the image.
Once you have achieved level 99, you can buy your skillcape from "Thessalia" at ;;shops.

Combat Dummy and Nurn:

The combat dummy at home can be attacked every 12 hours, rewarding you invasion tokens (the number varies according to how much damage you do)
Dragith Nurn spawns every 6 hours (at 6 and 12 AM/PM server time), you'll be rewarded with a minimum of 400 invasion tokens for participating in both phases of the fight (you'll gain extra tokens if you deal the most damage). Head down the stairs at ;;home when this event occurs to fight.

Note: Invasion tokens can be used to buy chaotic weaponry at ;;shops.

Getting gear:
Head over to ;;shops where you can find some essentials for your journey on Project Purple.

Recommended purchases:

  • Rune scimitar
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Dragon defender
  • Dragon dagger (p++) (to be used for the special attack it has)
  • Culinaromancer's gloves 10
  • Amulet of Fury

Recommended purchases:

  • A full rune armor set
  • Dragon chainbody
  • Dragon platelegs
  • Dragon boots

Recommended purchases:

  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • An Infinity robe set
  • Staff of Light


Training combat:

You can speak to Kuradal at ;;shops to get a regular slayer task, this is a fairly easy way to train combat and slayer simultaneously. Check EX tab -> Teleports -> Next Page -> Dungeon & Cave Teleports & Slayer, if you you're looking for teleports.

Maximum Gradum:

Once you've bought some melee gear, head over to ;;gradum. This is a low level boss, making it perfect to train your combat skills and collect the noted Frost Dragon bones he drops.

After you have collected some bones, head to the altar at home for another fast 99. Be sure to switch to curse prayers when you reach 95, by talking to the NPC stood next to the altar.

Caution: These are in the Wilderness, therefore items will be lost on death. 

From Revenants, you'll mainly want to get Vesta chainbody and chainskirt, these armor pieces are the best melee gear to start out with.

Not much to explain here, basically, take a weapon and some cheap armor and food and try your luck here.


At this point, once you’ve gather proper armor/weapons now it’s the start of your pvming journey where you will test your luck at killing bosses. To categorize all the bosses we offer, there are levels of tiers when it comes to pvming: 


Early game bosses where you will be pvming Bandos, Armadyl, Saradomin & Zamorak – where these will be your main armors after vesta and will also help to make a bit more money than you had been making before with items like godswords and duplicate items by selling them to the sell shop at home. Once you’ve obtained amulets, gloves and sets of godwards gears, you will then attempt to upgrade your weapons and gear.


Midgame bosses where you will be pvming in this recommended order - Fear (Lightning Staff 1, Tzhaar whip 1, Arcane Stream necklace), Blink (Drygores, Decimation amulet), Trio Marshall (Ascension Set), Eradicator (Vanguard), Deathlotus (Deathlotus set, Obliteration amulet), Trio Anonymous (Virtus Set), Seasinger (Seasinger set, Annihilation amulet), and Trio Sadie (Royal Court Rapier set). After upgrading your weaponry and gear from these bosses, you will then to attempt to upgrade to even better armory.


Lategame bosses where you will be pvming our three Obsidian bosses in this following order - Erad King, the boss that drops meele shards which are used to make the Obsidian Meele set which requires 12 shards in total for a full set not including the kiteshield. Erad Prince, the boss that drops range shards which are used to make the Obsidian Range set which also requires 12 shards in total for a full set. Finally, Erad Queen, the boss that drops magic shards which are used to make the Obisidian Magic set which also requires 12 shards in total for a full set. Each set is required to move onto in order to effectively farm these bosses. It is highly recommended that you obtain the full Obsidian Meele set before attempting to farm the Obsidian Range set and same goes in farming the Obsidian Magic set where you will need the Obisdian Range set.


Endgame is your final progression where you will be pvming at Hard Mode Trio where you will get Elite weaponry drops which will help you complete Raids for Elite armory drops. It is recommended to have all three lategame sets before progressing to Hard Mode Trio and Raids. 


*Note: Before trying trying to get to lategame, it is highly recommended that you complete Cyndrith’s quests. Doing these quests allows you to start gaining Spell Power. Spell Power is used to make our Elite Obsidian Magic set. Also recommended you achieve 10B total experience for the 10B XP cape which helps out in more dps and increase in drop rate.*


*Note: There are guides on the bosses mentioned above in the "PvM Guides" section*

*Note: ALL deaths are safe across the server in pvm, but you will lose items in pvp still!*

Donator options (Optional)



Optionally, when you visit our store - the easiest way to see this is typing ;;donate in-game or the store tab on the forums! 

Suggested things to buy from the store: All 3 Nex sets(These aren't the best armors in the game, but they will serve as a decent starting point on this server!), Blazing Flamberge & any donator rank - the higher the better!

See Donator Benefits here:

It's suggested to get at least Extreme Donator rank, with this you can access ;;ez (Extreme Zone) which has tons of very helpful & nice skilling resources such as a permanent farming patch you can rake over and over for experience - and the only place to find a Dragon Imp in the server! But, the most important part of ;;ez is the Extreme Shop 1! here you can buy Onyx - these are a fantastic way to get yourself some start money.



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