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Development: Updates & Log [4/23/2020]

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EradicationX - Project Purple
Development Update Log (04/03/2020 - 04/23/2020)

Raids (CUSTOM)
During the past month we've been working on implementing our own custom raids. Here's a look at some of the progress that has been made on the Raids so far!(Still work in progress)


Check Out Noob Own's Sneak Peak on the Raids!


*If video doesn't start at timestamp, go to 8:28 on the video!*


Normal Difficulty Raid Invitation:

Medium Difficulty Raid Invitation:

Hard Difficulty Raid Invitation:

Elite Difficulty Raid Invitation:

Here's a look at first wave spawned!(Note: NPCs will be changed):

Here's a look at some of the Monsters to expect!:




New Weapons! Check these out!:

Infernal Capes (NEW BIS)
The new Best in Slot capes after 10B cape will be the Infernal Capes, they come in different variants with a color that represents its combat style. The Infernal capes comes in Purple (melee), Gold (Ranged) and Red (Magic), and is only obtainable from the newly added Custom Raids. Check spoiler for pictures and GIFs.

Once you've recieved one of the Infernal capes, you're able to upgrade it by right clicking "upgrade", and an interface will show up with a bunch of requirements needed to receive the Trimmed Infernal Cape, which has even better stats than the normal Infernal. The requirements for these capes are all based up on the style you're wanting to upgrade. Upgrading the Purple Infernal (melee cape) requires Melee requirements to be upgraded to Trimmed Infernal Cape (Melee), and the same goes for Magic & Ranged. 
Check the spoiler for pictures and GIFs.

You're capable of adding the 1.35x Drop Rate bonus that comes alongside with the 10B Cape to the Infernal Cape by adding the "Cape Booster" perk from the Prestige Shop. 

Elite Obsidian (NEW BIS)
We've recently added two new tiers for the Elite Obsidian to represent its own combat style just like the normal Obsidian does. These will be the BIS for its represented combat style! Tldr: Elite Obsidian (Magic) is obtained by Spell Power, the Melee and Ranged variants through Raids(Possibly). 
Spoiler for pictures and gifs.







Voting System
After a long month of waiting with inconveniences, we've finally fully added the voting system. You're now capable of voting on all the registered vote sites. Once you vote, it will add to the global vote count in-game, which activates 1.5x bonus experience when it hits a total of 75 votes. When you're claiming your vote, you're also capable of choosing what you want your reward to be, you are not forced to simply accept the Vote Ticket (default). If you'd like to change the reward of your vote, then follow the guide in the spoiler below. 



Clicking on this will open up a new interface with an option to choose between which reward you'd like:




  • Added a command for Server Managers + to spawn Dharok's Sets for future PvP events.
  • Added pet examine killcount, examine the pet followed by the player to see their killcount.
  • Added a custom override options for those who have donated for a custom armour set. You're now capable to wear the set you donated for whilst PvM'ing or wearing any other armour without it affecting your stats.
  • Changed the amount of Boss Slayer Points you get from Elite Slayer from 20 to 60, meaning when you triple the task you'll receive 180 points rather than 60. 
  • Added 3 new owner commands to make developing custom and instanced dungeons/rooms a much faster proccess.
  • Added a function which makes you log back in to Raids when you disconnected or logged out during a Raid.
  • Added a discord bot command to request logs for all players with the Administrator rank or above.
  • Added an automtic notification for all staff members when a player submits a ticket in-game.
  • Added a Blood Rush Healing Ability.
  • Added a Blood Burst Healing Ability.
  • Added a Blood Blitz Healing Ability.
  • Added a Blood Barrage Healing ability.
  • A total of 11 Voting sites are now added! Make sure to vote to help the server grow and for good rewards!
  • World vote count for x1.5 XP has been changed from 50 to 75.
  • The ability to see if staff members are AFK in the players list has been added.
  • The player information tab has been updated! - you will now be able to see the following in this tab: Players online, Creation Date, Amount Donated, Prestige Level, Dummy timer, Trivia points, Vote points, Loyalty points, Prestige points, Slayer points, Boss slayer points, Spell power, PvP stats (i.e - KDR, Killstreak and Kills & Deaths) and Total bosses Killcount!
  • Added a Executive command to reset dummy timer(Personal timer only).
  • Raids have been made a Multi Combat zone.
  • Added Discord notification for Staff members
  • New in-game command has been added for all players that directs you to forum post containing prices.
  • Added command for Executives named randomnpc(Transforms into random NPC)
  • Monsters in Raids have been made Aggressive.
  • Added Command to add total amount donated (Server manager+)
  • Added an inventory check for players when claiming votes.
  • Added new models for raids NPCs.
  • Added new inventory & equipment models for future and raid items.
  • Added Special Attacks to Obliteration, Decimation & Annihilation.
  • Added a new potion called “Essential Potion” all 3 weapons mentioned above give stat boosts to their representative combat styles when using this potion.
  • Changed the special attack amount the weapons take from 25-55-80 to 100 to each (which means it'll drain 100 special attack once used).
  • Added 3D particles to some of the new armory.
  • VPS has been upgraded.


  • Fixed some last bugs in the custom bonecrusher interface
  • Fixed an issue causing you to be unavailable to wear the Infernal & Trimmed Infernal capes.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to join another player's Obsidian Prince and Queen instance.
  • Fixed dying in the raid sending you home and not being able to get back in the Raid. 
  • Hairymonkey is now weak to all combat styles instead of being weak to only Melee.
  • Fixed all the Agility shortcuts in the raids (they aren't supposed to be working).
  • Fixed the portals in the Raids which are used to enter the next phase.
  • Fixed the broken model of the Legend's Pet, which is rewarded upon having all Boss Pets.
  • Nerfed all Lightning Staffs, the LS4 will be better than a virtus Wand but worse than an Obliteration Staff. 
  • Adjusted the price of the upgradation of Lightning Staffs to balance its tier out with the other items. Fully upgrading the LS1 to LS4 will cost you a total of 15B.
  • Nerfed Deathlotus hitpoints from 8500 to 7500 (to match Seasinger's hitpoints).
  • Nerfed the healing from deathlotus from 350 to 150. 
  • Fixed the existing Vote Sites and added new ones.
  • Changed the World Vote requirement from a total of 200 votes to 75
  • A bug that happened when claiming multiple votes by not counting the proper amount of votes has been fixed.
  • The meeting command has been fixed for Head Moderator+
  • Total amount Donated & Shown has been fixed.
  • Damage cap on Corporal Beast has been removed in instances.
  • Prices for Chaotic Weapons has been changed from 1,500 tokens each to 200 tokens each.
  • Fixed some broken models that caused us to be unable to fix some models.
  • Reworked all Obsidian armor checks.

Be sure to leave your feedback on the server updates by submitting a feedback here!
Be sure to leave your ideas on how to improve the server by submitting a suggestion here!

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